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Created on : Friday, November 10, 2006, 09:18:47 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
You’ve heard the old saying, “Blood is thicker than water.” Dr. Phil’s guests are putting that adage to the test! Colleen says her sister, April, committed the ultimate betrayal by trying to fix up her boyfriend and father of her children with another woman. April says her sibling is no angel, and claims Colleen dragged her out of bed and punched her in the face! After spending time on stage with the women, Dr. Phil sends them home with a special assignment: to watch their bad behavior on tape. Now, one month later, Colleen and April join him in the studio again. Does one sister owe the other an apology, or are they both to blame for their ongoing feud? Will the women find a way to move on and become sisters again, or is this relationship beyond repair? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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February 16, 2007, 1:48 pm CST

Re: sisters

Quote From: missfoo2u

It seems that Colleen really wants to get back together with her sister. The unfortunate thing is, April continually humiliates her over and over. It is obvious that April is trying to get back at her for something. It is entirely possible that April has no sense of what the other person may feel, only a desire for revenge. April is definitely the more fragile (and hurtful) of the two. I was surpirsed to hear she was the older of the two. She is too defensive to be confident. Unfortunately, it takes confidence for a person to hear their flaws, and more confidence to move forward. You don't have admit to the things you did. Just understand that a strong person will apologize FIRST. They can forgive each other. Remember, when you criticize a person in public, most people think YOU are the bad one.

I was in a relationship once with a person whose sister was very degrading towards them. Contiually it was in publicand private, Although I was unable to defend this person due to their wishes it was very hard not too. I had to bite my tongue and grit my teeth. The mental abuse along with what all they had to endure was degrading and belittling beyond the point of mental abuse.

I found that I was being roped into being abused by that sybling too. It's not about what flaws someone may have, there's no reason to bring this up in a public forum or abuse anyone they're with.

I think what I am asking you is, since you seem so knowledgable. How do you keep it together to not lash back in that situation? Personally I can forgive my sybling for their wrong doings, but it sometimes tends to surface with their bitter tones and verbal abuse.

But I can only imagine how strong of a person they had to be to have endured and handled such abuse from a sybling. I know I have lashed back at mine at times.

May 30, 2007, 10:25 pm CDT

sisters at war

This show was aired in Adelaide today Thursday 31 st May 2007.  It's a pity some of the "crap" between the sisters couldn't  have been discussed before they went to air.  They fought like cats and dogs in an enclosed bull ring.   I will be 60 in July, I am the eldest of 4 sisters we have had our times of conflict over the years.  My Mother who will be 79 this year has never taken sides or has fought our battles, we know we can each talk to her and she keeps our side of the "drama" confidential.  My parents divorced when I was twelve (12), my mother has been our main support for each of us over the years.  The Mother of the two sisters needs to step back and let them find out what the "problem" really is??????????
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