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Topic : 06/14 Dr. Phil Scam, Part 2: The Sting

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Created on : Friday, November 03, 2006, 01:03:04 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 11/10/06) The drama continues as Dr. Phil goes on the hunt for con artists who cheat viewers out of thousands of dollars by posing as him and Robin. Along with private investigator Harold Copus, Dr. Phil sets up a sting in Houston, Texas. Don’t miss the confrontation when the unsuspecting scammers arrive at what they believe is a bachelorette party. Then, Renee, who was allegedly cheated out of thousands by the con artists, finally gets to sit down with the real Dr. Phil. Talk about the show here.

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July 4, 2007, 10:02 pm CDT

About "gypsies"

Please excuse the cross-posting to the Part 1 board, but I feel this is important.


Although the premise of the show is completely valid, I'm really offended that both Dr. Phil and the detective repeatedly referred to the scammers as "gypsies". Gypsies are, in fact, an ethnic minority also known as Romani, who live mostly in European countries.  They have a rich culture and language, and they have been badly persecuted.  I am not a Gypsy/Roma, but I grew up in a country where they are present, and know their culture well.  It's very inappropriate to use the word "Gypsy" as a generic slur to refer to shady operators or transients. Americans are usually so sensitive to racial epithets... I wish they were a little better educated about this particular word, especially in the mass media.



January 12, 2008, 1:49 pm CST


Quote From: celticpride

 It breaks my heart that again Gypsies get in the news because of the small percent of the criminal element.  There are thousands and thousands of Roms ("Gypsy" is a word to describe anyone who is not settled now) who are law abiding and just get on with their lives.  But you don't see them.  You don't even know they exist. I am part Rom.  I have a college degree, I don't tell fortunes, I don't live in a caravan and I don't kidnap children or shoplift.  I have a strong accent - English I was born in London.  Everyone in our family has regular jobs.  We also have some members who are musicians and artists.  I know so many Rom who do not fit the stereotyp that these scammers  fit,  there are teachers, doctors, lawyers and even poiticians and actors.  Please keep an open mind when you hear of these fortune tellers and "asphalt gypsies" that they are only a minority of a larger very oppresssed world wide culture.  It's like judging Americans by the ones on death row. 


I totally agree with the above. Dr. Phil prides himself so much in saying it like it is. Maybe educating people more will help the stereo typing and even Dr. Phil will learn something in the end. It would help Dr. Phil to read on the plight of the Roma. Dr. Ian Hancock at the University of Texas is an expert and author and can educate him further.
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