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Topic : Afraid to Ask for What You Want Sexually?

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Created on : Friday, July 01, 2005, 05:16:34 pm
Author : dataimport
Do you have sexual needs or desires that you're afraid to express? Share your story.

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August 17, 2009, 3:10 pm CDT

My Boyfriend is so skinny

Hello, I am looking for some advice or any thoughts that someone may have. I have been friends with this guy for 2 years and we just started dating its been about 6 months since we started dating. I really like him alot and we have alot in common he treats me very well. There just one thing that isn;t working out so well. He is so skinny that when we are sexual with each other he is so bony that it hurts. After we are intimate I feel bruised and I have never had this situation happen with anyone.  I have expressed to him what happens and he is very frustrated we tried different things and it just doesn;t seem like anything is working. He becomes upset because he doesn;t want to hurt me but, I can;t help but, not to say anything cause I don;t feel like its very enjoyable.  I don;t know what to do? Is it just me or would he have the same promblem with someone else? Would u end a relationship with someone if the sex was bad because your bf is too bony? Sounds ridoulous but, I don;t know what to do? I wanna be able to enjoy making love but, it just doesn;t seem like it is working in that area. Does anyone have any thoughts? Suggestions? I feel selfish for even thinking of ending a relationship based on Sex.
August 25, 2009, 2:57 pm CDT

Did I ask too much???

I wanted him to get a vasectomy...


He acted as if I was taking him out in the yard and shooting his nuts off.


I felt we had been married for some 16 years and I was tired of the abuse the birthcontrol was doing to my body. 


His suggestion was to wait until I was in my 50s and gone throught menopause so we would not need to worry about a baby in our old age.


I personally did not want a child in my 40s its not my thing, but I had no idea he would have been willing to just live with out me, I knew we had a not so great relationship but I guess I was just stupid to believe he really did love me enough to do that.

Its just sad how so many Men believe birth control is a Womans job!


well that was 5 years ago now and we are still room mates.

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