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Created on : Friday, November 03, 2006, 12:59:27 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
In the dramatic conclusion of a three-part series, Dr. Phil continues exploring details of the alleged molestation of 3-year-old Kaylee. Krista, Bonii, Jeremy and Jeremy’s new wife, Danielle, all return to hear the shocking polygraph results. Is there something Jeremy will admit to doing that he is ashamed of? Then, a highly skilled polygrapher shares his thoughts about the outcome of the test. Dr. Phil assesses both sides, and discusses what needs to take place with Kaylee now.  Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 6, 2006, 5:43 pm CST

child protective worker's

   I watched the show on 11/3/06 , i heard the mother say that the C.P.W. didn't seam to want to check things out. I know of it happening to my granddaughter about 10 years ago in Baffalo N.Y. To make a long story short the mother of the girl had ask her mother-in-law to take all three of her kids until she could find a place for all of them to live. Grandma agreed,then grandma made a bee-line to social services and claimed that the mom had just dropped the kids off,then she had taken off with her boyfriend.Grandma was given custody of the children.The mom was in a custody battle for almost a year. The way the little girl was acting & talking we all wonderd what was going on.After the mother had all weekend vistation the two boy's started talking about dad & granddad playing games with the girl, up-stairs in the bedrooms.But they weren't alloud to go up there.The girl remembered almost nothing for quite some time.Knowone would check it out.Not the C.P.workers,not the court where the custody battle was taking place,not even the Dr. the court had assigned the task of talking to everybody involved,both set of grandparents (my wife & I weren't yet married) the mother,the father,the 3 kids,the mother's boyfriend. The best reason we could get for not checking it out was you can get a child to say anything if you coach them.When the girl did get her memory back,she on her own,pick-up the phone an dialed 911 the police came. In the end daddy pleaded to molesting his daughter  and giving her drugs before each time so she wouldn't remember what he was doing to her. My whole point is nobody wanted to do anything until the police were involved,it was only a week or so after the 911 call an the charges being filed on dad.
November 6, 2006, 5:47 pm CST

I caught the

Quote From: prairiegirl

This is crazy, the little girl said "they" when the father and girlfriend dropped her off at home after the first time the father had her not after coming from the hospital.... The father needs to be arrested in my opioion, he is a very sick sick man who should not be left alone with anybody's child including his own. All of his visitation needs to be supervised until a court can decide what happens. I hope Dr. Phil will make sure this happens. Let me tell you if someone asked me "Did you put your tongue in your daughters mouth?" I could answer in 1 second not 1and half minutes. That was my first clue.. As I'm sure it was a clue to many. Him also saying he has never touched his daughter to his knowledge unless he was sleepwalking or something is what I believe, a lie. He is a flat liar and needs to be completely deprieved of his right to see children.... Dr. Phil please don't let this man walk away free and have unsupervised visits with this child. She has gone through enough between all of them......
  I understand, the "new" pregrnate lady couldn't undergo the lie detector test, but she certainly isn't all innocent in this.  The little girl did say "they" and she didn't want to go with the lady alone either.  I can't help but think she is on the abuse, as well, in some way.  Her baby is probably just as much at risk (from both parents) as Kaylee.  The lady just didn't seem shocked or upset over the results of the test on her husband AND she was just too evasive about the future of her baby.
November 6, 2006, 5:50 pm CST

Amen to that

Quote From: kidzmom942

It truly saddens me that if the mother of Kaylee has believed that her daughter was being molested for the last year that she allowed the father to have any visitation.  I would have fled and hidden away with no contact with my family before I ever allowed anyone to abuse my child.  It sounds like the mother is too interested in being proven right and less interested in the damage done to her child.  JMHO
I agree with you 100%.  Many people have written posts about it being against the law to cease visitation, but there is no way I would ever knowingly send my child off to be with someone who was abusing them.  I would run and worry about the legal consequences later.  As far as Kaylee's mothers reaction to all of this.....seems to be more upsetting to the people who are posting on this board than to her!
November 6, 2006, 5:54 pm CST

11/07 The Lie Detector, Part 2

I am not sure I caught this correctly but I think the guy, at the end of show 2, said, "Maybe I don't even know what I am doing."  My guess is that this guy was abused by his father and he learned the behavior and  is now in denial and is doing it to his child.   


His wife also is in the know.  I am not sure if she participated in it but  my intuition tells me she knows. 


The mom seems very young and unsure of how to deal with this situation.  I mean, after finding out her child is being molested, she says that he is only allowed "supervised visits."  Shouldn't that be ZERO visits???


I do believe that CPS did nothing in this case.  CPS, in my experience does nothing productive.  I have had two students who have been reported by me.  There is now a past student of mine in prison for the same offense I believe her father or other family member committed against her: child sexual abuse.  However, CPS let that go.  There needs to be an investigation on how a hospital, doctors, nurses and CPS could let a torn labia in a three year old go. 


Anyway, I agree that this man must be arrested due to the fact that child molesters are hard to reform.  Unfortunately, he learned some very awful behavior as a child.  I feel sorry for the whole entire family.  What a huge mess.  And as usual, the innocent child suffers.




November 6, 2006, 6:07 pm CST

dear dr. phil,

please find out who is "they" find out if danielle or if someone else touched kaylee besides her dad,also later on please do a followup on kaylee.thanks!
November 6, 2006, 6:13 pm CST

The Tape

Quote From: gabehart

as i have read, several of you also noticed the thing that the little girl says in the video, THEY TOUCHED MY PEE PEE;


ok , here are my  thoughts on that,


the tape was submitted as evidence by the mom and grandma.  ok,  is it just me or has anyone else noticed that this tape was done AFTER  bringing here home from the hospital after her labia was torn!!!!!


i honestly believe that she is upset and crying from just being at the hospital and having the doctors and nurses examing her.  she is hysterical over that and that is understandable.   i do not believe she is saying the dad and wife did this to her.  she is saying THEY.


now what we dont see in the tape is the mom or grandma asking the little girl what did they do to you at the hospital???


hence the little girl repying they touched my pee pee.


if the mother truly believed that he was molesting her then she would not even allow supervised visits to him.  no way at all would she do this.


this is not adding up here, hopefully tomorrow will be the tell all.



Wasn't the tape given to Bonii by Danielle???  I thought I remembered at the beginning of Monday's ep, that Danielle was questioning Bonii about the tape, and she remarked that she had turned it over to Dr. Phil. 


I could be wrong, but I thought the tape was something that Danielle had shot, given to Bonii, and Bonii turned it over to Dr. Phil.  I don't think the tape was shot by Bonii or Krista, but I'm not sure.  I just remember something being said between Bonii and Danielle at the beginning about the tape....


My guess is that there is something on that tape that is going to be the final nail in Jeremy's coffin.....Dr. Phil has seen it, and it may be just the thing that will cause Jeremy to come clean, but my gut is whatever is on it won't be favorable to Jeremy, and that it was actually shot by his wife, not Bonii or Krista.

November 6, 2006, 6:26 pm CST


Quote From: katieellen

I am only 19 years old, and if i had a child who came home and said t"hey touched my pee pee," over my dead body would my child be going back there, i would have called the police, had my child checked out and i would have made sure she was safe. I would not have kept bringing her back...if he is really molesting her, why would you send her to him time and time again?

My daughter was being molested by my x-husband and the day she told her therapist was the last day she saw him. In fact they called CPS, which Dr. Phil HAS to do by law and the police told me NOT to tell my x anything but to make up excuses as to why she couldn't visit him. The reaosn being they didn't want him to remove any evidense he may have had at his home, like stuff on the computer or pictures Etc.


I do not think it is right fo rher to subject that child to more abuse if that was the claim. She should have called the police not Dr. Phil



November 6, 2006, 6:41 pm CST

Lie Detectors are NOT reliable!!!

     As much as I think that this guy is not clean, lie detectors are no proven-science.  We like to think they are (how easy it is to determine guilt...).

Even the examiner admitted it was not perfect(he thinks the accuracy is 92%... so one out of 10 is wrong; how much would you like to be picked randomly?!?)

A lot of information is available online about the accuracy issues of these tests (see

November 6, 2006, 6:47 pm CST

They touched my Pee Pee

Sure seems like it is not just the dad who is molesting the little girl.  She clearly did not want to be taken away from her mom and grandma by the step mom.  

I  wonder if she should be given an extensive polygraph test.    I see a rather nasty attitude from the step mother of the little girl.


And during the poloygraph the dad really was working up a sweat.   Sure seems like the results are saying the dad did it.


But then also in the tapes that were shown the little girl said THEY touched my pee pee,   Not ever saying daddy.


Then I wonder if there are others really involved with this who are not on the Dr Phil show?



November 6, 2006, 6:49 pm CST

in disbelief

i cant imagine this. My daughter was born a month ago, and cant even fathom this, i want to puke. This man makes me so angry i cant think straight. I wish the best to that lil girl, and as a man, i hope he goes to jail, he will get what he deserves.
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