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Created on : Friday, November 03, 2006, 12:57:52 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil vowed to find out the truth behind accusations that Jeremy molested his 3-year-old daughter, Kaylee. Krista and Bonii, Kaylee’s mom and grandmother, brought videos to Dr. Phil to try to back up their charges against Jeremy, yet Jeremy maintained his innocence, insisting that Kaylee was coached to say bad things about him. Now, both sides are back after taking lie detector tests administered by a highly skilled polygrapher. Have Krista and Bonii been honest with Dr. Phil about their feelings and actions? Did Jeremy pass his lie detector test? Plus, did anyone try to use tactics to defeat the test? Share your thoughts here.

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November 4, 2006, 11:26 am CST

11/06 The Lie Detector

Quote From: shareekristin

I'm a little frustrated about the topic as a whole. First of all, when the little girl says that "they touched my pee pee" several things come to mind. First of all why do they never ask who "they" are? I know she said that the "frogman" did it too but could the frogman be someone that hangs out over at the father's house or maybe even the mother's house? Could it not be possible that the mom has a boyfriend that is doing these things and to turn the eye to someone else she is blaming the father? Or is it not possible that maybe the wife of the father is doing something and the father is covering for her? Either way it's just sick and discusting. When the mom and grandma picks the daughter up and she says that last time, "They touched my pee pee." all the mother says is, "Oh they did it again?" like it was not a big thing. I have a 4 year old daughter and if she were to say that to me I would flip out trying to figure out what was going on. I wouldn't just let it slide. And either the father just a complete idiot or he did something too because how could you NOT REMEMBER if you stuck your tongue in your daughter's mouth???? Although I thought of this too.......what if they have said it so much and called CPS so much that he has started to question HIMSELF??? That could  happen I guess. I'm so on the fence here with what I think is true and false.


  I was sitting on the edge of seat waiting for Dr. Phil too ask that very question who is 'THEY" she clearly did say 'THEY" 

November 4, 2006, 11:27 am CST

11/06 The Lie Detector

Quote From: tobeanon

Amen! Indiana CPS is a joke. I was told by a CPS worker that she believes mothers on crack are some of the best mothers they have ever seen. I say A person on crack (or any other kind of drug) is only worried about their next high, and not their child. Drugs have priority over well being of the children. Dr. Phil shouldn't make such a broad generalization about CPS. Of course, if he was looking over their shoulder, the decisions made by CPS were surely influenced by him and his cameras.

 Yeah, crack addicts make great mothers! What drugs was that CPS worker on? I knew a woman(admitted using crack)  that left her kids w/ a new "friend" for several days.  Both were in diapers and when CPS did go get them they looked like they hadn't been changed in at least a day  ratty hair etc. Those girls were lucky I've heard of worse from crack addicted parents.

CPS knew she had a history as she'd lost custody of her first child for the same reasons.

Oh,but I'm a step parent (my husband's daughter lost her mom when she was 7 wks. old) For awhile after we were married and my step-daughter was in elementary school, I had CPS show up quite a bit. The school would call everytime she'd come in w/ a scratch. They were all unfounded as I usually had witnesses (thank God!) but I felt harassed.

She's 13 now and we're past those days it ended when she  got mad at the counselor and asked them if they  thought she was lying 'cause she didn't appreciate it!

To this day I don't hold CPS in high regard. They need better training and probably better pay.

November 4, 2006, 11:59 am CST

i think somebodys butt is on there way to jail before dr phil finishes

i just cant relly amagine the mother and grandmother putting all those words in a 3 year olds mouth>, the child pitched too many fits not wanting nether one (the dad or stepmother) to take her away from the mother,god if that were my child i would have been underground aslong time ago, i dont trust a lie dector test i already read too much on line how it can be beat>of corse i know dr phil is aware of all this as well> if they are doing to that child what it relly looks like they are i pray they both go to prison and get the very same thing done to them<
November 4, 2006, 12:01 pm CST

I think he probably is guilty

This guy just isn't right I get a bad feeling about him and as far as the mom and grandma I think when they comfort her when she is crying for not wanting to go and when she comes home is exactly what most loving mothers or even grandmothers would and should do.That poor little girl if this is whats going on with her well something is for surely going on with her I would have got  an attorney and made sure he had suppervised visits until they had a full investagation done . But then again this whole thing about CSD what eveybody is saying is true there is few people that work for them that really care my aunt is dealing with it right now they dont care and im mean it is the biggest joke if you dont have them to protect you who do you have unless you have money then thats a different story sad but true . I really enjoy DR.Phil but i totally disagree with that also about CSD of course they probably deal with him well he's DR. Phil they want him to see what they really should be doing for the safety of children.
November 4, 2006, 12:05 pm CST

11/06 The Lie Detector

Quote From: jonquilya

Dr. Phil has way too much trust in CPS!  I don't trust the Dad or his new wife. 

I think Mom and Grandma were doing what they should. If someone doesn't listen to the child - she will eventually not tell because 'no one will listen'.  There isn't a mom alive who would firmly put a child down who is clinging and crying and has said, "They touched my peepee". And tell the child to go have a good time.

I agree .They dont have the man power to take care of all these children that have corrupt parents in this world I hate it I feel really sad about it .Dr. Phil just don't see that side of it .
November 4, 2006, 12:20 pm CST


 As a mother and grandmother, I was so disturbed by this show. I'm not a professional, but I do believe that this child is indeed being molested. Dr. Phil, I can tell you that, even though your dealings with CPS have all been positive, you are a professional. Don't just assume that because you have had positive experiences with them, that the average joe has the same or similar experiences. Believe me, I speak from experience myself. Florida's track record, in my opinion, is sorely lacking. Many a child has died at the hands of the parents, to whom these children were returned, after having reports of abuse. Don't tell me that this has not has.
I saw Dr. Phil yelling at this father, and saying, "what do you expect me to do" (twice), in reference to this child's crying and saying that her father had "touched her pee pee". My question is, "what would you expect a mother and grandmother to do" when this child is hysterically crying and begging her mother to not leave her with the father., and then this child sobbing when she is returned to the mother that her daddy touched her pee pee. I don't need to know much else. If this were my granddaughter, I wouldn't be able to control myself as much as this mother and grandmother did. And for Dr. Phil to think that they were contributing to this child's hysteria, was too much for me. The only thing I see is a mother and grandmother, greatly concerned that this child might be being sexually abused. Why are they being questioned about making false charges against the father. This child's behavior, plus her physical injury to her labis should be reason enough to bring these charges. They should not be faulted at all for responding to the things this little, innocent child is saying, most especially with this particular injury.If you add everything up...the child has said that her father touched her pee pee, kissed her pee pee, locks  himself (why was it necessary to lock the door) and this child in a bathroom to supposedly change her diaper (when he has never done this in the past), tells no one at this birthday party that he's going to change her diaper, and then she winds up at the emergency room with a torn labia. That last thing alone is enough, especially based on all of the other things mentioned. Somebody wake up and protect this child from this horrible abuse. I'm sorry, but all of this is pointing straight at this father. His behavior (incl. the long pauses to answer simple and direct questioning regarding the alleged molestation of this child, was way too odd and strange for my comfort. How about the question about whether or not this man was molested himself, and whether or not he has friends/acquaintences who were molested. What a strange response...he must've repeated this word, "molested" a half a dozen times, at least...very strange response.
I am convinced that this precious little girl is indeed being molested. At least Dr. Phil did get this guy to voluntarily see this child under supervision until he can get to the bottom of this...that's the only reason I can sleep, until the results of these polygraphs are complete. I hope the stepmother actually agrees to this polygraph as well. If those polygraphs come back that the father and/or the stepmother are abusing this child, please somebody tell me that this child wil NEVER again be allowed to be in their presence,  NEVER, EVER again! Why is all of this so obvious to me?
November 4, 2006, 1:04 pm CST

Innocent angels

Dear Dr. Phil,


For the past couple of months I have become an avid viewer of your show. Although I do not always share in your value system, I believe your are highly skilled in your profession, helping many in need. In regards to the story of Kaylee, I sincerely believe she is being sexually victimized by her father. I also believe Jeremy, her father, is also a victim of sexual abuse himself. I have been reading many of the messages posted, but did not find one relating to what occurred at the end of the show with your one on one conversation with Jeremy. I think it was very skilled and strategic on your part. You quickly tossed some "vulnerable" questions  directed at Jeremy regarding past molestation of himself or of others. Then the most pivoting moment was right after this question when you immediately focused on Kaylee as a victim, stating that each day she goes without help, her quality of life is being diminished. Jeremy immediately was brought to tears as if he could relate to the pain being imposed on Kaylee, possibly appearing helpless in stopping this cycle of abuse on his part. I also believe that when you mentioned Kaylee's quality of life being diminished, I think it is also likely that it hit a very vulnerable area in his life regarding past sexual abuse, resulting in a breakdown of the real him and not a staged demeanor. I somehow believe that his unnatural, lengthy reaction to any knowledge of others being sexually abused was a diversion of his quick response of "no" to being abused himself. I am eager to learn if the upcoming episodes will reveal all this and admittance on the part of Jeremy.  A torn labia and redness on another occasion is not part of a 3 year old girl's life. Yeast infection as Jeremy replied... I seriously doubt it.


I was also very disillusioned that you projected very stongly the infallibility of CPS. As a mental health worker,  I have seen too often on how beauracracy takes precedence over the best interest of a person. It is obvious that CPS may also stage their behaviors when they learn that you will be investigating matters relating to a particular case. It will be interesting to learn if CPS in this case will approach this case differently now that you have taken a personal interest. Dr. Phil, I think you will need to touch this subject more intensely by conducting undercover investigations to learn how many kids continue to be victimized. I realize that your responses often is to appear as neutral as much as possible, however, you made other strong statements in favor of the infallibility of CPS that made me believe that you really believe it yourself. 


I firmly believe Kaylee is not staging screams, but are screams of ultimate fear and trauma after being away a weekend with her father and stepmother or when she has to leave with them.  Her screams were very dramatic and do not appear staged for a toy or candy.  We have to keep in mind she is only 3 years old and not an experienced actress!  Did anyone notice how Kaylee tried to bargain with her father in the car that when she returns back to her mother, she will no longer have to leave with him. Sadly, this girl is having to learn survival skills at a very young age since no one is able to protect her. For your viewers who have a doubt on whether Kaylee's behavior is being "coached", I would ask for them to view the footage as she is begging for the protection of her life and to view it at least 5 times to fully internalize the horror of this situation. It is true that if Krista blocks visitation, she would be in violation of the 'law" and seriously endanger the possibility of full custody. Indeed, we have a system gone bad and the vicious cycle of abuse will continue as more victims are not protected. Many social workers have had to become numb within as they are mandated to follow unjust court orders or unfair accountability if their case appears frivilous before the court.  I truly believe that the judges of today will have the greatest accountability before Our God. For this reason, I would never want to assume this role. Sadly, many professions today are influenced by political motives, money and extortion and not to protect a victim.


Let's hope and pray that if Jeremy is a victim of sexual abuse, he will come forward and assume accountability and receive the help that he needs. Many of your viewers may feel that I am pre-judging Jeremy, however,  I strongly sense that there is a little boy within himself who was also sexually victimized.


Dr. Phil, I really hope you can get to the bottom of this and save Kaylee with all the connections you have. Or I will remain dismayed.....d.o.


November 4, 2006, 1:47 pm CST

That poor little girl

 That just about killed me to see the little girl so traumatized by having to go with her father; and then later with her stepmother.  In my opinion, there is no way her crying and fear has been coached.   She was very scared you could tell. 
I can't believe the mom didn't run off and get "lost" or go underground as some people call it.  It's too clear now that someone has abused this little girl.
Either her father is not all there -- or he did indeed abuse her.  He had to think too long about the questions, and he seems all concerned perhaps with the literal meaning of the words -- like "molest" -- I can't believe he couldn't answer yes or no as to whether he knows anyone who has been abused.   I will be very surprised if the result is that the father didn't at least have something to do with abusing this little girl -- he comes across as insincere and fake -- he keeps saying "I'm not going to lie to you."  He just doesn't act nearly as outraged as any man I know would at being accused of sexually molesting his daugher.  I would not be surprised if in the end we find out that he doesn't believe that it is "molesting" unless there is intercourse.  A sort of word meaning  thing where he is trying to figure out the real meaning of the word when they ask him a question.   It also makes me wonder how many drugs he still is on -- because of the past drug history he admits to.
I suspect the step mother of involvement too.  The little girl herself said, THEY.  It is not common for a young child to mix up pronouns that way.  It is far more likely for a child of 3 to say he, or she when they mean they.  The children seem to learn "I", then "he" "She" and then "they".  I think when she said "they touched my pee pee"  she is referring to at least 2 people being present.  Just looking at the stepmoms face and watching and listening to her on the pick up tape I don't trust her at all - she is very scary I hope she takes a polygraph.  The faces of the mom and grandmother look like I would expect worried parents to look.   The father is already crying and he comes across as not all there when he is asked questions.  
I just hope and pray Dr. Phil can get some help for this little girl.   What a mess.  I don't think the mother and grandmother have anything to hide, the fact is they are scared at what is happening to their daugher/granddaugher and they have every right to be.  Most moms would have freaked out and broken the law and run off with the little girl to protect her by now.  I don't think there is any way I could have let my baby go with people I believed were molesting him/her.  I only had one child, a boy - still I know I couldn't have let him go under those circumstances.  The law is not set up to protect the children.  Parents have to do that.  Gosh, 2 more shows until we might know the truth.  Someone is going to go to jail I think. 
It sounds to me like CPS didn't have proof.  Thats all, they didn't have proof so they could not help the child.  The mother and grandmother must have been frantic and of course called and called and then were told to stop calling.  What a messed up system.
November 4, 2006, 1:54 pm CST

This sounds like my story!

I am the Grandmother of a molested boy. He was molested by his father. Even though my grandson said he did it and the father failed his voice stress test the state's attorney would not pick up the case because they said my grandson was not a credible witness because of his age. The courts gave the father back his visitation but my daughter has not let her son go with him so now she is in contemt of court. She goes to court on the 16th of Nov. Where's the protection for children? 
November 4, 2006, 1:57 pm CST

How strong is the influence

Even if the parents question the child about the visit with her father and step mother, they have no control over the childs emotions and she was hurt. We have to learn to evaluate the child and her behavior and not be so quick to assume that words are put in her head. A child that age will express heself while in front of her mother because that is the last chance before being taken away to an environment that she does not enjoy. While she is there, she has no choice but to adjust to whatever until she is returned home. The childs father does not seem too concerned that the child is so unhappy when it is time to go with him, and how is he showing her love and in what way. Is it proper?
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