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Created on : Friday, November 03, 2006, 12:57:52 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil vowed to find out the truth behind accusations that Jeremy molested his 3-year-old daughter, Kaylee. Krista and Bonii, Kaylee’s mom and grandmother, brought videos to Dr. Phil to try to back up their charges against Jeremy, yet Jeremy maintained his innocence, insisting that Kaylee was coached to say bad things about him. Now, both sides are back after taking lie detector tests administered by a highly skilled polygrapher. Have Krista and Bonii been honest with Dr. Phil about their feelings and actions? Did Jeremy pass his lie detector test? Plus, did anyone try to use tactics to defeat the test? Share your thoughts here.

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November 5, 2006, 5:19 am CST

Poor Little Child

My heart goes out to this child....This story is just so awful and confusing. I am not making any calls because I honestly don't know who is telling the truth. I do know that there is definitely something going on and I hope and pray that this child is not harmed another time and the whole issue is solved soon.


It is just hard for me to believe that if the mother and grandmother really thought that this was in fact happening to this child that they would not put up a bigger fight to keep that baby from being exposed to that situation. I mean come on...We ALL know that the courts don't always make the right decisions. I would have walked through the fires of hell and fought every court system in the world to protect my baby. SOMEBODY would have listened to me or they wouldn't have found me for a very long time.


I just can't see the police or anyone else making the child go after having heard this child say the things she said. I am not saying that Jeremy done these things (maybe because I just find it so hard to believe anyone could hurt a baby) but if I had one ounce of suspision I would have had an EPO order or something to protect my child until this was fully investigated.


I do have  questions and hope someone can give me answers. (1) If the father and stepmother are guilty why would they take a video of them going to pick the child up knowing she was going to throw a fit?  (2) How could the mother and grandmother be as calm as they were?

November 5, 2006, 6:23 am CST


My question would be to the Dr Phil show; When you first saw the tape that was send in, how much time passed before they were actually on the show and what was done to protect this baby girl before they came on the show?

I have no doubt that something is going on with sexual abuse to this child.  If she had not been brought to the hospital with her injury I would be more inclined to think that Mom and Grandma planted the idea in her head by asking her questions and rewarding her when she said what they wanted her to say.  Regardless I am glad to know that all 4 will be taking the lie detector test. 

As far as CPS is concerned, I live in Florida and there have been numerous cases of children dying while under "protective" custody.  The children are handed back to the abusive parents after what seems like a slap on the hands to Dad or Mom, and some have died from more abuse because of it.  CPS are understaffed, underpayed,  they do not always respond to calls, they do not follow up on many cases, the system does not work, it is a  joke.  In Florida they "lost" a child under their protection, lost her and she ended up dead. 

Dr Phil, I think for one of your upcoming shows you should do an investigation of CPS, I believe you would be shocked and outraged as to how the "system" really handles their cases.

I belive this Mom when she says she has not recieved the proper attention from CPS.

I am awaiting the lie detector results and hoping this little girl receives the help and comfort she deserves.

November 5, 2006, 6:56 am CST

Closer Look

 I believe that a closer look needs to be taken at Jeremy's wife, Danielle.  I got a really bad feeling about her while watching the show. Kaylee said on the video that  "They" touched her. She didn't say "Daddy" or "He". She clearly said "They".  To me that's a big red flag to take a closer look at Danielle. I don't know how Dr. Phil didn't pick up on the word, "THEY". Danielle seems like a big bag of negativity and she definately has a mean streak. I strongly believe that she may be involved with the abuse. I think Danielle needs to take a lie detector test to see if she herself has been abusing Kaylee. Perhaps not in a sexual way, but in a vindictive way.

November 5, 2006, 7:03 am CST

11/06 The Lie Detector

Quote From: jules_frecker

I believe the accusations are false and the woman are paranoid and are getting on with histrionics to manipulate and get rid of the ex.  Paranoid people are dangerous.
Are you kidding me...its obvious that Kaylee has been messed with...I have never heard of a ripped laibia from rough play....the guy is guilty and scared out of his mind to confess to it!
November 5, 2006, 7:04 am CST

I heard it, too!

Quote From: swampwitch

 But I heard something else too.When the mother made the remark about how CPS had turned a deaf ear to her,and even went so far as to pretty much threaten her if she did not stop saying the things she was saying she could lose custody of her child.Then Dr. Phil sayed what he did about CPS did not do business that way,and how he just did not believe that really was true. those were not his exact words,but I felt like that was the way he felt about CPS Then I know I heard the mother tell Dr. Phil that she had sent him the report she had gotten.But nothing else was said about that.I could be wrong but I would swear that is what she said.If so why wasen't more said about it?I do believe Dr. Phil has only seen the best side of CPS,but a lot of us know about the other side.The side we know is when the common person is having trouble,when we are banging our heads on the table because no one cares,no one wants to hear it,we are causing trouble,we need to be quiet.And if we say too much we lose the one we would die to save.How in the name of God can we fight for our children if we can't tell them the truth?The graves are full of children no one protected.I hope hell is hotter for the people who molest children.
I heard her say, "They" as well. I was stunned that Dr. Phil was ignoring it. I think that a closer look needs to be taken at Jeremy's wife, Dannielle. It is obvious that she has a viscous jealous streak. It is possible that se is abusing Kaylee in a vindictive manner. I believe she knows how the child's libia was torn.
November 5, 2006, 7:22 am CST


Quote From: brandi63

 That just about killed me to see the little girl so traumatized by having to go with her father; and then later with her stepmother.  In my opinion, there is no way her crying and fear has been coached.   She was very scared you could tell. 
I can't believe the mom didn't run off and get "lost" or go underground as some people call it.  It's too clear now that someone has abused this little girl.
Either her father is not all there -- or he did indeed abuse her.  He had to think too long about the questions, and he seems all concerned perhaps with the literal meaning of the words -- like "molest" -- I can't believe he couldn't answer yes or no as to whether he knows anyone who has been abused.   I will be very surprised if the result is that the father didn't at least have something to do with abusing this little girl -- he comes across as insincere and fake -- he keeps saying "I'm not going to lie to you."  He just doesn't act nearly as outraged as any man I know would at being accused of sexually molesting his daugher.  I would not be surprised if in the end we find out that he doesn't believe that it is "molesting" unless there is intercourse.  A sort of word meaning  thing where he is trying to figure out the real meaning of the word when they ask him a question.   It also makes me wonder how many drugs he still is on -- because of the past drug history he admits to.
I suspect the step mother of involvement too.  The little girl herself said, THEY.  It is not common for a young child to mix up pronouns that way.  It is far more likely for a child of 3 to say he, or she when they mean they.  The children seem to learn "I", then "he" "She" and then "they".  I think when she said "they touched my pee pee"  she is referring to at least 2 people being present.  Just looking at the stepmoms face and watching and listening to her on the pick up tape I don't trust her at all - she is very scary I hope she takes a polygraph.  The faces of the mom and grandmother look like I would expect worried parents to look.   The father is already crying and he comes across as not all there when he is asked questions.  
I just hope and pray Dr. Phil can get some help for this little girl.   What a mess.  I don't think the mother and grandmother have anything to hide, the fact is they are scared at what is happening to their daugher/granddaugher and they have every right to be.  Most moms would have freaked out and broken the law and run off with the little girl to protect her by now.  I don't think there is any way I could have let my baby go with people I believed were molesting him/her.  I only had one child, a boy - still I know I couldn't have let him go under those circumstances.  The law is not set up to protect the children.  Parents have to do that.  Gosh, 2 more shows until we might know the truth.  Someone is going to go to jail I think. 
It sounds to me like CPS didn't have proof.  Thats all, they didn't have proof so they could not help the child.  The mother and grandmother must have been frantic and of course called and called and then were told to stop calling.  What a messed up system.

The child definately said, "THEY". I agree that the stepmother is involved with the abuse. I believe she is jealous of the child. Perhaps the stepmother is the sole abuser. I think the step mother is the reason that Kaylee calls her mom, Krista sometimes. The step mother wants Kaylee to call her Mom., instead. I have a bad feeling about the stepmother. But she didn't even take a polygraph. I really think Dr. Phil is overlooking the word, T"hey" as well as overlooking the importance o  a polygraph for the stepmother.

November 5, 2006, 7:35 am CST

far fetched

Quote From: Mandylionn


  I was sitting on the edge of seat waiting for Dr. Phil too ask that very question who is 'THEY" she clearly did say 'THEY" 

The child said "they". I am stunned that Dr. phil ignored this. I think the frogman is a toy used by the stepmother while abusing the child. To say that the mother has a boyfriend who is abusing the child is totally far fetched.
November 5, 2006, 7:45 am CST


Quote From: powaygrl

i wonder if danielle decided she didn't want to take it,i suspect danielle is involved the little girl said "they" not daddy, plus when stepmom came to pick her up she cried.

I absolutely agree. I strongly believe that Daneille is involved with the abuse of this child. I don't think it is sexual, but an act of vindictive jealously. I can't believe Dr. phil is overlooking Danielle. It is obvious that Jeremy and Danielle are forcing the child to call Danielle, Mom and to call her own mother Krista. Dr.Phil picked up on this a little, but basically glazed over it. I don't think Jeremy knows how the child's Labia was torn, but I am certain that Danielle knows.

November 5, 2006, 7:57 am CST

My hope for the outcome

  This program touched me deeply. First the obvious nobody should ever hurt a child. I am so hoping the result will expose a problem unbelievably common in our revolving door divorce society. I am addressing PAS. I have been a victim and it has destroyed me. I have been to court so many times proving things that I did not do. Think about how hard it is to prove something didn't occur. Going through it I spent every last dime I had. The courts are very biased when it comes to men in court. By that I mean, each time I was accused I had to pay the courts independent Phycologist for the evaluation of my children and my ex and myself. The psychologist referred to her as histrionic. She suffered no punishment for being a liar. But for the rest of my life I will be paying the lawyer fees and Dr. Bills. I really hope this guy didn't hurt his daughter. Frankly I believe the mother and Grandmother are alienating the child. Understand, the key root of PAS is not really because the man is evil. It is an attempt to control something when everything else is out of control. The father just becomes the target. If this story is just another bad Daddy story I will be so disappointed.
November 5, 2006, 7:58 am CST

Guilty until proven innocent

I don't care how coerced this child is, how coached this child is, or how confused this child appears to be made, this child is being abused by this thing we are calling a father. How dare him sit back and say "I don't know what I do when I sleepwalk, I mean I don't think I sleepwalk, but maybe I do..." you cannot get any more evasive than that. Just answer the damn questions. Dr. Phil, you know in your heart of hearts, this man is guilty. You don't want to pre-judge, but you know it. Are the mother and grandmother at fault for anything? Absolutely...but no one ever said being poor and uneducated is a crime. That little girl deserves to be believed. She makes it very apparent that she does not want to go with this monster and that my friends, with no amount of coersion or coaching, can be made more heartfelt and believable than this child makes it.
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