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Created on : Friday, November 03, 2006, 12:57:52 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil vowed to find out the truth behind accusations that Jeremy molested his 3-year-old daughter, Kaylee. Krista and Bonii, Kaylee’s mom and grandmother, brought videos to Dr. Phil to try to back up their charges against Jeremy, yet Jeremy maintained his innocence, insisting that Kaylee was coached to say bad things about him. Now, both sides are back after taking lie detector tests administered by a highly skilled polygrapher. Have Krista and Bonii been honest with Dr. Phil about their feelings and actions? Did Jeremy pass his lie detector test? Plus, did anyone try to use tactics to defeat the test? Share your thoughts here.

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November 4, 2006, 8:17 am CST

little kaylee

dr phil my daughter is one of the ruffest little girl i have ever seen lots of stiches bumps and boboo and when that man said the little girl lavia was ripped becouse of her ruff play that bullshit  i got sick to my stomach i hope you can get that man away from that poor little girl
November 4, 2006, 8:18 am CST

All parties are acting strange

All parties involved are acting strange to me. It does seem like the guy may have molested his daughter by the way he was answering the questions. His mannerisms and response were strange.  It seems like something is wrong with him. The women involved are acting quite horrible, selfish, and immature too. I really don't see a genuine concern for the child. I don't understand why the his ex would even let him see the child unsupervised if she even suspected he was molesting their daughter. There would be no way in the world I would send my daughter back to this man's house if I thought he was molesting her.
November 4, 2006, 8:31 am CST

I love Dr. Phil, but his is unimformed on child protective services

I sincerely wish Dr. Phil had a real world understanding of just how bad a lot of Child and Family Services are in this country.  He is SO sure that these "professionals" would never leave a child in a harmful situation, but it happens ALL the time.  PLEASE, if there is some professional in family law or abuse cases who can enlighten the good doctor reading this, PLEASE write to him.  I've heard his say this crap about child protective services before and he is just so wrong.
November 4, 2006, 8:32 am CST

11/06 The Lie Detector

Quote From: indiana2010

I am glad that somebody is trying to help this little girl, but I have to disagree with Dr. Phil on one aspect.  CPS does not always do what they are supposed to...they don't necessarily jump to the aid of a child that may need help.  I live in Indiana and know personally of an instance where my mother-in-law called CPS on my sister-in-law on two seperate occasions for leaving her kids unattended while she and her husband ran around for hours on end.  On both occasions, they said they would investigate, but they never even contacted anyone in the family.  Also, my mom once worked in our local school system with mentally handicapped children.  As is true with any child, if one of the kids said they were being touched inappropriately at home, they contacted the proper authorities.  Most generally the response from CPS was that if they took the kids away from their family and put them in foster care, they would probably be molested there too, and it was better to just leave them where they were at.  I know it probably sounds like I live in a bad area where we might have a high crime rate, but it might interest you to know that the city I am referring to was just ranked the 11th safest city to live in here in the United States! 
Amen! Indiana CPS is a joke. I was told by a CPS worker that she believes mothers on crack are some of the best mothers they have ever seen. I say A person on crack (or any other kind of drug) is only worried about their next high, and not their child. Drugs have priority over well being of the children. Dr. Phil shouldn't make such a broad generalization about CPS. Of course, if he was looking over their shoulder, the decisions made by CPS were surely influenced by him and his cameras.
November 4, 2006, 8:40 am CST

All of them are guilty

I'm a little frustrated about the topic as a whole. First of all, when the little girl says that "they touched my pee pee" several things come to mind. First of all why do they never ask who "they" are? I know she said that the "frogman" did it too but could the frogman be someone that hangs out over at the father's house or maybe even the mother's house? Could it not be possible that the mom has a boyfriend that is doing these things and to turn the eye to someone else she is blaming the father? Or is it not possible that maybe the wife of the father is doing something and the father is covering for her? Either way it's just sick and discusting. When the mom and grandma picks the daughter up and she says that last time, "They touched my pee pee." all the mother says is, "Oh they did it again?" like it was not a big thing. I have a 4 year old daughter and if she were to say that to me I would flip out trying to figure out what was going on. I wouldn't just let it slide. And either the father just a complete idiot or he did something too because how could you NOT REMEMBER if you stuck your tongue in your daughter's mouth???? Although I thought of this too.......what if they have said it so much and called CPS so much that he has started to question HIMSELF??? That could  happen I guess. I'm so on the fence here with what I think is true and false.
November 4, 2006, 8:49 am CST


I am quite disappointed in the way Dr. Phil handled this whole situation.  I was convinced that he had could hit the nail on the head in the situations he presents on his show.  However, last nights show completely through me for a loop.  Tell me Dr. Phil you do not actually believe the CPS systems works the MAJORITY of the time.  If you so, please do a show after thoroughly investigating this topic.  Last night, I saw me and my mother sitting there and looking at my son's abuser.  I was divorced for one year and my ex-husband and I got  a long very well and Never argued over our child's well being.  I was the disciplinarian and he got to be the good guy picking our son up to go have fun.  Once my two year old son revealed to me what was going on - I went through so many emotions from shocked, hurt, desperate, angry to I had to do whatever it took to keep my son from getting hurt.  To make a long story short, CPS would not even listen to my case or investigate it without a REFERRAL from my pediatrician who had to examine my child 1ST!!!!  My pediatrician would not see us for this type of situation because he did deal with THESE TYPES of cases.  He also did not know anyone I could go to other than CPS.  I called my aunt who is a social worker (not where I lived) and she made a few calls to people who made calls to people.  They finally agreed to meet with me. I contacted a several lawyers who would not talk to me for the same reasons the other agencies would not talk to me - TOO many couples trying to destry each other and no abuse really going on.  I finally got one lawyer on the phone and it just so happened that the caseworker I HAD talked to was sitting in his office and he put me on hold I later found out to ask her the deal.  She said no one really believed me but she thought there was definitely something going on.  He got back on the phone and agreed to see me.  Long story short - his abuser accused me of doing something to my son to make it look like him.  My son was taken away for 14 weeks from a Tuesday to Tuesday - I was not allowed to go home and say goodbye, I was not allowed to talk to him, not allowed to see him - but as hard as that was it meant he did not see his father and he was okay!  During the whole court time before hee was taken away - I never layed eyes on the judges who made decisions on my son's behalf. They ordered me originally to take my son to his father and pick him up and each time I picked up a son who was crying the same way this little girl was and he was saying the samethings.  You apparently have NO IDEA how this feels and you have no control and no way to explain something like this to your child.  I finally found a doctor to examine him after the last time I would take him and there was evidence found physically.  Because at the time, my husband's lawyer could deman my son take the stand and he would try to say my son did not truth from falsehood because he believed in tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and the power rangers - that he was making this up - things just seemed to happen in spite of the system.  The whole time my son was gone - he got to stay with an aunt of my relation - CPS never went to their house 1 time except for the 13th week he was there and we were going to court the next week and they would have to report something to the judge.  I ask you - is that a fair report to make only seeing my son ONE time in 14 weeks.  Are you telling me they are so busy they cannot see him more that ONE time.  Long story short, our CASA (court appointed special advocate) starting believing me and even though we took lie detectors test of which he passed and I failed - so tells me how effective they are - I wish everyone would stop using these as if they are fail proof!!!! - he finally got very worried when my CASA and the guardian ad litem found a lot of holes in his story and they finally quit worring about his rights and started listening to my son and his caring for his rights.  We had not even got to an actully court per se but he willingly gave up his parental rights after only less than one year of this starting.  If someone was innocent - would you give up the rights to your only born which happens to be your only son to carry on your name.  There is so much to tell about this whole scenario I cannot begin to tell.  By the way, my son is almost 16 years old, I have made it a choice to never remarry or never have anyone in our lives that could possibly ever hurts us again like that - we do just fine!  .  I would be more than happy to share our records with you - however we have moved many states away to keep my son protected from everyone knowing and would not be willing to show my face.  My ex-husband never served 1 day in jail - however the DA still has the case due to it being a felong should my son ever feel the need to take this in that direction.


Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts - I have never wrote to anyone about this situation before but I was angered last night and bewildered of your blind-sightedness I just had TO!!


Lisa Collins

November 4, 2006, 9:12 am CST

11/06 The Lie Detector

Quote From: swampwitch

Dr. Phil has a lot of trust in CPS,I have none.My child was 7 years old when he was raped by a cousin,who was 18 years old.My son went to the school and told a counselor,she believed him.She called the state police,they believed him.They called the CPS.But CPS talked to the man who raped my son.Then they told us they did not believe it happened because the man said he didn't do it.I could not believe what they were telling me.I said "of course he is going to say he didn't do it,they always say that."But CPS said they usually admit it.IF it happened after they think they are caught.I called my state rep.Thank God he wasen't stupid.To make a long story short,after the investigation,this man had not just raped my child,he had raped two others.He was sent to prison for 10 years,not long enough,but it beat the hell out of NOTHING.Don't have so much trust in CPS,they are just people too.Some are just drawing the pay for as little work as they can.But I do think there are some who really try to make a difference,wish there were more.
I have a son that was telling me things that his "best friend" was having him do.  We had a long talk and we explained what was right and wrong.  My son was in 3rd grade at the time.  He started telling me things that his friend said was going on in his home.  His friend said that his Grandpa (which he lives with), and 2 other cousins have improperly handled him.  I called CPS, they said they would investigate.  Nothing ever happened!  I don't have a lot of faith!
November 4, 2006, 9:14 am CST

the lie detector

It was very upsetting watching that show.  Having watched the parents I tend to believe the mother and grandmother inspite of Dr.Phil thinking they may have contributed to the little girls histronics. 

ANY person, parent or not, should be outraged after seeing how that little girl wanted NOTHING to do with either her father or step-mother.  I do hope the step-mother is questioned too...however, pedophiles tend to rationalize in their minds that what they are doing is okay, correct, in the best interests of the child, what the child wants etc.  Hogwash!!

The father's answering of questions in a fashion that showed out-right deception and escapism only added to my feelings that he has done something.  I suspect too (only my personal feelings) that the step-mother is well aware of what has been happening and may condone it in some fashion.

Dr. Phil should know that a mother's gut instinct counts for a lot when it comes to their child/children.  When in doubt....check it out is my motto.

The mother tried and for whatever reason did not get the backing or help she needs for her child.

I will be watching the outcome of this sad, sad story hoping that once and for all the truth will come out and the guilty parties dealt with accordingly, and the services that have failed this little girl should be ashamed of themselves.

God bless that little girl and give her the strength to endure and recover (which she may never do...for it will reside in the recesses of her mind...and will affect her future...even with councilling).

November 4, 2006, 10:08 am CST

hmm,it says 3 took the test

i wonder if danielle decided she didn't want to take it,i suspect danielle is involved the little girl said "they" not daddy, plus when stepmom came to pick her up she cried.
November 4, 2006, 10:32 am CST


Dr. Phil has way too much trust in CPS!  I don't trust the Dad or his new wife. 

I think Mom and Grandma were doing what they should. If someone doesn't listen to the child - she will eventually not tell because 'no one will listen'.  There isn't a mom alive who would firmly put a child down who is clinging and crying and has said, "They touched my peepee". And tell the child to go have a good time.

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