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Created on : Friday, November 03, 2006, 12:57:52 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil vowed to find out the truth behind accusations that Jeremy molested his 3-year-old daughter, Kaylee. Krista and Bonii, Kaylee’s mom and grandmother, brought videos to Dr. Phil to try to back up their charges against Jeremy, yet Jeremy maintained his innocence, insisting that Kaylee was coached to say bad things about him. Now, both sides are back after taking lie detector tests administered by a highly skilled polygrapher. Have Krista and Bonii been honest with Dr. Phil about their feelings and actions? Did Jeremy pass his lie detector test? Plus, did anyone try to use tactics to defeat the test? Share your thoughts here.

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July 27, 2007, 5:55 pm CDT

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made a mistakes, the girl should have  two dalls. So even you can ask " where  you have been  with daddy ? in which room? which dress did  wear?  did it hurt?blabla" I do not have to say..of course it should  be very carefull... So it  is sort of a demo....

I really hope this  will help.

July 27, 2007, 5:58 pm CDT

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oh, I forgot to son was  4 years old at that time... the same as this poor girl.


August 20, 2007, 5:46 pm CDT

Help this little girl!

Dr. Phil, I had gotten a phone call regarding this show, or another show, about a grandfather, I am not sure, but at any rate, I had to respond.  I am sorry, but the father is lying here...and why in the hell has nothing been done about it yet?  I too, live in Indiana (I have read some of the posts), and I have to say, depending on the County, CPS can be both good and bad.  I too had an incident where my 5 year old daughter had stayed the night at her grandmothers home.   I picked her up on Friday afternoon, and on Saturday night, she had told me that step-grandpa was mean to her...she then proceeded to tell me that he had touched her private areas, and told me that he also tied her up with a rope.  I did what needed to be done, took her to the ER, they contacted the police dept., and also CPS...well, CPS filed for custody of my daughter and made her a CHINS, which she did not meet not one of the requirements to become a CHINS, and the judge...ha ha she gave CPS the custody of her...luckily my daughter was able to continue to live with me, I was basically fostering my own child.  After my County CPS had gotten the case, I was finally given my custody back.  It took them a week, but I got it.  The reason they gave me was..."We made a mistake, haven't you ever made a mistake?"  I was irrate.  We have gone to court one time, it is a shame, this happened in November of last year, and we just went to court about a week and a half ago, and they want a little girl at 5 years old to get on a stand and face her preditor.  I offerred to pay the $400 for the psychologist to testify on my daughters behalf and they said that is hear say and not acceptable in court.  Luckily his (preditor's) attorney had told the judge they would like to submit a plea agreement, one that we have not had any information on so far.  He had been charged with a Class C misdemetor, and the prosecutor had told me that it could be moved to a Class A because he told her he would catch her on fire if she told anyone, and that hasn't been done either.  The sad thing is, this bastard may not have to go to jail for what he has done to my child, and the only way we can try to make that happen is by submitting our daughter to the witness stand to face her attacker and force her to speak to everyone and tell her story once again in front of the man that is going to catch her on fire for telling.  I don't trust the system anymore and I never again want to see CPS.  My little girl is doing really well, and has just began kindergarden.  I had to inform the school of the incident in case she ever spoke of it and they once again sent the authorities to my home...sad there also...they didn't even take me in a separate room, I was right in the lobby talking with them with other parents around...she is adjusting well having a male bus driver and a male gym teacher (so far).  And as far as help goes here, no-one is willing to help you, they are just there to point fingers and place blame.   No-one even had any idea of where I could go for help.  I went through my insurance company to a local psychologist that had no clues on the laws...the important thing was my daughter spoke to and opened up to her.  We have been on our own.  We now live with the incident in the back of our minds, and I hurt everytime I think about the fear and the pain that she went through, not knowing how long it had happened for or anything.  The sad thing is grandma walked in on it and didn't report anything, she totally confessed to the police of the incident, and is now trying to change her story.   You would think that her confession would have been enough to keep my little girl off the's not.  As a parent, I do everything to protect my children, and none of them have been allowed to even speak to grandma.  My husband has cut off all ties with his mother and the family.  And yes, it is our decision to let him off of jail time because I am not subjecting my daughter to the witness stand to go through that fear of facing him.  My heart goes out to parents who have to deal with a situation like this, and as far as the mother in this situation goes, I would have went to jail for the 15 days, and I would have relocated my child.  15 days in jail is well worth saving my child a second of pain. 
February 20, 2008, 4:58 pm CST

PUT this GUY in Jail NOW

This show sounds like my Mother as well for I to was molested for many years and that Guy Makes my stomach turn He is a danger to many other kids and He needs to be stopped being a Victim my self and having my mother tell me I am lying which I am not lying about it He is a Freakin damn Lier and He lied to Dr Phil He will strike again with another child mark my word He will do what was done to Heidi,

And to Heidi hon U need to work through ur Bitterness and ur Anger  GBY all for showing  this tonight

Prophetes Deborah

June 29, 2008, 10:35 am CDT

I was disgusted

I watched this episode and couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing. That little girl showed fear in her eyes and screamed that her daddy had did those things to her. What made me sick was the mom allowed the pervert to take off with Kaylee. The mother was in the wrong for sending her daughter over there to continue to get hurt. The mother was aware of the warning signs. When she had found her daughter in the condition that she was in after returning from her father's home, she should have made a police report and took her daughter to get examined for sexual abuse. I feel deep sorrow for Kaylee and pray that child will find the love and respect that she deserves. Considering that her father hurt her and her mother allowed her to go over there after knowing there were red flags that her daughter was sexually abused, I don't believe the mother should even be around her daughter. That child needs to be with a family that will love, and respect her.
November 27, 2008, 2:22 pm CST

11/06 The Lie Detector

I honestly believe that the father is lieing. I believe there is some truth to the fact that he has done something - as to how far and what is hard to know. But you know whether you have done somethign or not and it doesnt take you forever to answer a simple question unless you are thinking of the right wording to get yourself out of trouble. Yes the mother may be feeding things into the childs head. That is hard to tell.


I live in australia and am currently dealing with a very similar situation with my boys. My eldest (6yrs) came home and disclosed something to me. I rung Child Safety/Services , who gave me advice and because we currently have a court order with custody arrangements, they told me that they terminated the court order and that they override the courts. So i did what they said , stopped all contact because there was no way i was sending my boys to him knowing this information. I contacted the police as well who told me they would investigate it but because i had taken them out of the situatioin that it was no longer a high priority. So nearly 2 mths go by , no word from either departments - even after constant phonecalls to check how things were going. There father put a contravention order on me for breaching the court order, which went to court - the judge would only hear his side of things - which he tried putting me off to be a vindictive mother who is making all this up to get them away from him. So the judge set a trial date for ME. I know have to prove why i didnt take them and if my answers arent good enough to him then i will be jailed. Which is ridiculous. He is the one that has 99 percent chance of doing something wrong and im the one that gets the riot act read to me. So the boys now have to go back to there fathers house for there regular contact visits. NO supervision , nothing like that - where he could literally be still doing it. It has been a month since they have gone back and still the police and Child services have done nothing. That tells you how stuffed up the government system really is. NO ONE WANTS TOO LOOK OUT FOR OUR YOUNGER GENERATION , no one cares unless it is there own family in that situation.

My two eldest boys are currently going to bravehearts ( sexual counselling sorta place) , teaches them about knowing whats right and wrong and how to stand up and say dont do that to me. My second eldest (5yrs) is going to a phsychologist because my dr and the physchologist believe he has anxiety issues because he was fully toilet trained and recently started soiling his pants.

I dont mention anything about there father in front of them , i dont ask them did daddy touch you - anything like that because i know that one day when they eventually get off there rears , the police will investigate and they dont need to hear from the boys that mummy said this , mummy told me to say that etc. But i know for a fact that there father is telling them to say stuff , telling them not to say stuff. Because You will be having a conversation with the eldest, he will tell you something and then it clicks in his mind that he isnt spsoe to say that and then he changes his mind, and says oh it was a dream or something like that.


Its a really hard situation for both the children and for the parents not accused. It doesnt matter how hard it is on the accused. Because to be accused there has to be some sort of truth behind it all. One Person in authority said to me, that at that sort of age , they tend to not make things like that up - because they dont know about it to be able to make it up. So it really makes you wonder.


I hope for the little girls sake that it wasnt happining , but if it was at least it has been caught at a young age where , she can get help and hopefully it wont  damage her in the long run. I feel sorry and sad for those out there who have to go through it for a long time and nothing be done about it.


Hopefully the government will get off there bums and do something about my situation before its too late. You always here over here where the father gets accused of something the child services say its ok to go back and then within a month or however long , the father runs away with them , or even worse ends up killing them and himself. I Wish there was more that i could do , but sometimes i feel like im at my wits end , i feel like i have used up all the sources possible. If only Dr Phil could help me in australia.


Good Luck to Kaylee and her family and Good luck to anyone out there who is in the same sort of situation or knows someone who is.


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