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Topic : 06/18 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred

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Created on : Friday, October 20, 2006, 01:48:44 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 10/23/06) Dr. Phil conducts a groundbreaking social experiment. Six individuals from different walks of life, with different judgments and prejudices live under the same roof in an attempt to break down the walls of hatred and intolerance. Gary, 26, is a white supremacist who hates all people of other races. B., 58, is an African-American woman who thinks all white people are "ignorant sociopaths." Staci, 22, is a thin woman who thinks obese people are "disgusting blobs" and not people at all. John, 24, is over 600 pounds and hates skinny people. Christina, 22, believes all homosexuals are sinners. Tessa, 19, is a lesbian who hates straight people. Dr. Phil puts them to the test with assignments that force them to work together with their adversary. It doesn’t take long for hostility to break out, sending Dr. Phil over to the house, saying, “This has got to stop.” Will these guests learn acceptance, or turn on each other? Share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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June 24, 2007, 6:35 pm CDT


Obesity occurs when a person has too much body fat. Obesity is not the same as being overweight; a person is considered obese when they weigh 20% or more of the maximum desirable weight for their height.


As an example, a six foot tall male with a large frame should weigh between 164 and 188 pounds. If that male weighs 225 pounds he is considered obese. That is the definition.    

June 25, 2007, 3:30 pm CDT

06/18 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred

Quote From: loreleimb

The other people in the house, in my opinion, are of average weight.  But I'm sure Staci thinks that they are all disgustingly fat.  I think that she is way too skinny and that the girl who hates gay people is the most attractive person in the house.  But I am sure that Staci thinks she has it all over all of them because she is skin and bones.  Staci needs to learn that physical beauty is a matter of dress, grooming, and taking care of yourself.  Skinny does not equal attractive just like "fat" does not equal unattractive. 

As for the way they treated John, it was not about his being overweight.  His nasty, obnoxious attitude is what got him the treatment he received.  And I think he deserved every bit of it. 

"The other people in the house, in my opinion, are of average weight"


Acutally they are not of average weight, you can see it by just looking at that.


"Staci thinks she has it all over all of them because she is skin and bones"


Acutally Staci works out to be her weight, I don't think she is skin and bones but she is very short so I'm sure that doesn't help with her being thin, and then wearing super baggy clothes.

Having large amounts of fat on your body is unhealthy or can lead to being unhealthy.

June 25, 2007, 3:35 pm CDT

better left alone

Quote From: loreleimb

I don't want to make whites only things exist.  I'm against them as much as I am against blacks only or Latinos only things.  I was using those examples to make a point. I want everything to be inclusive to everyone and I want the exact same standards applied to everyone.  I want equality and fairness.  Realistically, no one would tolerate whites only things that mirrored the blacks only things that are in existence.  Just like no one would react to a White is Beautiful t-shirt the same way they react a Black is Beautiful t-shirt.  Civil rights workers fought and died to do away with double standards and harassment.  Do you think that civil rights only belong to minorities?  Much of the black community has done their best to keep themselves separate and to turn the tables on white people so that we are the ones being discriminated against and harassed. It is just as shameful as it is when a black person is the target. There is a double standard that must be done away with.  I am sick and tired of me and my children being held to a different standard and being harassed just because we are white.  It is wrong when it is done to black people and it is wrong when it is done to white people.  I can't help but wonder, though, since many black people have experienced prejudice, racism, and double standards, how can they do the same thing to white people when they know how much it hurts to be treated so unfairly?

we will never come to agree so this is my last note i am a blackwoman and only ask for props when earned, i don`t need a hand out or to be liked by any race so sorry you and your kids are being harrased by black people,those are not the black people i represent peace.
June 25, 2007, 4:47 pm CDT

John babe I still love you

Who could ever imagine what it would be like to face the contempt of a lesbian like Staci. My guess is I would have worn my red clown nose and made funny faces at her. They, the famous "they" say there are only five primary emotions, and it is only recently that "they" say contempt is a primary emotion, like hate, love, so John, your reaction to Staci was completely approriate.


AND for those of you who think the rest of them are average, the ONLY person who has a normal body weight is Staci.

June 25, 2007, 10:51 pm CDT


This web-cam brought tears to my eyes. I could in some way relate to everyone, some more than others. It has given me a heart felt insight into others that I can't or don't want to understand. I will take a more concerted effort to think before I judge or talk about another human being who also has had suffering. That is asking a lot considering that I was in search and rescue and a medic on an ambulance that thought and still thinks every life has value.

Thank you Dr. Phil for letting me see the "House Of Hatred"!

June 25, 2007, 10:58 pm CDT

06/18 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred

Quote From: teresakennedy

Who are we to judge another being? The thing is that most prejudice stems from insecure and uneducated backgrounds. Most of these people do not know any better, they probably were raised to hated anything different or unknown to them.

I had a brother who had cancer at the age of 5 and lost all of his hair due to treatment. Both adults and kids would stare and point at him because he was bald. I remember one time he had a wig on and someone made a negative comment about it, causing him to cry, this dying boy to cry. He never wore that wig again.

When people see something or someone different I believe that they are scared and instead of wanting to get to know that person or feel for that person they tend to act ignorant. I blame their parents and how they were raised.

We should all stop judging and worrying about other people and what they're doing or what color they are and start worrying about themselves.

I like your message. I am not uneducated, but have uneducated relatives. That is if you think uneducated means those who have not had formal education.

I have lost my best friend to alcoholism and she was the first female mortgage banker at a bank here in Minneapolis. She died at 42.

Yes, you are right and I applaud you. I still have friends and love them that are not considered by some of my most formal educated acquaintances as "accepted".

Thank you.
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