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Created on : Friday, October 20, 2006, 01:48:44 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 10/23/06) Dr. Phil conducts a groundbreaking social experiment. Six individuals from different walks of life, with different judgments and prejudices live under the same roof in an attempt to break down the walls of hatred and intolerance. Gary, 26, is a white supremacist who hates all people of other races. B., 58, is an African-American woman who thinks all white people are "ignorant sociopaths." Staci, 22, is a thin woman who thinks obese people are "disgusting blobs" and not people at all. John, 24, is over 600 pounds and hates skinny people. Christina, 22, believes all homosexuals are sinners. Tessa, 19, is a lesbian who hates straight people. Dr. Phil puts them to the test with assignments that force them to work together with their adversary. It doesn’t take long for hostility to break out, sending Dr. Phil over to the house, saying, “This has got to stop.” Will these guests learn acceptance, or turn on each other? Share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 23, 2006, 9:16 am CDT

What a world we live in!!

    wow the show today just broke my heart b/c my dad is a sociopath and is racist. i have not seen him since I was twelve years old b/c of his rascism. My sister spent the night with one of her black friends and my dad found out and got pissed off and decided that he never wanted to see us again b/c  we were like bringing sooties are something into his house. even when we tried to call him and talk to him about it he blocked our number. My sister was only 10 and it really hurt. we could not understand how he could hate black people so much that he could quit loving his own children. Also now that we are older my sister is dating a black guy and his grandmother is rascist and does not like white people. It really hurts my sister b/c she just wants to be a part of the family. why do people have to be racist? It hurts so bad!!! Also the majority of my family is overweight and has had problems with people ignoring them, etc. so I feel bad for john, but he is a little lazy. As far as the gay thing goes I am a string christian, yet i do have gay friends and there is a gay guy that goes to my church. The bible says to love the sinner and hate the sin. I do not agree with the lifestyle of gay people, but everyone sins and it is God's job to jusdge and to change people not ours. We should be to busy trying to change ourselves. I just think it is sad. well anywayz. We can never be perfect. I know I have my own problems.
October 23, 2006, 9:26 am CDT

10/23 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred

Quote From: drphilfan33

 Yes he has, lol, I can't ever seem to find a show of Dr. Phil's that i dont like.  By the way its very nice to meet everyone :) I've been reading the post and tend to share the same views. We are ALL human, God made us one and all.   Does anyone have a favorite of the Dr. Phil House yet?? I think I like all of them a little bit.  thats just me though. I see the good in ALL people no matter what.  Yes, I see bad sometimes but I try my best to let the good outweigh the bad.  I see Good in ALL the people in that house.  I may be wrong but thats how i feel about it.. I do see bad.. but who Am I to judge the bad??   I don't ever remember seeing a show where Dr. Phil has not been able to help someone.  Ok im rambling sorry.. YES Dr. Phil has caught my attention again and I cant wait until the next show.

Right now, I think Tessa is my favorite, she is real with everyone and she doesnt seem to truly hate all straight people, she just doesnt like them too much, also, she's not too confrontational, unless need-be.


John is my least favorite, and maybe its just the way the show portrayed him, but all you ever saw him doing was sitting on his butt, talking on the phone or getting into a fight. He seems also to play around with people, he is like a hatred leech; when Gary is around, he hates blacks, when B is around, he is okay with her. People who are fake seriously get on my nerves. if you dont hate someone, don't say you do, you're going to end up starting stuff that doesnt need to be started. lets get the real issues out, be a leech later.

October 23, 2006, 9:55 am CDT

Human beings vs. Dinosaurs

Intolerance is a such a huge loss to us all. Like the dinosaurs, we will become extinct too if we don't find and pool our common resources in each other. Tolerance of each other helps to resolve conflicts instead of creating them.


Because most of these people have little tolerance or acceptence for other human beings, it doesn't occur to any of them to empathize with each other. Obviously they haven't been in each others' shoes. They each all have their unique disabilities, inside and out.  FYI...A 600 pound person would need help to bathe in order to reach all the spots on their body.  Has anybody offered Gary a long-handled bathing brush to help him out instead of spraying the whole house, insulting him or doing/saying the other rude and immature and hurtful things they have done? They ALL have their defense mechanisms, by the way, not just Gary. All people use those when they get into a tight spot or are confronted with a painful self-truth unexpectedly! Everybody in the house needs to be heard and understood. Intolerance has created a good deal of his "nastiness", to use their words. Intolerance is nasty!


They all need each other to overcome their deficits in order to survive and to succeed.  And they all have deficits. B. and Gary seem to be the only two people there who see value in everyone, despite their particular and yet, interestingly enough, related intolerances. Everyones' experiences have created their intolerances. But B. and Gary are willing to step outside themselves...amazing. This is a unique opportunity for the house guests, and all of us watching, to understand HOW intolerance begins, thrives and survives in our world. And take a step to destroy such a destructive power. Intolerance is lethal and debilitating to the human race. It threatens us all in such a monumental way. Watching this is sad and yet so pervasive in our world that how can we not all see some part of ourselves.

October 23, 2006, 10:16 am CDT

I can't believe what I'm seeing.

Seeing this makes me so angry! I think that all six of these people need to just grow up & get along. I happen to be a African-American man at 24 years of age, & I especially can't stand racism, coming from two people. We're all human beings here, & people need to be treated with respect, no matter what race they are. God didn't put us on this earth to be this way. Not at all.
October 23, 2006, 10:24 am CDT

10/23 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred

Quote From: powers009

I have been that homeless person. I have first hand seen the prejudice of others because of the beautiful art work on my husbands body. He is the plumber that gets watched like a hawk because of peoples perceived notions of him. Accepting yes I am but I have seen first hand how accepting people in this society are of people who are different. It makes me ill when you hear Mr or Mrs Dudley Do right preach about equality and then they look down their noses at the people I have made reference to. I get sick at the prejudice of those that scream racial equality and then on the other hand look at my husband with his tattoos and think he is some sort of piece of trash because of them. They don't know him. They don't even try to know him. They just judge and go. I know there is a difference between racial equality and perceived equality well what about human equality? Where did that get shuffled to?
I always try to get to know people.  Just makes sense to me.  I have had run ins with people who have attacked my beliefs and such and I can understand where you are coming from.  But prejudice does not only lie with religion and skin color, prejudice also lies with man and woman.  Why is it that men get paid better than women do for doing the same job?  That one I will never understand as well.
October 23, 2006, 10:25 am CDT

Attention John

John, I really hope you read this.  It is Dr. Phil's mission with this assignment to try and help you and all of the others living in that house to overcome your prejudices and learn to live together peacefully.  Having only watched one episode I can tell you that everyone seems to making at least some progress.  You, on the other hand, have to try and open up to these people.  Believe it or not they are actually trying to help you.  Also, this experiment is to try and break the stereotypes associated with being white, black, thin, obese, straight, and homosexual.  John, please try to make an effort.  By not making an effort to help you are only proving to the viewers at home that the stereotype that overweight people are lazy is TRUE.  I know better.  I know "overweight" people that are as active (some of them MORE active) than "thin" people.  So John, all I ask of you is to please try and stick it out and be a good role model and stereotype-breaker for overweight people everywhere.  Please, prove them all wrong.
October 23, 2006, 10:39 am CDT

Nope, not only in America

Quote From: big2199

It is clear as day light why people have issues with people whom are different from them, whether it is race, same sex relationships, or body size.  For example, why do some people who are over weight hate people who are in proportion for their size? Is it possible, society believes that thin is beautiful. You can just open up any magazine and count on one hand how many over weight people are in any advisements. How about commercials, next time your watching t.v within the next half an hour count how many people you see that are in commercials that are over weight. If, you do see them in a commericial it is a possibility it's for losing weight.

Now all of these statements are just my opinion because I'm not an expert, or have any statistics. I'm just giving you something to think about , or make you go mmmmmmmmmmm...............

People hating each other because of a different race can be from a number of things. One, its possible it can be from how the person was raised. It is possible that their parents hated an opposite race, and now have poison their child's mind with hatred. Now it becomes a cycle. Two, one race may feel inferior towards another race resulting into hatred. Three, one race may feel society may not treat them equally  and favoring the other race, resulting into hatred.

Four, the gay community may hate the straight community because they are looked down upon. This is a most hated community among all prejudices across the board and throughout the world. The Gay community recognizes this, and it is a possible some within this Gay community may hate straight people because of this. The bottom line is we live in a world of diversity and the question is, Is The American  Society At Fault? Now I'm going to make you go mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. Look at the school system, the government, religion, parental skills, the media, and the people who live within our society. If all the above would address these serious issue, and would change the system of things-America's Society  making it an equal one today, right now, the generation of tomorrow can have a chance for change. Meaning from infancy  the teaching of impartiality can be taught. Meaning that these very infants develop unbiased traits becoming adults, who then will make up a better American Society. If America's Society ethics do not become un-done, or un-glued from their citizens minds, and souls we as people will have fail the generation of tomorrow leaving them to clean up this cataclysmic mess, unfortunately, if society is not repair, it will always have people like the people who reside in the  House Of Hatred.

This is not strictly and American phenomenon and has existed for centuries.  And if you think there wasn't prejudice in Ancient Egypt you would be mistaken.  I do believe the bible (and I'm no bible thumper) attributes Jesus' Crucifixion to religious persecution, a form of prejudice. 


So see this is one that can't be blamed entirely on us simple members of today's American society.  Hatred knows no boundaries and ignorance is universal and clearly not bliss.  There really is no one race, religion, sexuality nor size that is the most special and should be believed to be the "be all end all" of society.  We are all the same........period.  People who believe otherwise are simply cheating themselves and their children out of the endless possibilities that diversity can allow.  I personally want all 64 of the crayons to remain in my crayola box of life. 


And on a side note.........what's up with all the foul language?  Do these people really talk to others like this in their normal everyday life?  My family and I seem to communicate with each other without using the "F" word as an adjective in every sentence.  I'm certainly not perfect and do use an occasional F-bomb when out with friends enjoying a cocktail or two, but even then not within earshot of children or others who wouldn't appreciate it.  It just makes these people look uneducated and disrespectful to Dr. Phil and his audience.  Try a little self-control maybe.  Do they kiss their moms with those mouths?

October 23, 2006, 12:14 pm CDT

10/23 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred

Quote From: powers009

All of the ones saying we should just love and accept everyone I would like to ask this question do you look a street person in the eye when you pass them by? Do you think to yourself well if I give this person money they are just going to buy alcohol or drugs with it? When you pass a man on the street who has lots of tattoos, wearing jeans with holes in them and a torn t-shirt do you cross to the other side thinking this is some member of a gang? Do you ride down the road and pass a person on a motorcycle wearing leather and hope and pray the stop light up ahead doesn't catch you so you won't have to sit beside this person in traffic? How many of you stand over the plumber when he comes to do work on your sink? Answer honestly and then tell me how accepting you are of everyone in society.
 Yes, I look the homeless in the I eye. I've been homeless and volunteered at the local drop in shelter. If i can I give them money but more often my time and my attention. A lot of my friends dress in holey jeans and have multiple piercings and tats. A s for motorcyclists whether they're wearing leather or whatever I usually breathe a quick prayer for their safety.(many car/truck drivers aren't careful enough around them. i don't stand over the plumber, my kids do 'cause they're curious or want to know how they can help. so, I'm usually trying to get them to leave them alone so they can work.
October 23, 2006, 12:43 pm CDT

10/23 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred

The sad thing about this particular group of people is how very much alike they all really are - and they don't even see it.  
October 23, 2006, 12:51 pm CDT


I am watching dr.phil and cannot believe these people!  Especially John!  I could understand not doing much because of the weight, but not even trying is pathetic! And not wanting to shower, man how can anyone want to live like that?! It would be different if he at least tried than gave up.  And he tries to say eveyone is making fun of him, they are just being blatently obvious about his hygiene. I couldnt believe he actual said he was calling his moms husband because he was rich and could get him out of the house! Money has obviously bought him out of dealing with his issues. I hate to see someone like that, I have to deal with it all the time in my job, but at least the people I see day to day have tried the hardest they can. I really hate to see someone over weight use weight as their defense for laziness. If he can walk then he can pick up his plate, take three steps to the sink and put it up. Its not like they want him to climb a mountain.
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