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Created on : Friday, July 01, 2005, 05:08:34 pm
Author : dataimport
Looking to meet someone online? Or have you met the love of your life on the net already? Share the good, the bad and the ugly of online dating.

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November 7, 2008, 10:33 pm CST

hang in there!!!!

Quote From: sweetroxy1

     I having been chatting with a guy that I met online alittle over nine years ago.started off chatting online than we started talking on the phone.Everyday anytime we could as long as we could,until one of us had to go to work.We have never met he is in the military and than 911 and now the military is keeping us apart,different countries not helping either.He has helped me and my kids through allot of things over the years and I love him for it all.We fell in love and hope to be together one day but after 9 years I'm wondering if I should give up.I always have him to talk to about anything,and he's the first one I want to talk to when I get home.But for now we are trying to figure things out in both of our lives.Things have changed in his life so now he has to figure out how to get out of it so we can be together.

It's hard and he's the best thing that has ever happened to me.Am I being a fool?
its said that anything worth having is worth waiting for and worth the struggle - you know that you want to be with him and most of the people that are looking for their soul mate want to know that they are with just that - their soul mate - i can tell you what to do - I'm looking for that someone for myself - but i would rather have to work through some minor obstacles than to be looking for the man - if you change how you feel or he changes how he feels - then that cant be ignored - but for now and the past nine years - you both haven't stopped loving each other - where there is a will there is a way - sometimes you have to be persistent and patient at the same time. don't give up just yet if its what you really want - thats just how i feel - but trust your heart . blessings in everything.
November 10, 2008, 8:09 am CST

Online Dating Fustrated

Every time I sign up for online dating sites and hoping for the best but get fustrated. The women that I have contacted me over the years always wanted some type of support of money to help them out which I haven't given any or pay for thier trips here (tickets, visas, and what ever else needed). I'm not in anyway to pay for all these things that they want or ever will. I know that I'm not rich nor poor. Most of the women the I see on these web site want more than I can give them and some of the women just want to play but I'm ready to settle down.  I don't go to clubs or bars since I gave up drinking. To shy when meeting in public and stutter when I try to talk to the women in public places like malls, food shopping, or other places. It's not always so easy to overcome for some of us. How do I overcome all this?
November 10, 2008, 7:58 pm CST

just ann opinion

Quote From: randa819

i have been divorced for almost a year and being single sucks. I'm not exactly looking for a husband again, at least not any time soon. but i would love to find someone to just go out with and have fun. i have thought about trying the on-line dating thing, i even have friends who have met on line. but i am completely terrified that I'll end up with some freak that ends up being nothing but a pervert.
I am currently on a fairly popular online dating site and it is my honest opinion that the vast majority of people on there are online for a reason. Tehy can not meet people in ordinary situations. I have met a few people and they have all had issues beyond my control.  I found it hard to take anyone seriosly. It seams as though once u meet someone its just to easy to go out and look for the next best thing. Keep in mind i look just like my pictures (wich isnt half bad if i say so myself) and every word i wrote in my profile was true. My advice is if u want to try it out go for it, just be very cautios.
December 1, 2008, 7:25 am CST

in the library time

just readin dr,phil message house is ice bored tired and christmassed out already.       b
January 9, 2009, 6:22 pm CST


To whom this may concern;My name is Linda and I may have a true story that I'm hoping you may be interested in. My story begins in October 2006.Eric and I met on a site for BBW's back in Oct. of 2006. After sending messages back and fourths for a little while on the site we exchanged email address's. From that moment on both Eric and I left the site. Yes, I did go back and check quite a few times to see if he had rejoined and found that he didn't. On the second day of talking on line Eric had told me an awful story how his first born daughter had died the year before in a horse accident.  A few days later he told me of a race car accident he was in years prior while he was still married to his second wife. Even sending me pictures of the wreck. After months of being on line from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Eric then began to tell me of when he was in the army and how he became a POW. He told me of how he was tortured from the guards. This prison camp was in Granada. Eric told me of how he was raped, and asked to do sexual acts on the guards. He also told me of how he had bit the penis off one of the men when forced to perform oral. The dates of when he was in prison I'm not exact, it was in the 80's. After a year of talking on line using the phone on yahoo and a cam, we found that we had fallen deeply in love. We began to talk about marriage. Eric would send me pictures of wedding rings for me to decide which one I would like. We also went on the same bridal sites to look at the type of wedding dress I would like.  We also looked at invitations. Not long after we started making plans to be married he introduced me to his two children. They are from his third marriage, whom he is still married to. From time to time when the weather was bad and the children where home the children would come and hang out in the bedroom while we were on line. Eric would tell me how excited the children were that we were going to all be together. How they were looking forward in having two babies in the house. By now my daughter had had her second child, both I am raising on my own. Feeling anxious and wanting to be with the man that I loved we both made plans for me to take the bus down to Missouri to visit him and the children for a weekend. We would have to wait for late August he told me. Because of the work on the ranch and the children being home it would be better then. About two weeks before I was to leave he came on line early in the morning, just like we use to do. He told me that he had some bad news and hoped I wouldn't be to upset. He then told me that his Dr's wanted him to go into the hospital for a little while, that his malaria from prison was acting up and he needed treatment. After a week or so later Eric came on line and told me that he was out now, but not feeling very well and that my trip would have to be canceled.  In September when things on the ranch slowed down Eric started to come back on line every day like before. We then started to make plans for us to get together again. This time he had decided that he would come to visit me. Where he wanted me to get my family together and in front of all of them he was going to propose marriage. He made plane reservations, showing me the ticket print out on cam. A couple of weeks after buying his plane ticket the divorce between him and Lynn started again. Lynn left the house and moved in with her boyfriend. I can't remember what happened exactly, but Lynn needed money for something and Eric had to cash in the plane ticket. So then we made plans for me to take the bus down there again. This trip was to happen in October. October came and once again it was getting close to the time for me to go down when Eric had decided it would be best for us to meet half way. Because of the problems that were happening between him and Lynn he didn't want any problems for us. About a week before we were to meet Eric started telling me that because of the rise in gas that he would have to sell one of his transport trucks and might loose one of his business. Which meant that once again we wouldn't meet. The winter months we spoke all the time, even waking up during the night to send a  message to one another and surprising one another with being on line. We would have to hold off on any more marriage plans until Nov 12th. 2008. That was the final divorce date. In August out of the blue one day Eric began to tell me that the Dr's wanted him in the hospital for a couple of days to do some tests on him. He had been getting bad head aches. He was in for two days. He came on line and told me that the Dr's had found an aneurysm and they needed to run more tests. While we were talking his cell phone rang, it was one of his Dr's saying for him to get back to the hospital as soon as possible that they had a bed waiting for him. A couple of days later I received an email from his sister Laura whom I had met threw Eric on yahoo. She began to tell me that the Dr's went to operate on him and when they put him under his heart had stopped, and now he was in a coma. Eric was in a coma for about two weeks, during that time his sister would send me messages of how he was doing. I managed to catch her on line and she told me that the Dr's are afraid that he may have lost his memory, some body movements and that he could be blind. I told her that I was coming down. She asked for me to wait until she spoke to her father. A couple of days later we met on line again, when she told me that their father had suggested that I shouldn't come down that it may cause more problems. At the end of the two weeks Eric was in his coma he woke up. Laura had sent another email saying he could see and his body was fine,  but that he maybe still have lost some of his memory. Three days later in the morning Eric signed in. He had come home the night before. He told me how tired he was from not sleeping very well, and the drive that morning after dropping his children off at school wore him out. We spent the next couple of months reliving things that we had spoke about, his memory was back. Then I received a email from Laura saying Eric was back in the hospital, that he was attacked and his throat had been slashed. Three for four days later Eric came on line and told me first that a couple of his wife's friends met him in town and beat him up. Then he changed the story and told me that he was leaving the gas station and saw a man beating a woman, when he went over there was a fight between him and the man. The man was taken to jail. A couple of days later while in town two men grabbed him and held him while the woman that he saved slashed his throat. A month or so later while him and his lead hand Hank were out sand bagging a neighbors property a pick up truck drove up behind him. He heard something fly by his ear, looking over at his truck he realized it was bullets. Running to his truck and pulling out his gun there was a shoot out. Where he shot one man in the leg. Later he lost the leg in the hospital. He shot the woman in the shoulder. And the third man he killed. Eric was never charged for any of this, because there was a forth person, she was laying in the truck filming the whole thing. Well basically that was enough for me. I started to check into all Eric had ever told me. I search the POW records as far back as 1973 and found nothing. The Dr's names I had I haven't been able to find in Missouri let alone in St. Clair. I search the news papers looking for the shoot out and turned up nothing. I even had a friend in the states look for me, and he found nothing. I still spoke to Eric, not as often. He still claimed that he loved me and soon after his divorce we were still to be married...On Nov 12th. in the afternoon Eric came on line and told me that the divorce didn't go threw. That his wife's lawyer was killed in a car accident on the way to the court house. I told him that I was hoping that I could come up Nov 20th for a couple of days. Well, sure enough his grand mother passes away, and he'll be away for the funeral. On December 29th. I received an email from Eric's wife Lynn telling me that Eric had collapsed Christmas morning and was in a coma due to the aneurysm. On January 6th. I received another email from Lynn, but this time is was also addressed to six other women. The other women and I have now sent emails to one another. I have even spoken to one of the women for five or six hours in one day. The woman I spoke to says she actually went down in November and spent the weekend with him. They to spoke about getting married. Eric went so far into the game with her that she even brought down an engagement ring for him. She has told all her friends and co workers that she is going to be married, and told her boss that if there is any lay off coming that she could be one of them, because she was leaving the state anyway. She now is so embarrassed, she doesn't know what to say to the people at work, and fears that she may still loose her job.Another woman told of how her children were kidnapped quite a few years ago. Eric told her that once she moved down there and they were married that she could be his children's mother. This woman is so upset and hurt now that a couple of nights ago she was contemplating suicide. I was sent this morning from one of the ladies all of the email address's she has for Eric, one or two more then what I have. So in total I figure about 6 email address's. I'm writing to you tonight in hopes that you may be able to help me/us. This man has to be caught. If not only what he has done to these other women, but because of what he is doing to his children by putting them on cam with us. I remember one day the kids came into the bedroom, gave their Dad a hug and hung around for a bit. The next week a little boy and young girl came into the room, doing the same thing. After they had left I asked who the young girl was. Eric said it was his daughter. I told him that is not the same young girl who I have seen many times before. Our conversion ended there. And I never saw or heard of the children again.I thought maybe money was his motive for us. But I don't have any, and by the sounds of it the only one who might have a little would be the one who went to visit him.  I then thought maybe it was because we have children, but a couple of the women don't.I don't know what his motive is for doing this. My fear is that he has gotten rid of us 7 because he had found the right victim for what ever game he is playing. I honestly don't know just what this man is capable of doing and just how far he is willing to go to get what he wants. We have also come to the conclusion that his wife Lynn is in on this game. Along with his sister Laura. Altho a couple of us aren't to sure if the messages we thought we had received from her weren't actually Eric. We found that him and Laura spell the exact words wrong. The lady who went to visit him had a friend check the emails and he found that the messages were sent from the same computer.Later in the first year of Eric and I talking he told me of how his first daughter had passed away. He said he was set free from the prison camp. After being back in the states he heard that his daughter was born. Eric's father picked him up and the two were driving to the hospital, when Eric noticed a familiar car in the ditch. Pulling over Eric ran to the car to find his wife dead. The new born in the back seat of the car. The car upside down. After getting the baby out of the car Eric held his daughter till she had passed away in his arms. This baby is suppose to be the same daughter that he had told me had died in a horse accident a year before. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this. I truly hope that you take this messages as serious as it is, and find it in your heart to help us in bringing this man out to the public. With hopes of saving his next group of women. SincerelyLinda Pollock
January 16, 2009, 9:23 am CST

help me

hi, i saw the program where some lady was in love from someway who she meet on-line, well my best friend has been in contact with some guy who saids his name is Mario lives in houston texas near galveston and works in houston, since march last year, i'm so worry because now she is ready to leave the country just so they can get marry, she's 20years old  and he's 29..
the story doen't end there, last year when he was supoussed to come to venezuela to meet her he suddenly dissapear for a month, my friend was so desperate she thought something bad happen to him but them a friend of his told her the truth that he was marry and has a kid, and the wife finds out about her well the rest  you can imagine... them he shows up in the picture again, calling her making excuses and old that.. now he told her that he moved in with his parents and waiting for the divorce so he can marry her, come to venezuela and take her there.. i don't believe him, he lies ones so he can do it again
please and not asking been on the show because i'm in another country but please i'm begging you to at least seek for that information and tell me if it is true please my friend doesn't know the language she won't be able to defense herself there if he took her, thats my biggest concert...
hopping the best and totally gracefull for your help, i'll wait for and answer..
i know that you've help so many people, i watch the show all the time :)
January 17, 2009, 11:26 am CST

Onlilne Dating

My on-line dating experience has been very negative. I am an average looking man, who honestly treats women with dignity and respect. However I have sent numerous e-mails to ladies and seldom get a response back. I have noticed that the guys who look like  Harrison Ford get all the attention. The problem is that a lot of the women on there  are just average looking.  They look at my profile and never respond, and I must admit my profile  was very genuine and real.  


I think it is a sign of the times: materialism and looks are what it's all about.


I am a 54 year young gentleman and have had a fairly successful  love life up to this point, so I can't complain, it is just that I would have loved to share my wisdom with a good woman. 


Oh well,  maybe another day, however I will not be joining anymore on-line dating sights.


Sincerely John. 



January 17, 2009, 5:28 pm CST

Off course

Quote From: onetruedream

I've been dating a guy for a very long time, and he's 31, I'm 22. We have always had a great relationship, though a couple of serious fights, but we've always worked through it together. We're both involved with each others' families, and spend our holidays together with each of our families, even though they're in seperate towns. We've seriously discussed marriage in the next few months, and kids, etc.

A few weeks ago, I found an online profile on a dating website he had.


I made a fake profile, and intrigued his interest so he messaged me. We wrote back and forth, and he asked me if I'd meet at starbucks, and kept telling me how cute I was (I used a friend from college's picture he didn't know) and that he was single, how great he was, etc.


I confronted him on it; initially he lied until I had to read the messages to him. He said he'd learned his lesson and was just scared and would do whatever it took to prove it to me. I agreed to go back to him. Then, on Christmas eve, right after he'd given me all these huge sweet surprises, I went to his room and on his computer to play some music. there was a convo with agirl from before I'd come over about him wnating her to accept a webcam invite, see some skin, etc...lotsa flirting. I started crying. He apologized again, ...and he'd deleted friends, phone #'s, his profiles, everything in front of me. ...


Then today, I got curious...and figured out his password to an email he forgot I knew about..and found out he'd created another private profile on the same dating site!!! I logged into his acct on there and there were hundreds of messages from girls and from him he'd written over the last 5 days. I toldhim I never wanted to speak to him again. He broke his phone he is so upset, and wants to go to counseling together to work it out cuz he says he loves me so much.


Right now, I definitely don't believe him and don't know how I feel about seeing or dating him again. But I do love him. So I don't know what to do. I wanted to spend my life with this man and I feel so betrayed. And I might not be so worried about it cuz its online only..but we met online, and he met his last 2 girlfriends at least online, and they both were out of state or city.

I'm portuguese, but we are always in time to do something about love! Please add my e-mail address to your Windows Messenger. My Messenger mail is
January 22, 2009, 8:38 am CST

Net Result is Love

I have an amazing story that is challenging to describe in a short email.  I met my child's father online. My ex is notorious on Don't Date Him  I never posted however many others did. He is the highest posted in Australia.  I was not aware at the time that I was with him.  Unfortunately or Fortunately we have a child together.  He knows about her however only met her to prove paternity.   The fantastic thing is that she is the love of my life.  No longer do I see men as giving me the ultimate in love - having a child is the ultimate.  I am the consumate Single Mother By Choice.  What a great society we live in.  I have massive challenges all the time - my child cannot wait to meet "Daddy"....she will have to wait quite a while!  All I can say to online daters who are wronged is that you can still be better off and in love in the end.  The challenges are difficult but the love out weighs all.
February 3, 2009, 10:30 am CST

Do I Call to Confirm?

Hi all,


Just wondering, I met a guy online last week and he asked me out on a date for tomorrow night. We discussed where I worked and he knew it and said he would pick me up after work and we'd go for drinks. We have been in touch a couple of times since, but I haven't heard from him at all since Friday. I text messaged him on Sunday wishing him a fun time superbowling and he replied a short while later about how drunk jhe reply was Ha! I hear ya...I'm well on my way too! Haven't heard a word from him since and the date is tomorrow. Do I confirm our date?

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