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Created on : Thursday, October 05, 2006, 04:42:21 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 10/11/06) Did you know that your financial decisions could land you on the street?  Are you one paycheck away from disaster? Stacey has two children and one on the way, and she says she is close to being homeless and it's the fault of her kids’ deadbeat dads, and her parents who have cut her off. Stacey's ex-husband, Pete, says their son would be better off living with him. So, why does he refuse to pay child support? And, see what Dr. Phil provides for Stacey to help get her life back on track. Then, a hidden camera experiment shows how people really treat the homeless on the streets. And, meet a family who was living paycheck-to-paycheck when the money stopped coming in, leaving them homeless. Manuel and Heather and their four children have been living cramped in their RV for the last year, where they have no electricity and must take showers at public beaches. The difficult circumstances are taking a huge toll on their family, especially the children. How did they end up in this situation? Dr. Phil makes an important, life-changing announcement to the family. Share your thoughts here.

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March 3, 2009, 9:21 pm CST


Quote From: rachelmason

People want to always say what's wrong with these kids these responce is DEADBEAT DADS! Todays show was outstanding. Scarey to realize im not alone. Worse there are other children out there feeling like mine. More shows like this might make these dads open thier ears and hearts for the children's sake...... Cheaters has a show following Cheaters i would like to see a series on Deadbeat Dads and thier children. Dr. Phil has said in divorce KIDS PAY . I have to agree. Deadbeats need to understand when you don't help KIDS PAY why should'nt they?

I have been trying for the awhile now to get a show like you described on air. The first time I tried getting national distribution for the show it was missapproiated from a major network. We are documentaing a case now in Michigan and are working with local law enforcement and the local Court to resolve the issue for both parties. HELP is near! I am working very hard on bring national attention to the child support crisis and hope to one day affect change in the way it is handled. There are many flaws in the system that dont HELP anyone invloved and I feel that the only way to change things is by pointing a light at the sistuation and by makeing enough noise that laws will be changed. It could Happen!

One of the biggest opositions that I have found are fathers rights advocates. Many feel that having a show that tracks and apprehends Deadbeat parent that refuse to pay child support but can. Would be detremental to the children. To that I say ,Not being financially and emotinally responsible for your child is more detremental. No one is talking about a show that goes after people down on there luck or having a tough time we are talking about the people who are abusing the system and worse yet abusing themselves and their children. So I'm withya sista...If shows like cheaters and dog the bounty hunter are on air then why not a show that actually does some good.

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