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Created on : Thursday, October 05, 2006, 04:41:03 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 10/10/06) Dottie is concerned for her 22-year-old daughter, Carly, because her drinking is out of control. Carly has already been arrested for driving under the influence, but she still drinks and drives! Dottie fears Carly will end up killing herself or someone else. Carly says she knows she has a problem, but drinking is the only way she can have a good time. Then, Heather and Sierra's brother was killed by a drunk driver, Michael, who also happened to be his friend. Michael received a sentence of five to 11 years, but wants his time reduced. He joins the show via satellite from prison and has a proposal for Dr. Phil. See what Dr. Phil has to say to this offender and talk about the show here.

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October 10, 2006, 10:54 am CDT

10/10 Drunken Mistakes

I have absolutely NO sympathy for a drunk. Let's face it, you make the decision to drink when you are SOBER! Get a life.
October 10, 2006, 11:14 am CDT

Heather and Sierra need to do two things

I missed the last ten minutes of the show so I'm not sure what advice Dr. Phil gave Heather and Sierra, but I think they need to do two things to help them move on.  One is to accept that their brother's lifestyle played a part in his death.  Unless I missed something from the show, he knew his friend had a problem with alcohol and he got in a car with him anyhow.  Two is to forgive Mike even though he doesn't seem to deserve it.  Heather and Sierra need to forgive for their own piece of mind.  Forgiving someone who doesn't ask for it or seem to deserve it is one of the hardest things anyone can ever do, but in order for them to move on, they need to forgive Mike and start praying for him to come to terms with what he has done and that he will get the help he needs while in prison.  Unforgiveness will imprison them as much as Mike is in prison.
October 10, 2006, 11:16 am CDT

I agree

Quote From: crodriguez

I have absolutely NO sympathy for a drunk. Let's face it, you make the decision to drink when you are SOBER! Get a life.
I absolutely agree with you.  It just seems people want us to feel sorry for these drunks.  Really GET A LIFE, and get some help before you kill someone or yourself.....
October 10, 2006, 11:21 am CDT

prayer does work....

Quote From: getitnowdumb

 If you know your husband drives drunk you probably 'should' know where he goes, which bar or bars....
You say you pray he gets caught before he kills someone else? Then you worry you (and he) will loose everything if your husband kills someone.. I have to say WHAT..
If your husband kills someone, it will be the dead person that lost EVERYTHING...
What you need to do besides praying, which probably WILL NOT work is ...Know where your husband is 'drinking'     talk to the bar owners    talk to the police...    In my state people can be arrested in their driveway, home, etc for being drunk and having been driving
Again, do not take offence, continue to pray BUT ALSO  TAKE ACTION. You are probably the only one who really knows the real story.. As you say he's a Functioning drunk which means he can function when needed. When he's drunk and driving he does not care about 'functioning"
Please take action, you might save him along with some inocent person....And your life with him might be 'nice'    Good Luck to you.
I do believe prayer does work, but this person does have a point.  If you know your husband is out somewhere drunk, call the police.  I know you don't want him to get in trouble, but imagine how much trouble he will be in if you don't do something soon.....  Praying for you and your husband.
October 10, 2006, 11:39 am CDT

10/10 Drunken Mistakes

Quote From: taxigirl5

My husband is an alcoholic and drives drunk.  Just last night he came home after having too many beers and drove himself.  I pray that he gets caught before he kills someone else. He  had heart surgery last March and April and still drinks. I believe he has a death wish for both himself and I.  He repeats himself constantly, doesn't remember things, looses his stuff, thinking I put it somewhere (lost his company cell phone hunting just a week ago).  I read Robin's book and I need to read it again.  I'm scared to death I will loose everything if my husband kills someone due to his drinking and driving. The thing I don't get is he has never gotten a DUI in the 13 years we've been together.  Alanon called that  "a functioning drunk"...... I have the upmost respect for folks that can "kick the addicition".  I will continue to pray that my husband will before it's too late.  I will be watching this episode for sure!!!!!

My husband died 4 years ago.  He was an alcoholic and I was married to him for 21 years before he died.  He drove drunk as well.  Nothing I did or said changed things.  In his opinion I was the one with the problem.  No one, according to him had a problem w/his drinking except me. 

He had the same problems your husband does.  He had blackouts, couldn't  remember things, lost stuff and when he wasn't sitting off by himself, generally unpleasant to be around.  But, while he was in the military he was a functional drunk.  He got up in the morning and went to work.  He stopped being a functional drunk about 3 1/2 years before he died.

I will have to tell you that so many times I wish I had left when the kids were little, so they wouldn't have had  to watch their father kill himself.  He had Hepatitis C.  He knew that drinking would make it much worse much faster.  I think he wanted to die and we didn't enter into it.  It's all water under the bridge now for me.  I don't know you, I can only tell you what staying in my marriage  did to me.  At the end of the marriage I felt destroyed.  Totally dead.  By the Grace of God my husband didn't kill someone, or one of us. 


You have more the lose than your material possessions.  What is this doing to you, emotionally, physically, spiritually?  Do you have kids?  What is it doing to them.  Things to think about.





October 10, 2006, 12:30 pm CDT

Still Grieving

I have absolutely NO sympathy.  I lost my Dad on August 23rd of this year.  He was killed by a drunk driver.  They always cry after the fact, "Oh I am so sorry, why did I do it?  I made a mistake...."   Give me a break.  The families of the alcoholics always worry about losing them when they really shouldn't worry at all.  As it was explained to me by the officer who had to tell me my dad was dead, a drunk person's body goes with the vehicle, they usually come out of it pretty much unscathed.  The guilty party in this case had a broken foot, or ankle, I really don't care.  The point is, I am the one being educated about alcohol and drunk driving, I am the one speaking to MADD and the police.  It's not the drunk, his family didn't have to plan a funeral out of no where, they don't have to decide what to do with an empty house now.  I'm the one who has lost her absolute best friend in this world.  I am the one who has to plan a wedding for next year with no father to walk her down the aisle.  I am the one who has to explain to her kids that their Grampy is in Heaven, when the day before he was here playing with them.  They don't understand it, I don't understand it. 

So boo hoo all you want, you're still alive, you can still do something about it.  It's not your life you may ruin, it's all the innocents out there on the road whose life you may destroy.  Get over yourself and do something about it.

October 10, 2006, 12:33 pm CDT

10/10 Drunken Mistakes

A friend of mine was nearly killed on her way to work last year by a guy who was drunk at 7:30 in the morning.  He had already hit one car and was fleeing the scene when he rear-ended her at a high rate of speed and stuffed her car underneath the trailer of an 18-wheeler, shearing off the roof of the car and folding her in half with her legs up over her head.  If her car had been just a little taller, she would have been killed instantly (her leg was crushed--it's bad, but it could have been so much worse).  Luckily, a witness to the first accident was already on the phone with 911 and saw the whole thing happen so they had rescue there almost immediately.  The guy was a multiple offender and hit her literally in front of the parking lot of his insurance agency; his agent saw it happen.  Why he still had insurance to begin with is beyond me, but hopefully there were finally enough witnesses to have him put away for as long as the law will allow.


I'm sorry--I agree that alcoholics need help and treatment, but anyone who drinks and drives is effectively a potential murderer.  I don't care what you do to yourself but you don't have the right to kill someone else in the process.  Jail, house arrest, hospitalization, whatever it takes; I don't want them on the road with me and my friends and family.

October 10, 2006, 12:33 pm CDT

family drunks

I have a friend who is currently laying at ECMC in Buffalo, NY who wrecked my cousin's car. He was well past drunk at 10pm when another one of our friend saw him at one of the local bars. He went back to his and my cousin's apartment, stole my cousin's car while she and the baby were sleeping, and he was found barly alive inside the car wrapped around a tree. He has officaly lost one leg but he is very very lucky that e had no head or internal injuries, his spleen is lacerated and thats it. They had to induce him into a coma because he is combative. They are slowly trying to bring him out of it.

The guy's name is John and we (family and friends) have all warned him to stop drinking so much. He doesn't have a job and his new truck was recently repoed because my cousin Jodi stopped paying his paymeny for him. John's only interest in life has been drinking ever since I met the guy!!

October 10, 2006, 12:41 pm CDT

Also in need of help!!!!

As I sit here watching the show today (10/10 drunken mistakes) I can't help but think of my own situation. My significant other (of 16 yrs) is an alcholic. We have 3 children ages-12,9,& 5. We have been in a bad place for a few years now. Alot of the "dodging" the questions that I see going on here on the show, I am also seeing here at home. I have tried to talk to him about his problem, but he dosen't think he has one. He says "so what if I want to have a few beers after work?" Well, the big deal is: he is drinking and driving almost every day, he has been in jail due to his drinking, he has missed alot of important dates in our children's lives-due to drinking, his children hate him and want us to move out- because of his drinking, I have lost my love for him because of his drinking. The list could go on and on... He told me once "don't make me chose cause I won't choose you!" I know that this is true and I also know that my children and myself need to move out of this situation. Problem is, I am a full-time student with 3 children on a very low budget. I have been looking for a place to move with my children that is still in the same school district (as I think the kids will be going through enough with leaving their father, it would be good for them to still have their life-long friends to talk to and the councilers they have been talking to). I just don't know what else to do. I am trying to make a better life for my children, but I feel like everything is working against me. I wish I had a magic wand to make everything all better, but I don't! So I tredge along, going to classes full-time, working part-time at night and trying to raise my children to be successful, productive members of our community. If anyone has any advice as to help my A see what he is doing to us, I would love to hear from  you  Who knows, maybe Dr. Phil will read this post and offer me some solutions to this problem.......
October 10, 2006, 12:45 pm CDT

my 21 year old son was killed by drunk driver

my 21 year old son was with his friend and both were drinking.  He was a passenger and the driver hit a tree and killed my son instantly.  The prosecutor said my son was legally not drunk but the drivers blood was .28.  To this day I don't know why my son let his friend drive.  The prosecutor said sometimes people don't seem that drunk.  Because of my help the driver got probation.  He and another boy several years ago were the only 2 people that the prosecutor has ever given this sentence.  The boy has to speek publically and spend one day in jail on the anaversary date of the accident.  Of course he can not ever drive and drink.


Michael the guy in jail I don't feel he has demonestrated remorse.  I think just listening to him that he blames the other boy also.  My son's friend never blamed anyone but himself.  I do feel he was remorseful and that is why I ask the prosecutor for probation.  I think this Michael should stay in jail. 



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