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Created on : Thursday, October 05, 2006, 04:41:03 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 10/10/06) Dottie is concerned for her 22-year-old daughter, Carly, because her drinking is out of control. Carly has already been arrested for driving under the influence, but she still drinks and drives! Dottie fears Carly will end up killing herself or someone else. Carly says she knows she has a problem, but drinking is the only way she can have a good time. Then, Heather and Sierra's brother was killed by a drunk driver, Michael, who also happened to be his friend. Michael received a sentence of five to 11 years, but wants his time reduced. He joins the show via satellite from prison and has a proposal for Dr. Phil. See what Dr. Phil has to say to this offender and talk about the show here.

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June 26, 2007, 9:11 am CDT

He will do it again!!!

My english isn't very good so forgive me is I make mistakes..


When I saw the show (Drunken mistakes) I was amazed how empty the man was (Michael). His eyes where dead, no emotions at all. I believe that when you do somthing that bad and you feel sorry about what you done and do everything in your power to do different you can get another change =AFTER YOU DID YOUR SENTENCE=. I think you better lock him up en throw away the key because he will never care about what happend.


If he really care to do something to society he would have made a detailed plan!!


Greetz Les


August 13, 2007, 10:08 am CDT


From reading some posts here by people who step forward and explain the time they took another person's life while driving behind the wheel intoxicated, I can only say one thing to you: May God be with you and judge your selfish sin when you die and continue in the afterlife.  I'm sorry but I don't care how you feel you've "changed" from your experience, nothing can change what you did.  Nothing.  Regardless of what you feel now or what you've done to grow and transform from your mistake, nothing can change the fact that you were, and excuse my language, a complete selfish ass at the time.  You're just like the killer in this episode was when he was having a sad fest about how he was "so sorry" for his actions and the hurt that he caused.  If he were so sorry, then he wouldn't plead Dr. Phil to reduce his prison sentence.  If he felt that bad, then he'd shut up and serve his 5-11 year sentence (and then some!) without whining.  If I drove a vehicle drunk and killed (or even hurt) someone, I would vow to spend my entire life behind bars, not 5-11 years or whatever.  I would even plead for the death penalty to be enforced on me.  That's how guilty I'd feel.  I know I've got a good heart and I wouldn't bare to even think about robbing the life of another human being in any way.  Kudos to Dr. Phil for refusing to give that man a lighter sentence.  It's clear that he only cares about himself and his life.  He probably doesn't give a crap about the life he took away.


And to Miz Carly, please girl, you're way beyond the definition of a trainwreck.  As Dr. Phil said, "What the hell are you thinking?"  You should be ashamed of yourself.  When I saw those clips of you laying in bed sobbing with beer bottles and cans everywhere and the house completely trashed, and when you were getting in your vehicle while boggling drunk, you know what immediately came to my mind?  WHITE TRASH WITHOUT THE TRAILOR.  That's right.  You were trash, are trash and, if you keep this behavior up, you will always be trash.  You better attend church every day for hours on end to keep thanking God that you haven't killed someone yet from all those times of driving drunk because it sure is a damned miracle.


Plus, your mom is crazy.  If I discovered my daughter or son had a DWI offense and I met face-to-face in the same room with them, I guarantee that the very first thing they'll expect would be a sharp backhand to the face (literaly!), and maybe even more.  I wouldn't care how old they were or what they were doing, if they had a nice job and were married with kids.  They would be my child, my flesh and blood, and they would not be doing such a stupid act like that.  I mean I would take whatever it took to get the point across to them.

August 14, 2007, 10:11 am CDT


Quote From: jrswife

...after watching the show today about Drunken Mistakes, I felt compelled to write about my first love, his name was Roger, we dated over two years and broke up because he decided he needed some freedom, I was devastated...his friend, Darren had caused alot of problems in our relationship, but I didn't realize it until later, he came around to see me and we ended up going out on a date...I never heard from Roger but he was always on my mind, I had moved away from where I had been living when we broke up, but he always knew where I was if he needed me...I received a call at 2am the morning of Sept 9, 1984, it was Rogers sister, I had been out with friends drinking that night and had just finally gotten to sleep, when I was awaken by the phone, Rogers sister had told me that Roger had been killed in a car accident, I think I was in shock, and still mourn him daily to this turns out that the driver of the car was Darren, who tried to blame the accident on Roger after he had been killed instantly, Darrens injuries where consistent in my mind to him being the driver, he was treated at the hospital for injuries related to being injuried by the steering wheel, I attended Darrens courtdate and he got off, I don't know how and still do not understand, I never saw Darren again after that day, I would love to have the opportunity to ask him some questions....approximately one month after the fatal accident, I had an accident with critical injuries, I am not a religious person, but I do know that Roger came to see me while I was in a coma and told me everything would be alright....months after I left the hospital and was visiting a friend out of town, while waiting at the bus terminal to return home, I saw Roger again, he looked at me and boarded the same bus and I did, I never saw him get off the bus and I was the last stop, I know he will always be close to watch over I said I still mourn him to this day, I have moved on with my life because I had too, but I will never forget him or the day he was taken away from all who loved him...

Oh my, what an amazing story!  So sad but sweet at the same time.  It just showed that Roger loved you enough that he decided to visit you from the other side.  I'm no expert but my guess it that he was trying to tell you something.  Perhaps he wanted to let you know that he was alright, and that he's waiting for you to join him one day in eternal Afterlife.


Stay strong and always think of him.  Don't be sad all the time.  Death is the most terrible, unfortunate and tragic thing and we all have to deal with it from time to time.  It's not fair, it's not fun, but it's a part of life.  I guess we'll have to wait until we pass on to see the whole picture and find out the truth.


God bless.

August 14, 2007, 10:48 am CDT


Quote From: missingmydad

I have absolutely NO sympathy.  I lost my Dad on August 23rd of this year.  He was killed by a drunk driver.  They always cry after the fact, "Oh I am so sorry, why did I do it?  I made a mistake...."   Give me a break.  The families of the alcoholics always worry about losing them when they really shouldn't worry at all.  As it was explained to me by the officer who had to tell me my dad was dead, a drunk person's body goes with the vehicle, they usually come out of it pretty much unscathed.  The guilty party in this case had a broken foot, or ankle, I really don't care.  The point is, I am the one being educated about alcohol and drunk driving, I am the one speaking to MADD and the police.  It's not the drunk, his family didn't have to plan a funeral out of no where, they don't have to decide what to do with an empty house now.  I'm the one who has lost her absolute best friend in this world.  I am the one who has to plan a wedding for next year with no father to walk her down the aisle.  I am the one who has to explain to her kids that their Grampy is in Heaven, when the day before he was here playing with them.  They don't understand it, I don't understand it. 

So boo hoo all you want, you're still alive, you can still do something about it.  It's not your life you may ruin, it's all the innocents out there on the road whose life you may destroy.  Get over yourself and do something about it.

Sweetheart, I am so sorry that you lost your father.  I do realize that it's August 14, 2007 and it's been almost a year.  How are you coming along now?


I have never lost a person to a drunk-driver, but I have lost someone.  My older brother died in January 1998 of a really bad cold that harmed his heart.  Although it's been nearly a decade since his passing, I still remember him from time to time.  He loved cartoons and sometimes when Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon is on I can almost imagine him sitting in front of it.  When someone close to you passes away, you never forget them or completely move on from missing them.  You go through life thinking that your life has a missing puzzle that is damaged and can never fit normally again.  That's what the death of a loved one (or anyone close) feels like. 


Anyway, if you ever need anyone to be friends with, e-mail me at


God bless.

August 29, 2007, 2:02 pm CDT

Reality Check...

I am writing to you this evening out of PURE CONCERN for our community, our family and friends, and our law enforcement.  We all seem to be in a losing battle in the fight against drunk drivers, with a target marked on each of our heads.    

A majority of us know what it is like to lose a loved one, and if you don’t, I hope you never have to go through it.  But to lose a loved one due to another who chose to selfishly drink and drive is heart clinching.  It’s a constant agonizing pain you bear every waking day.  However, oddly enough, even after hearing of the heartache it causes others, people still make the selfish decision, blindly thinking “It won’t happen to me” and continue to drink and get behind the wheel.   

Well, here is your reality check:  

            Its 9:59pm on August 9, 2007.  You are on the phone with your friend laughing, joking with one another, and then your phone beeps.  There is a call on the other line.  You look at the caller ID and see that it’s your Dad’s cell calling.  Your first thought is, “well that’s odd that Daddy would be calling me this late on a Thursday night.”  You answer to the voice of your mother who is clearly in distress.  You hear her crying, you begin to ask, in a panic, “What’s wrong mom?”, “What’s wrong?  Tell me!”  She asks if you are at home…She ask if you are alone…Then in a voice trembling with pain and drowning in tears, she says “Bubba and Nancy were in an accident.  They didn’t make it.”  

The world around you fades for a second and you become weak.  Then the tears break free from your tear ducts.   You are crying, and gasping for air…uncontrollably.  

You hear a faint voice saying “Misti!  Misti!”, then you realize it’s your mom on the phone crying out for you.  She asks if you are okay then proceeds to tell you the story as to what happened.  Her first words…”They were hit head on by a drunk driver.”   

Those words still ring clearly in my head every day.  I remember the phone call as if it just happened.  I remember the feeling in my stomach, the pain in my heart.    I wouldn’t wish, even on my worse enemy, the pain I felt that night; the pain I feel right now.   

But wait, the story is not over yet…  

            It’s now 11:11pm on August 21, 2007.  You are asleep, trying to catch up on the lack of sleep you’ve had since that painful night.  The phone rings.  Again, you look to the caller ID and it shows Mom’s cell.  You jump up, in a panic, worried about the words you are going to hear from her mouth.  She says, “Misti, your sister was in an accident.”  

Your response,“WHAT!” in total disbelief that this is happening again.  Mom then proceeds to tell you that your sister was driving down Lake Peigneur Road when she was hit head on by a DRUNK DRIVER.  A drunk driver who hit her, backed up, hit her again, and as she got out of the car, almost ran her over, and drove away.  

He left her.  The drunk driver left my sister there.  No care or concern as to whether she was hurt and/or killed.  No grasp of taking responsibility for his actions.  He left her!  

Luckily, she was unharmed.  She managed to walk out of the accident alive and well, with only one thing; the realism of the inhumane, selfish people we have in this world.    

            I am now begging.  I’m calling out to everyone; everyone who has an uncle or an aunt that means the world to you, or a sister that you could not live without.  It is time we help thy neighbor.  Help one another stop these selfish acts. I’m sure if the tables were turned, you would want someone to help save your loved one’s life.     

I hope many people read this and I hope they share this story and their knowledge with friends, family and children.  This problem is increasingly growing, especially in our community and we need to bind together to make sure that you or your loved ones are not the next victim.  

The continuum of a losing battle…  

            Unfortunately, the story has yet to end.    

Unfortunately, I am not only losing a battle with drunk drivers, but now with the justice system who I entrust to protect my family and friends against the life threatening dangers of a drunk driver.    

 Now let me recap this story for you.    

Two weeks ago today, my uncle and aunt were tragically killed in a car accident as a result of a drunk driver.  Twelve days later my sister was hit head on by a drunk driver.  A drunk driver who smashed into her, backed up, hit her again, and as she got out of the car, almost ran her over, and then left the scene of the accident.  He was found 2 miles or so down the road in a cane field.     

So where might you think this drunk driver would be tonight?  Sitting in jail, contemplating his actions?     


Instead, he was given a SUMMONS and released.  A simple summons and set free back into the streets of our community even though he almost killed someone.  He wasn’t even required to post a bond.   

Please tell me how I am supposed to feel safe in my community.  Please tell me how I am supposed to trust the justice system with protecting our community.  PLEASE TELL ME how I am supposed to know that any one of us will not be the next victim.  Please tell me.  

June 19, 2008, 4:17 am CDT

My Deepest Sympathy

Quote From: suellenrut

My daughter was the light of my life, she worked hard to as an undergrad in phychology and then   a law degree.  She found a wonderful job in Washington, D C.  After a break up with her boyfriend she moved and was very lonely.  One day in March we were talking on the phone and I could tell she was drinking.  My husband and I talked to her about the possiblity of getting hurt, and she told us she was going to stay home and not drive.  The next day we received a phone call from a detective, she was found at the bottom of  steps dead.  They think she only walked up two steps and fell backward with such force she hit her head, hemoridged and died.  She was home alone, so it could of happened anytime within a ten hour period.


I am having a very hard time functioning, I loved her so much, and she was my only child.  She left many people with much heartache. She worked so hard, traveled, had many wonderful friends, but started drinking during break up with boyfriend.  She said it made her feel better and wasn't so lonely.  She was 32 years old, everything she worked so hard for was coming to fruitione.  It is not just drinking and driveing that can kill you or others. 

Iam Clints mother  Deborah in the show Drunken Mistakes. I know ur pain. Ive even had heart trouble over the loss of my son. The only thing that kept me going was my other children.Thay needed me . I was lucky to have other children and I really feel bad for u that she was ur only child . It must be very hard. I hope ur doing better now. Keep in your thoughts as i have this saying " Those in our heart s are never really gone" The greatest love is the love a mother has for her child. That love for my son keeps him close to me. I wish u peace. Take care Deb in Vermont
November 4, 2008, 12:33 am CST

long road

Quote From: charmed_one

This is for Carly. Girlfriend you need to get a grip on your drinking. I'm 49 yrs old and drank from the age of 15 til I was 40 yrs old. It was hell out there for me. I drank to get away from my mom. I started drinking and doing recreational drugs because at 15 I was raped by a stranger and the only way I could be around a male was to drunk or high. My first real drunk was at 15 in the school auditorium. I drank a half pint of Southern Comfort. Never did I drink that again. At 19 I was engaged and was raped again this time by my former boss. Never did make it to trial because I didn't want my fiance to know that me and my rapist had had a one nighter at work. I dropped the charges. That then took down the road of oblivion. I drank to get drunk and shut out my feelings. My stepfather died when I was 22 from cancer. From that day forward I watched my mom drink herself to her grave for 17 yrs. During that time I was in the bars every night. Drinking and getting drunk then getting behind the wheel of my car. Fortunately I never killed anyone, hit anyone or anyrhing while under the influance. I would travel miles away to get drunk. Never had a DUI. The cops weren't interested in me at the time. They would now. When my mama died in '96 I went on a spree of all sprees. I was now drinking, smoking pot and doing cocaine. Mar. 30,1997 I walked into AA. For the next 6 yrs I was very involved in service work. Then I moved 2 days after my 7 yr anniversary. I moved from one state to another to be with the "man" of my dreams. Turns out he wasn't. We lived with his mom and year 7 was ok. However I stopped going to meetings and using a sponsor and shut God out of my life. Guess what? May of  '06 I went back out and trashed the 8 yrs I had. All because I thought I could drink socially. Well this time around it took me 3 weeks to do what I did in 25 yrs. I lost my fiance, was kicked out of his moms house, got an apt. and in a month lost it and my job. If it weren't for me reaching out and asking for help I would have a roof over my head.


So please put it down now. You're young and a pretty girl. Don't waste it on alcohol. You're young, and can probably get a good job. get help and start leading a good sober life. Don't become a statistic like the others. There's only 3 places you can go if you continue to drink. That's Jails, instittutions and DEATH. As long as you can get help all you need to do is DON'T DRINK, GO TO MEETINGS AND GET A SPONSOR. In the progaram the 3 things that are essential to your program are, HONESTY, OPENMINDEDNESS AND WILLINGNESS. Y ou have to be honest about what you are, openminded to the program and willing to change. I hope and pray you don't follow my path. Take care and may God Bless you.  Hugsssss, Lesley P.

i just want to thank you for sharing your story. you have had a very long road in this thing they call life. my thoughts and prayers go out to you. but i also want to thank you for giving me hope while i am battling a drinking problem. you reminded me its never to late to quit. it scares me being 32 and i have been drinking since i was 12. i dont know myself. i dont know my like or dislikes or hobbies . but i have106 days sober and one more dui and ill be going to prison. just wanted to say thanks you toached me
January 24, 2009, 3:14 am CST

Law Makers Need to Listen!!

Quote From: marleen12

Unless we put these drunks away for a long time they will just keep on doing what they've been doing. Drunks who kill people when they drink and drive should be subjected to the same jail times and those who use a gun to kill someone.
 This couldnt be more right!!!! We need to set mandatory jail sentences for first time offenders and show them we mean business! Thats the only way to cut down alcohol related deaths! Thay are just as guilty as murderers and we need to stop making excuses for them because thay do it with alcohol. There just as guilty as if thay used  a knife or gun! The legislators need to pass stricter laws! I dont know what there waiting on? Maybe for one of there own to be killed by a drunk dirver? I dont know what it takes but this is the crazyist excuse for murder ive ever seen!! And Michael only getting 5 to 11 years for killing my son isnt justice at all ! But thats the intelligence of our local judges!! And the parents should be  held accountable for allowing their son to drive there vehicle anytime he wanted to, Thay knew he was an alcoholic. And did i ever get an apology from his mom or the local bar thay left that night?? NO I DIDNT!! I like to know where there common decency is when a life is taken?? Instead thay lie in statements to try to cover things up but, it didnt do them any good. And the only thing i want to  make clear about what mike said on the dr phil show  Is about the comment he made that clints family didnt know about clints record? Thats not true. I knew everything about my son, I was his closest friend.
January 24, 2009, 3:25 am CST


Quote From: heartgoeson

I stongly agree and think the bartender Amy should b punished by law. But do i think the states attorney will do any ting? I dont. Althoug I will try to make sure she is held accountable for her actions and part in this! I doubt anyhting happens to her for thay continue to lie about that night. It is pretty sad there are no reprcustions for her. But there should be. There is for everyone else involved and its not fair. The States Attorneys office need to prosecute her and thay will if I have anything to do with it!
You need to get the facts before u speak! Clint never wanted to ride with Mike( the driver ) to Woodford that night.That was MIkes exact words to me! Clint wanted to come home and Mike wouldnt bring him  but mIke he needed to go get money owed to him in Woodford. You cant reason with a drunk. Clints mistake was being a friend to an idiot ! That was his only MIstake! Dont blame the innocent!! Punish drunk drivers like thay should be and maybe it would stop alot of senseless deaths!
January 24, 2009, 8:13 am CST

12/29 Drunken Mistakes

Quote From: invisibleink

Clint got in the car because he was drunk as well and his judgment was impaired.


My guess is that the family only knew about the DUIs after Clint's death.


Invisible Ink

You guessed wroung!
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