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Topic : 10/09 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance, Part 4

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Created on : Thursday, October 05, 2006, 04:39:48 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
It’s their final day in The Dr. Phil House, and Todd and Jessica don’t waste any time getting into a heated argument. Then, they have their last meeting with Dr. Phil, who tells them what they both need to do when they get home in order to repair their marriage. Are both Todd and Jessica committed to saving their relationship? Plus, a stern warning from Dr. Phil about parenting their children. Did they take Dr. Phil’s advice? Find out as he follows up with this family two months later. One of them is conspicuously absent in the follow-up and the other reports some sad news. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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October 14, 2006, 12:35 am CDT

Dont want to Judge

I am not in their shoes and quite frankly glad I am not.  My Observation of this family tells me there is a lack of maturity, lack of respect and a definite lack of support.

     The oldest son really tried to reach out and I felt that Jessica was so cold.  It appeared to be a business meeting almost as if she were interviewing him.  It is my assessment that she has no intention of sticking with her husband.  I will pray for you all but a special one goes to the kids!

October 14, 2006, 4:16 pm CDT

I'm with you

Quote From: wegotrdun

Dr. Phil had Jessica pegged right from the start all the way to the finish. He knew she was having an affair and near the end he asked her if someone else has stolen her heart.  Why couldn't she have just came clean and told the truth at the beginning if she had any intention on working on her marriage? But, if was quite obvious she never had saving her marriage anywhere on her mind. The tell-tale signs for me were when she was able to turn the tears on and off like a faucet and when she wouldn't talk to her lover in front of her husband or at least go into another room and tell him it was over and also how upset when she wasn't the one to call off the relationship. And when they returned home and she went right to her apartment, well, what else can you say? I just hope Todd continues with therapy, shows his sons lots of love and spends lots of quality time with them. Like someone else said in one of the messages: STAY AWAY FROM MARRIED WOMEN. Remember. You can't find happiness in someone elses misery. Todd, you get that anger under control, get some counseling, and you'll find that right gal for you that will be a great mom for those boys. Jessica, please find you a good therapist and find out why you are so self-destructive. Please stay in contact with the boys. Please let your wall down just a little when your with them and show them some real emotion. I hope the very best for the entire family.
 I too believed she lied right from the start.  She had nointentions of changing her ways.  Gee does she think everyone isstupid or what.  She just tried to play Dr Phil just like she didher husband....BIG MISTAKE.  When Dr Phil had the oldest boy in to see him a few  months later and he asked Dr Phil if his Mother ever loved him, my heart broke ; no child should ever have to ask that kind of question.  It is so true the the children always pay in the end.  I hope it does not hinder his relationship with girls in the future.  Tod please its up to you to show him not all girls wil lturn out like his wife did.  Never bad mouth you wife or ex wife inf ront of the kids, always tell them, "even though were not together she or he alway will love you.  God why can't  some parent just  get it right!
October 14, 2006, 6:44 pm CDT

10/09 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance, Part 4

Quote From: betmorton

I think Dr. Phil got taken to the bank on this one. He ended up giving the wrong family a chance at reconciliation. It is good that the children will receive some help.The mother was dishonest from the beginning. Her body language and her actions indicated she was not focused on healing her family (who gets a restraining order against your husband before going off to LA with your husband?). She never intended to get back together with her husband. I think she was there for the wrong reasons. And I feel so for the oldest boy. Imagine living with a mother who can turn on and off emotions at the drop of a hat! No wonder he questions if she ever loved him.
Three words:

Narcissistic  Personality  Disorder.

The selfishness, the drama, the false emotions, the need for attention, the grandiosity, it makes sense!

Of course Jessica had no intention of making anything work.  Her intention the whole time was to extract "Narcissistic Supply" from whoever she can, making herself look like the victim, and Todd (or really, anyone that doesn't believe in her perceived "omnipotence") look like the bad guy.

Don't get me wrong: Todd has some issues, too.  He has anger problems, and he walked into this relationship as an affair to begin with.  If it can be done with you, it can be done to you.
October 16, 2006, 1:07 pm CDT

10/09 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance, Part 4

Jessica's is clearly  a NARCISSIST and her husband is her source for emotion.  She can only feel when the drama is at a fever pitch.  If she takes her mind off of her self and concentrates that energy on someone else she may be able to heal herself. Her husband may be narcissistic also and this may be the dysfunctional glue that has kept them together.  Look for their story on Lifetime with some really attractive actors.  These people always place the blame for their troubles on their partner it is the only way they can function.  They usually find partners who are only to glad to take all the responsibility.  Good luck to the entire family.
October 16, 2006, 5:57 pm CDT

Surprise Surprise!

     It did not suprise me she ran off.  If you ask me the kids are better off. She treated them like trash. I can't believe some of the stuff people do. There is no way in hell I would ever treat my kids or my husband like that.  People think you can just up and leave when ever they want to or sleep around. Where I come from that is a whore! Is there no respect for marriage? I just don't get it GOD HELP US!
October 16, 2006, 7:57 pm CDT

10/09 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance, Part 4

I grew up in the same house in reverse...add alcohol and guns. When I was going through a failing marriage my therapist told me I grew up in the domestic version of Vietnam. I found myself in a subltly toxic relationship and after it was over I found that I was still dealing with my parents (what's that old saying about my parents gave me everything and I'm seeing a shrink to get rid of it all?) I have always looked anorexic. We finally found the reason for my morbidly thin look. Anxiety can cause just as much weight loss as weight gain. I was anxious all my life from my parents' fighting. I am now a healthy weight according to my doctor. Because of my past I have decided to live a celebate and single life. I don't have children so it is not a burden. But I don't think I will ever be able to have a real relationship because I don't know what a good one is like. My brother? He's gone from a Vietnam childhood to an Iraq adulthood. I dread what happens next. I can only hope to God he's got it together enough to know he's at risk. Just some musings of a kid who went through the last Dr. Phil house before there was a Dr. Phil house.
October 17, 2006, 11:46 am CDT

A New Beginning

Everyone should not be too harsh to Jessica.  She needs counselling in a major way.  She has no idea of what it takes to be in a real relationship, nor to what she has lost. I fear that she will continue to degrade herself by jumping in and out of one night stands. It was nice to see the eight year boy smiling in the last segment. During the entire show his sadness was heart wrenching.  I Just hope that Todd's son is going to be okay.  Teenagers have enough trouble trying to "fit" in and Jessica and her selfishness has taken his self esteem.  Todd needs to realize that if a person doesnt want to be in a relationship, it is best to just let go.  I know from personal experience that this is hard, but he was destroying what little sanity he had left.  Focus on the boys and don't forget their brother and include him in the healing process. It is my hope that Todd gets custody of the eight year old boy, a Jessica has to pay child support, with supervised visits to start.  Her life style is not good for any of the boys.  I also hope that the other boy's stomache troubles subside soon, now that he is not in a hostile environment.
October 19, 2006, 12:44 pm CDT

Abusive relationship


Boy, this whole thing really pushed my buttons.  Did anyone bother to read their (Jessica and Todd's) posted profiles?

This was Todd's THIRD marriage - his previous one ended because of his affair with JESSICA - so how can he NOW put HER down when HE was a participant in an affair with her himself?


Second, there was a protective order filed against him at the time of this show that they had to get around to get them together in the house.


Third - He's an ABUSER - Dr. Phil told her if he didn't change, she needed to get away - and an abuser doesn't change OVERNIGHT if EVER!!!


Fourth - Dr. Phil really blew it by telling Todd "You're not a bad guy - you were just in a toxic relationship.  Go find the right woman to be with and all of your problems will be solved"  Yeah, right - let's talk to his first two wives!!   Yeah, Todd comes back and appears to be the father of the year - I don't buy it for one minute -


As for Jessica, yes she has a LOT of problems - but did you see how Todd just hounded her all through the show and said he should have crashed her head through the wall - No wonder she was driven to have affairs - not that is an excuse.


As a survivor of abuse, this really hurt - to see this man honored at the end.  I expected more from Dr. Phil.  I think Todd needs a lot of therapy himself - so that when and if he's in another relationship, he knows how to act.  The rate of change with an abuser - one who admits he is, and wants to change, is very, very, very, very low.  So folks, don't hold your breath and don't believe for a minute that Todd is the great guy he "changed" into - because it's just for a season.

October 25, 2006, 1:48 pm CDT

Bottom line

Dr. Phil,

It's been weeks since this show and i can't get it out of my mind.  His disfunction,  her disfunction  It should have been an intervention for the children period and not one ounce of your effort should've been on them...Bottom line... I hope you sent them a bill. 

January 8, 2007, 11:58 pm CST

The House Family:

I watched the show today, and not only is this family off the hook but Enza, is just as bad off. Her main reason for being on the show is to get her 15 minutes of fame. She is part of the problem, I am willing to bet that she tell the teenager to disrespect her mom. I have one biological child and raised to daughters when I got married. God knows it is no picnic raising someone else's children, the one thing I did not do as an adult is allow my two daughters to disrespect their mother. I believe that if a child cannot talk to their parent then an adult that has some sort of sense, should be there for them to talk to. In the case of Enza, I would build a brick wall between her and my children and sit on point with a double barrel shot-gun to keep her away from them. She is bitter, and has some (I am better than you ) issues. Why did she have to stay with the family, didn't I here she has stole before, where is her husband, she just wants a fight. I hope she will read this. While you are throwing dirt on someone else, look out because it will come back to you, through you or your children, grand, or someone else close to you. She is the one who needs the intervention.

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