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Topic : 10/02 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance, Part 3

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Created on : Friday, September 29, 2006, 09:44:22 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The Dr. Phil House continues with Todd, Jessica and their three sons. This couple's marriage had become unhealthy, with restraining orders, physical fights and ugly accusations in front of their kids. Dr. Phil moved their family into The Dr. Phil House, where he could watch them and intervene when their fighting began to escalate. It didn't take long before Dr. Phil was making house calls and showing them how their fighting affects the kids. After coming clean to Dr. Phil, Jessica sits down with Todd and confesses that she has had two affairs during their eight-year marriage. Then, Todd's mother drops in unexpectedly to offer her son some moral support, but Jessica isn't exactly happy to see her. What does Jessica tell Todd that makes him want to throw in the towel, and makes her mother-in-law say, "I will bury her"? Then, Todd gets on the phone with the other man. Share your thoughts on this episode here.

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April 24, 2007, 1:13 pm CDT

Father-Duaghter Purity Balls

i applaud the father who inititated the purity ball as an opporutnity to encoruage their daughters to remain virgins untii marriage. Although our culture does not embrace this belief any longer, it is encouraging to know that there are some individuals who are willing to take a stand and seek to promote the righterousness of GOD through celebrating the purity of virginity. Dads are the first male role model for young girls especially in defining for the young girls who they are and the gift of virginity that GOD has given which is sto be maintained until marriage.


I can only imagine the wonderful experience it would be having a dad committed to completely to their daughters in honoring the things of GOD... HALLELUJAH!


I am appalled at the flippant manner that individuals believe that they have a right to oppose the things of GOD but man does have a freewill; however,  the truth of the matter is that many will endure the "left behind" experience.

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