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Topic : 11/23 Love Scams?

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Created on : Friday, September 22, 2006, 12:23:18 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 09/28/06) It begins on a dating Web site with flattering e-mails and IMs with handsome photos attached. The man pours on the charm and soon professes love, but he needs money -- to pay medical bills, fund investments and, most importantly, to get back home to the States and finally meet his long-distance love. Is his love for real, or just an elaborate con? Despite being taken for thousands of dollars in bogus money orders, Dee-Dee believes the man she knows as Cole just needs to get home from Nigeria to make good on his debts and marry her. Then, Annette is sure she's being deceived by a man who claims to be a contractor in Africa, but that doesn't stop her from sending him money. Have these women really fallen in love or just fallen for an international scam? Share your own online dating stories and talk about the show here.

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July 14, 2009, 5:48 am CDT

Attempted scam on

I believe I was a target of an attempted scam by someone on claiming to be an attractive young woman from Baltimore on business trip in Nigeria buying "artifacts" for resale back in the US. She said her parents were killed in an auto crash and her ex-boy friend dumped her for her best friend and she has no living relatives and living alone. She said she was falling in love with me and desperately needed a friend. This person did not ask for money, yet, but I am sure that was coming next. Pathetic.

Rockville, MD
July 23, 2009, 12:26 pm CDT

pakistani scammer

Hello im a colombian young woman and when i saw this show on tv i felt totally idientified with something that happened to me 4-5 years ago. I met in a yahoo chat room a guy called Tariq Mehmood Ali. When he sent me his pic i was delighted, handsome, brunette, big eyes, mi kind of man!. I started to talk with and i became addict to internet, talking till 5 hours daily, actually I dont know what time he worked or sleep because he conected very late at night there. He said he lived in Dubai and was a business man, sometimes he was weird and my awareness said he hide something but my heart (and i really felt it) was tottally blind with a romantic love as i never had before. I justified all weird things because he belongs to other culture and religion and even i started to meet another paki friends to understand him better. Suddenly, he had a lost his papers and was in a business trip so he couldnt come back to Dubai and asked me money (1 -2 months since i started to talk him). He promised to payme as soon as he arrive and i didnt think too much and send him 15O USD using western union (maybe you think its not a big amount in USA but it is in Colombia).  He "came back" to Dubai but the bad luck started, he lost his job, he had a car accident, his family was against our relationship and disinherit him, and many thing else that my brain couldnt process but i said it could happen! I tell this and i feel so stupid now!, then he began to make plans for a new beggining and he needed 150 USD more to make papers for his new trade company, and i again send him. Every time i asked my money back (it was loan no a donation!) something weird happened. He dissapeared for a couple of months and i was broken hearted all that time and  my other paki friends warned me, but i didnt hear reasons, one of them called him to the number i had and told me it was fake and Tariq didnt live there, but i didnt believe him. I deleted him from my life but he came back sick, sad, needing me, and i fell again. He was so lovely, write me poetry, loved me, saying cute words, a pure Romeo. Finally i got tired but still talked with him. He insisted to help him to make papers to come to visit me but i was afraid, if he didnt have money to pay 300 usd how could he come here. I saw him on camara many times, i saw some photos in Dubai (i dont know), but never sent me any with his family or replied my questions about them. I tried to look in internet all the information he gave him (i saved it for a long time) but his name was more common than Juan Rodriguez so it was imposible to me to track him. He changed many times his mail adress, why? he said problems with the accounts: and similars,, etc. Thanks God, nothing else happened but i gave him personal data and i dont want in future it becomes a problem. Now Im ok with a real relationship and i think i was so vulnerable and fool because that time i felt too alone, but I still would like to clarify what happened with that guy and slap his face.
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