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Created on : Friday, September 22, 2006, 12:21:33 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 09/27/06) Parents, you might be your kids' drug dealer. They could be getting high from products in your pantry, under your sink, or in your medicine cabinet. Dana says her 16-year-old son, Josh, has been experimenting with over-the-counter drugs. She says he's downed bottles of NyQuil, packs of cold pills and an entire bottle of mouthwash -- all in an effort to get high. See what drastic measures she took to bring Josh to the show. Then, 21-year-old Christina says she can't start her day without taking half a bottle of cough medicine. Her four-year addiction to robo-tripping is spiraling so far out of control, she fears her days are numbered. What will it take for Christina to kick her habit? Plus, a mom whose son died from an overdose of over-the-counter drugs shares her tragic story.  Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 27, 2006, 7:57 am CDT

Drugs - generation to generation

Today's show is again so eye opening.  As a parent, how does one do an intervention for a 41 year old child who is an admitted addict for the last 7 years, now in jail?  As a grandparent, how does one do an intervention for the child of an addicted child and the other parent thinks pot and "coke" are fine as long as "the kids do it at home"?  Frustrated, depressed and helpless is the only way I can describe how I feel.  I know and believe that any conversation with my daughter is NOT with her, but an addict.  My grandson has totally separated himself from me and has been encouraged by his father to do so.  We live 10 hours apart.  I so want to help, but how?

Helpless Nana.

September 27, 2006, 8:24 am CDT

Has ALways Been Here!

Quote From: monsterinlaw


I'm sorry about your situation.I think that you are very strong to post that message and realize that you have a problem.You are stronger than you think you are.Talk to your parents or someone.Don't give up.


  I can remember in the 70's when I was in a junior in high school starting to sniff lighter fluid.  Only got a 30 second high.  Later experimented with rolling lipton tea and smoking once.  Knowing what I know now I apparently was in alot of emotional pain.  Alot had already happened in my life and this made me 4get it temporarily.  I am now on anti-depressants.  I don't think the drugs started the depression . I was depressed first.  I can also remember sitting in class and cutting my arm up with a razor blade.  I popped whatever pretty pill was new at the time at least once.  All this stuff I see in the paper about guns in schools and drug use and etc has always been in this world but wasn't advertised like it is now.


September 27, 2006, 8:24 am CDT

WOW - Thanks to Dr. Phil

So many times as I try to work with my daughter about where she is now in her life and where she is going with the way she behaves, I feel that I am being too harsh on her.  Well after watching this show I know that I am not being too harsh.  I am right in line.  We insist that we know where she is, who she's with, and what she doing all the time.  I insist that she does her homework, practice her instrument and do chores before she does the things she love the most: IMing, Television, phone, etc.  I believe the problem with our youth is that we give into their winning too much.  I believe that a firm hand, showing that you care about their daily lives.  Don't give in ever, keep the rules clear and stick with the rules no matter what.  I could not believe that you intervened in that child's life.  But someday he will be praising Dr. Phil.  I hope this is a wake-up call for all parents that they have the control, not their children.  If you can't do it at home, then find help somewhere else.  Thanks for being there for these people Dr. Phil.
September 27, 2006, 8:29 am CDT

Telling your parents...



Kids, if you are doing drugs here is the best way to tell your parents.


Call a family meeting with only them.  Tell them you need to discuss something that has been bothering you and that you need their support and understanding.


Sit them down and tell them that you have made a decision to ask for help with a problem but that you want them to listen first and then ask questions.  Please do not interupt you as this is extremely hard for you to do.  Tell them you expect shock and that you may hurt them by what you say but that you have to tell them and that you need their help to stop.


1.  Tell them you have been using drugs.

2.  What drugs

3.  Why you started and why you want to quit.

4.  What benefits you feel it has given you.  Euphoria, friends do it, you feel part of a group, it's fun...  Be honest.

5.  What made you change your mind.



When and if you find that your child has been doing drugs or if theyask for help.


1.  Take a deep breath

2.  DO not yell or threaten your child.

3.  If your child has requested help look up alateen or drug treatment centers close to home.

4.  If your child will not talk to you about your suspicions then take them to their doctor, drug test them and if it is positive find a treatment center.

5.  Make it easier for your child to come to you.



September 27, 2006, 9:08 am CDT

Stay informed!!

   I am so glad that Dr. Phil did a show on this topic.  I am the kind of parent that wants to know what is going on out there with my kids, and I did not know that this was as big of an issue as it is.  I know plenty of parents who say  "not my child" and stick their head in the sand.  I feel like it is a big part of my job as a parent to stay informed on the pressures my kids are facing.  I love that Dr. Phil gives you resources that go along with the topics he airs.  I checked out the Connect With Kids website you can link to, and they have great information about so many issues that affect our kids.  I had no idea about some of these things!  And I wish they didn't exist, but they do, so I am going to find out as much as I can, so hopefully I can see the signs or hear the warning signals if they happen.  My heart goes out to the kids who are facing this addiction.  The ones on the show are very brave to tell their story to help other kids.
September 27, 2006, 9:26 am CDT


I feel for this girl..I do believe if she does not get help then she is not long for this world..What I want to know is how the HELL could her mother NOT know what was going on..She found fifty pounds of vomit in her bedroom? How could she not find it by the smell?
September 27, 2006, 10:36 am CDT

Distroys more than lives

The main thing people should know is this isn’t just a kid thing.  My husband (36) suffers from Robei abuse!!  It’s destroying our marriage and I don’t know what to do.  He takes 4-8 bottles at a time.  He says it’s a legal way to get high.  There are not drug test out there that will test for an over dose of Robei.  We have an 8 month old baby at home.  I know he needs help and he know he needs help.  We have contacted the Dr. Phil show many times about this new high and never got a response.  I am just happy to see that people are starting to look into it.


It’s destroying my life and I am not even the one using it.


September 27, 2006, 10:42 am CDT

Your Teen & Househole Drugs

We have just recently had to deal with this same issue with my 15 year old daughter.  She began to experiment with many of the drugs that were addressed on todays show (Wed. 9/27)  as well as with marijuana, alcohol and we are not sure of what else she may have tried.  After a year of uphill battles, things seem to be better.  I use the term "seem" because as the one mother stated, it is hard to trust and believe again.  My husband, her step father, and myself are hoping that it was just an experimental thing or peer pressure and that she has realized the heartache it has cause us all, as well as the trouble it has brought for her.  She has nearly lost a year in school due to this.  She is struggling everyday to get back in the game and continue her school work towards the day she will graduate.  As I said before, we hope she has learned her lesson and this is all behind her but I guess the best way to find that out is to wait and see, never let your guard down and let them know you love them and are always there for them, no matter what.


September 27, 2006, 10:52 am CDT

That isn't coping

Quote From: forevrandnvr6

I just wanted to say that I am one of these teenagers taking prescription drugs on a daily basis. I know that its wrong but it's my way of coping with the horrible things that have been happing in my life. I don't do illegal drugs (crack, coke, pot, etc) and i dont huff paint thinner or anything like that. I mostly take pain killers and large amounts of advil. Typically i can function normally while under the affects of these drugs but there have been several occasions when ive taken too much i have come down with terrible headaches lasting for days, a high fever, and have thrown-up. my parents have no clue as to whats going on. i know what i do is wrong but im addicted and i cant stop doing it. i just want everyone to hear about this from someone is experiencing it and to warn other teenagers to STAY AWAY from drugs of any kind.


  - Missy



You may think the drugs are helping you cope, but that's just a lie you tell yourself.  The drugs are keeping you from coping with life.  Whatever horrible things are happening will never be helped by drugs.   You can stop if you want - but you will need help to do it.  Go to your parents and deal with them honestly.  Frankly, they have a right to know because it is not just your life you are affecting (whether you realize it or not).


Yes, you will probably have to deal with some unpleasant consequences, but isn't that better than dying?  Or living your entire life as a drug addict?  Think about the next 20 or 30 years (if you survive that long).  Do you really want to be that way for the rest of your life?  Or do you want to actually have a life, a husband, a family, or a career?  You won't ever do anything positive unless you take steps to get off the drugs.


If you can't go to your parents, go to ala-teen, or some other program for young people.  Grandparents, teachers, school counselors, perhaps the parent of a good friend - keep trying, tell everyone you have a problem and enlist their help.  Not fun, definitely.  And not easy.  But life is about more than having fun, and growing up means that we start doing the hard work we don't want to do in order to get what we do want. 

September 27, 2006, 11:26 am CDT

Found out my son is "huffing"!!!

Two weeks ago I found out my 12 yr. old son is huffing. He's been doing it a year!  ; (   I kept smelling something, and couldn't figure out what it was. It was an odd smell. Sometimes like after shave, or magic markers, or air freshener. Come to find out, it was all of the above and then some. I immediately sought help. He is with a wonderful therapist locally and will be seeing one next week in a larger city 50 miles from us. He needs more intensive therapy. Unfortunately the resources in our location are very limited for his age and this specific problem. "Huffing" has it's own unique challenges to overcome. The inhalents used are readilly available anywhere...and the temptation is ever present. My son and I intend to watch the show today. Parents, please arm yourself with knowledge. Find out what the signs and symptoms are. If you suspect, do not ignore!!! Do not be judgmental of why kids do this. HELP THEM!!!
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