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Created on : Friday, September 22, 2006, 12:21:33 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 09/27/06) Parents, you might be your kids' drug dealer. They could be getting high from products in your pantry, under your sink, or in your medicine cabinet. Dana says her 16-year-old son, Josh, has been experimenting with over-the-counter drugs. She says he's downed bottles of NyQuil, packs of cold pills and an entire bottle of mouthwash -- all in an effort to get high. See what drastic measures she took to bring Josh to the show. Then, 21-year-old Christina says she can't start her day without taking half a bottle of cough medicine. Her four-year addiction to robo-tripping is spiraling so far out of control, she fears her days are numbered. What will it take for Christina to kick her habit? Plus, a mom whose son died from an overdose of over-the-counter drugs shares her tragic story.  Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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September 26, 2006, 5:49 pm CDT

Look for the signs.

Quote From: cheeker

Come on, anybody who is clueless and shocked by this news must be living under a rock. If your teen is in such a need for a high that they're grabbing paint thinner from your garage, you're either the most naive adult in the world or you're job is taking WAY too much attention away from your family. That's a sure sign that your teen has already experimented with other more conventional illegal drugs, and if that's not obvious, I pity you.

Robo-tripping has been around for at least 10 years. Let's cut the "Whatsa matta with kids today?" routine.
Well, I think that kids CAN hide the actual physical evidence of their getting high, but there are certainly other warning signs that parents would do well to pay more attention to (and yes, I agree that parents are way out of touch with what their kids are up to, and it's sad).  If your kid was in honors classes and suddenly starts making C's, something is wrong.  If your teen is acting out and being disrespectful to you whereas they were not before, something is wrong.  If your child is acting much more withdrawn and basically stops speaking to people in the family, something is wrong.  If your kid looks pale, gaunt, dark circles under the eyes, and basically just ill... something is WRONG.  It might just be teen relationship angst, pressure in school, or whatever, but it might be something more-- and it's worth getting to the bottom of it before your child hits bottom.
September 26, 2006, 5:53 pm CDT


Quote From: beckyharn

I have a 16 yr. old, that has stolen from me. Not just over the counter drugs but my prescriptions. I have them locked in a box, he still got into it. So we put the lock box in a locked cabnit, he still got it. I went so far to call the police. All they did was tell him to go to bed or I brought him into this world. He has ran away several times. I have filed incorigable charges. He is on house arrest right now ready to go to court this week. They will probuly put him on probation. Then I will have to pay the fees. I don't have the money to do it. I just hope it isn't waisted. The police in this small town will not help parents who are trying to stop this kind of thing from going on. Instead of helping, they are contribuating to the problem.                                                            Becky
Instead of prosecuting your child, have you tried counseling?  I mean, family counseling AND individual counseling for your child.  If it's an issue of money, your insurance will probably cover a large part of it.  If it doesn't and money is still an issue, I'm sorry... NOTHING is too expensive for the well-being of your child.  Filing charges is obviously not working.
September 26, 2006, 5:58 pm CDT

I agree...

Quote From: ladynoogs45744

I'm surprised so many people are surprised to find out kids do this... it ISNT NEW.. its been going on for DECADES... i knew kids who were "drinking" nyquil and cough syrup and mouthwash in 1990, when i was in middle school... and the parents medicince cabinet... thats always happened too, i was guilty of it as a teen (but luckily i never got hooked).  remember Whipites? they were the old fashioned versin of "dusting" (sucking the chemical stuff out of aerosol cans).  With dusting its "just air" so kids think its safe, but it's fatal.  These "tricks" are not new.. they have just evolved with new names and some new products.


I'm still glad DR phil is doing this show, I know there must be TONS of naive parents out there, and i'm gonna watch it, if i'm not busy, just to see if they're something i've never heard of. 

I agree... if you are a parent, it is ABSOLUTELY your responsibility to be involved with your kids and to educate yourself as to what's out there.  Anything less is lazy parenting.
September 26, 2006, 10:35 pm CDT


Something else that is quite a danger is inhaling the compressed air from the air cans used to clean between the keys on one's computer. I read an article recently about a mother who went to wake her son up for school when he had not come up for breakfast only to find him dead in his room sitting up with the straw part of the compressed air can in his mouth.
September 27, 2006, 1:19 am CDT

Warning for parents that have Medical RX in Home!

This is a WAKE UP call to every parent that has had any medical or dental proceedures! I am a father of  a total of 6 children. Two from my first marrage and four from my second marrage. This Sept. 16th, 2006 my youngest son turned 18 and showed us his true personality. MY wife had to have surgery on the 21st of Sept. We had left him home before for trip to a larger city as we live in a raual town in Norther CA. Right after his 18th birthday I found a steel in his room for the making of moonshine. I ripped into him and told him to get it off of my property right now as I had enough to worry about my wife's up coming major surgery. I had to leave her there at the hospital that is 75 miles west of our little town to make sure our son was not destroying our home having a big 18th birthday bash at our expense and who knows what else his guy friends would do. Well, my wife's surgery was on Thursday Morning and I had to leave after staying there until I was sure that she was OK and would make it through the surgery! Now to my point! I am disabled for over 28 years now because of a serious accident which left me totally disabled. My 75 year old father moved in with us in 1999 to 2002. My father hads serious medical conditions and he was on Oxicacontion (sorry I can't spell that words.)  Those pills sell on the streets for $125.00 per pill. My father only took one a day and twice he said and asked me if I had taken his meds for pain which I take my own and I would never do that to him much less anyone else! At the time we thought that maybe he had taken more then he thought he had taken at the time. In 2006 one night I went to bed and in the morning I woke up and went to take on of my pills that I have to take 3 times a day so I can have some what of a life yet still suffer from cronic pain 24-7 there were only seven pills in my bottle and there is no way I could of taken over 30 pills and still be alive the next morning. I am 58 and have had 59 surgerys and in two months I have to have number 60. Our 20 year old daughter had a medical problem and had to take pain pills for a serious medical problem but they made her real sick taken them but she only took when she had NO choice but to take them anyway. She had 15 pills left and her younger brother wanted her to give them to her and she told him NO! We just found out that he was selling the pills but the law never caught him and our 20 year old daughter told us about him trying to get her to give him her pills to sell to aomeone that want them. So, I you have teenagers that the teacher tell you that your child is so wonderful, look out, for they don't see the dark side of that child and neither did we. I have turned in my son to Law Enforcement and the people he has been hanging around that we beleive are also involved in the making of MoonShine and taking perscription pills. One sign that we now know is if a child states how much he doesn't like those that smoke pot, Watch Out for that sign as it may be a sign that he is just blowing smoke away from him so you would not expect him to be selling prescription drugs from your own home and might be making Moon Shine as he learned in Science Class how to make it. What our the schools teaching our children, and then telling them to say "NO to Drugs" but yet they are not teaching them that stealing ther parent meds that are locked up behind a dead bolt lock when we are out of the house but is unlocked when we are home and we have to sleep! It's as if they are "laying in wait" for us to go to sleep with our meds put into the drawers next to our bed and our heads that they are so bold and brave to do such a thing! Thank You for reading this but being that parent I feel that maybe I shoud of bought a $2000.00 gun safe to protect my meds as well as my guns that are locked up and the bullets are locked up in another area! w9f8c4i8i
September 27, 2006, 6:42 am CDT

troubled teen

Quote From: texasgirl06

Missy, I'm so sorry that you're going through this.  I remember how hard it was, sometimes, to be a teenager, and it was tough to find ways to cope.  I would urge you to say something to your parents... they're your parents and they love you.  If they get mad, remember that it's because they care about you so much and are more afraid than anything.  If your parents are actually the problem (it happens) and you don't feel comfortable going to them, is there someone else you could talk to-- like maybe a teacher or a coach?  You can actually hurt yourself a lot with the prescription drugs (I work in pharmaceutical research-- believe me, I've seen the data from the studies and it's not pretty).  Also, I know this won't help much right now, but being a teenager passes, and if you take care of yourself now it's all uphill from here!  :)


Whatever horrible things are going on in your life, succeeding in life is the best vindication.  And if they are really, really horrible things... please, seek help, maybe from a school counselor.  That's what they're there for-- and you're worth having someone listen to you who is in a position to have the resources to be able to give you the help you need and deserve.  :)


I'm sorry about your situation.I think that you are very strong to post that message and realize that you have a problem.You are stronger than you think you are.Talk to your parents or someone.Don't give up.

September 27, 2006, 6:45 am CDT

09/27 Generation Rx

Quote From: texasgirl06

Instead of prosecuting your child, have you tried counseling?  I mean, family counseling AND individual counseling for your child.  If it's an issue of money, your insurance will probably cover a large part of it.  If it doesn't and money is still an issue, I'm sorry... NOTHING is too expensive for the well-being of your child.  Filing charges is obviously not working.
I agree counseling family and individual.Also talk to your child.Find out what is behind this and what the real problem is.It may be so simple to fix and your child just will not tell you.The thing I'm trying to say is do not loose touch with your teen.If you do the the consequences could be fatal.
September 27, 2006, 6:47 am CDT

09/27 Generation Rx

Quote From: texasgirl06

Instead of prosecuting your child, have you tried counseling?  I mean, family counseling AND individual counseling for your child.  If it's an issue of money, your insurance will probably cover a large part of it.  If it doesn't and money is still an issue, I'm sorry... NOTHING is too expensive for the well-being of your child.  Filing charges is obviously not working.

My son is getting it from somewhere I believe.  We have know prescription drugs in the house.  He has changed so much in the past month since he started high school.  He is only 14 and a freshman.  He has not even been in school for a month and he has skipped 13 classed.  I figured something was going on the second day he skipped.  We talked to him as parents and of course we get every excuse in the book.  We went to his counselor and she said she could see what she could do.  He is so good at convincing she gave him a pass to go to class and he just never went to the next 2 classes.  We are finally able to get him help because over the weekend he also ran away because he was grounded and he didn't want to be.  From being truant and running away we finally were able to get him help through the choice program which is counseling through the juvenile system.  It is a family counseling and one on one for him.

We start today so I hope and pray that this counselor will see through the lies and coniver my son is.  He needs help and so do we.

September 27, 2006, 7:17 am CDT

Robo trips

I am so glad Dr. Phil cares enough about our children to do the shows he does.  I felt sadness for the girl that wanted to quit, but didn't know how. (Christine, I believe)  It would be nice to see her on the show maybe 3 mos.  from now with self love and confidence.  Parents need to keep in mind that these are children. They are going to mess up sometimes, but we need to be there to catch them and break their falls, or butts:)  I'm 29 and dabbled in drugs and alcohol as a teen, but it took no time for my parents to realize something wasn't quite right.  Alot, of times parents use the excuse that teens are moody.  If the mood is a roller coaster from day to day, something is bothering your child, or maybe they are bothering something!!  Remember to take time to talk to your kids often, even when everything is good.  We need to know what's going on in thier lives, and they need to know we are interested and we care.  Thanks for letting me exhale.  Happy Parenting and good luck to myself and all:)

September 27, 2006, 7:25 am CDT

Can we get real here? This isn't about cough medicine.

 Addicts will use whatever is cheap and available.  There is a subset of the population with mental issues who search for a rush to alleviate underlying mental disease and/or emotional discomfort of dealing with the stressors in their lives.  Banning this or that or the other has really had no effect on substance abuse.  The population of these folks remains fairly steady.

The robo-tripping girl obviously suffers from an anxiety that only relents when she alters her brain chemistry with food or drugs.  I don't know if its a natural defect that would have manifested in any case, or if some special circumstance triggered it.  HIding cough medicine from customers who need it won't fix her.  She will move on to some other substance or some other way,  probably a self-destructive one, to control her symptoms and get her mind off her troubles.
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