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Topic : 09/25 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance, Part 2

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Created on : Friday, September 22, 2006, 12:18:43 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Todd and Jessica's marriage had hit rock bottom with restraining orders, physical fights and ugly accusations in front of their three sons. Dr. Phil moved their family into The Dr. Phil House, where he could watch their every move and interaction with each other, and intervene whenever he chose. Within minutes of being under the same roof, Todd and Jessica launched into a marathon fight. Dr. Phil makes his first house call to show the couple how their fighting is affecting the kids. Then, after repeatedly denying that she was having an affair, Jessica has a woman-to-woman talk with a producer. Will she finally come clean? Tell us your thoughts.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 24, 2006, 12:07 am CDT

yes it is bad

Quote From: weeziesmom

This is bad, so so so bad.  This couple reminds me of my childhood.  They need to either change their ways or PART WAYS.  What they are doing to each other is one thing they are adults.  But lets get serious about those kids right now.......those scars won't show for a while, I know I am 48 years old and I still to this day catch myself seeing a scar or two caused by Mommy Dearest or Dumb Dumb Daddy.  And they just didn't know any better.  This couple has Dr. Phil thank God!!!! My parents did not.  This lady is absolutely fooling around on her husband, and you know what, the way he treats her and talks to her, I would leave him first then find someone else.  This man, and I use that word "man" very very loosely, two words GROW UP. I have seen 13 year olds act better.  In my opinion they both are liars, they both are very poor excuses for parents, they both need to know that everyone watching the show can see right through them.  So they need to get real and reach out and take hold of all the help that Dr. Phil is offering them, change while they can because if not their children will grow up and God forbid but they will turn to drugs or crime or whatever else they need to get them through all the pain their parents have caused them.  It is just a shame, in my opinion neither of these parents should be allowed to be parents, there are so many other people out there who can't have children who would be good parents to the children, who would love them, not scream, beat down with words or fists etc the children.  And let me tell you I spent my entire childhood watching my parents fight with each other, hearing them call each other names, and I spent a good amount of my teen years into and through my 20's and 30's fighting, swearing, drinking, doing drugs and sleeping around............not all can I blame on my parents but it all started because of where I came love, I learned how to fight and swear at home.  Think about it.  What are you teaching your children.

I can't imagine living in this house...i was very "lucky" to have lived in a house that did not have this kind of abuse (isn't is sad to feel lucky)....there are soooo many situations out there. I can not believe that there are adults that think that this is okay!! however thank goodness that they feel they need to tell the world that they need help! and thank goodness that dr. phil is the right person for the job.

good luck, and god bless all


September 24, 2006, 12:49 am CDT

Todd and Jessica

It is so hard for me, a 50 year old adult, to understand why people resort to calling each other names. What do they accomplish by this? I guess it is a way to try to hurt the other person, but honestly it just shows whoever is doing the name calling is very immature and unable to communicate! I wish parents would realize the home life they choose to raise their children in WILL determine how well their children  will function as adults. If all they hear growing up is fighting and yelling, then their children's home will reflect the same thing. When there is this much bitterness and hate being exchanged between two people, it is time to move on....for everyones sake!  Adults!!! please wake up and leave your children out of your fights. They don't deserve the turmoil you inflict on them when you drag them into an adult situation. If adults would only seek 'help' from a counselor, minister, or even a good friend before things get so out of control, maybe the divorce rate in this country wouldn't be as big as it is. The first thing everyone must know when you get married ...... it can never be all about you anymore. You are now a couple and everything you do, say, plan and carry out effects all of those around you...including your spouse and your children.

September 24, 2006, 5:14 am CDT

The House!!

The couple in the house is dangerous, the woman needs to get out! If she had an affair it was probably due  to her needing to feel like she is loved, the ass that is suppose to be her soft place to fall is a raging bull, and he is a coward, he continues to bully her. She needs to get out with her children to a safe location, that suppose-d husband is nothing but a coward, he is incapable of understanding compassion, love, and i would almost bet he began his terror and control as soon as they were married, but it got worse after they had children! He wants the attention, He wants the love, He wants, wants, wants, The wife needs to get out while she is still alive, get her counseling as well as the children, the man is playing a game to offer what he thinks is the right answers! He distorted everything Dr. Phil stated on the 'show'! Get out with your children, receive counseling and be safe, find out who you are, so you can stop the cycle of getting into those brutal relationships! I would almost bet, the wife grew up, abused, exposed to abuse, etc... I can name 9 or 10 women who have survived sexual abuse! that does not even include physical abuse, the boys are learning the same role as their father! she needs to get out and with her kids!  
September 24, 2006, 8:46 am CDT

Read the bible

Quote From: cheldwight

I can't imagine living in this house...i was very "lucky" to have lived in a house that did not have this kind of abuse (isn't is sad to feel lucky)....there are soooo many situations out there. I can not believe that there are adults that think that this is okay!! however thank goodness that they feel they need to tell the world that they need help! and thank goodness that dr. phil is the right person for the job.

good luck, and god bless all


Malaciah 2:16 God hates divorce.God tells us to forgive 490 times and again and again.I am not a bible shaking person just a human who has problems like everyone else and God sacrificed his son for all of us and we cannot react to unkind words or actions but,what God has planned for all of us and those who don't believe in him ask him to show you he is real and watch for him to appear.We are not to judge lest we be judged by him,lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.Wake up people.Get off your self righteousness and start humbling yourselves as we are none perfect.listen to Dr. Phil.He never advises divorce.Only to get out if it is a violent situation and we cause you or others harm.
September 24, 2006, 10:20 am CDT


If anyone can help. it's Dr Phil! Todd  needs to stop trying to control the situation; Jessica needs to stop lying about the affair and take some ownership! The best part of this is Dr Phil can get them on track if they are willing to put forth the effort. The fact that they are there is a big step. The biggest concern, however, is the boys. I actually lived in a verbally and physically abusive home and the best thing that happened was my Mother removed us from the situation. I knew how much I was worth by her actions. These children can heal with parents asking for forgiveness, and focusing on them instead of the fight! The boys will actually be better for it. 

September 24, 2006, 8:33 pm CDT

09/25 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance, Part 2

... the worse is : they are not the only couple like that. I found it really hard to watch last Monday's show and I wonder if I will be able to stomach the next one. I do hope Dr Phil can help these people, especially the kids.

September 25, 2006, 2:13 am CDT

I don't blame her!

 If I were married to that nag of a man I would have affairs also! Who can blame anyone for seeking the comfort of another person when your own spouse is constantly yelling and fighting all the time. Maybe the husband should wake-up and realize he may have drove her to the cheating! DUH!!! He has no self worth so he feels the need to put his wife down year after year. If I were that woman I would get the heck out of that marriage and never look back. The husband thinks he loves wife...whatever. Love does not get in your face and call you names and shove you in front of your children!  That man will eventually beat his wife or try to kill her if she does not get out of there.
September 25, 2006, 6:44 am CDT

09/25 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance, Part 2

I think that Jessica is a very pathetic woman.  How long did she think she'd get away with lying to Dr. Phil?  When you cheat on someone, you always get caught.  I believe she is doing this just to be on tv so she can get her 15 minutes of fame, not to help her family.  What a fake
September 25, 2006, 7:24 am CDT

09/25 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance, Part 2

I am 35 yrs. old and this is my second marriage and all together we have five children and yes they all live with us. My husband and I do have our difference's at times, But we don't bring our children into it. What we have to say we take it to our room if what needs to be said must be said right away, or we just let it go until a later time. If we are having a problem with one of our children and we need to talk to them we talk to them together so our children do not try to play us against each other. We have learned by our mistakes. My husband and I are very much in love and we want to stay together and to stay together we must work together. When I need time to be alone because we are having a problem he understands it's best to let me calm down and relax. He knows that when I am ready to talk about it I will go to him. Sometimes when I am left alone to rest it also gives me time to cool down and no more is is said! Same goes for him. I leave him alone if I upset him, so he can cool down and we can talk.
September 25, 2006, 7:26 am CDT

Some relationships need to end.

Quote From: dkb1031

I Think Jessica will come clean about the affair, but she will continue to try to play the victim in this relationship.  She knows exactly how to push Todds' buttons, and Todd knows how to push hers.  They are both too selfish to think about the children, and I don't feel they should stay together.  I think the relationship is doing the children more harm than good.  It doesn't teach the boys how to relate to a women, and it is letting Jessica and Todd try to use the children as objects to use against each other.

After watching the show today, I realized that some people just don't need to stay married.  I was in a marriage for 25 years.  It ended because I discovered an affair he was in.  It wasn't until after the divorce that I found out he had had numerous affairs.  As difficult as it was to get divorced, I am now happier than I have been in years.  I am still single after seven years but it is my choice and I make all the choices for more doing things for the sake of my husband, or because I felt it wasn't in the best interest of our marriage.  I do things I want to do, have relationships I want to have , am alone when I want to be. 

I guess I am saying this because I know about the hurt that Todd feels.  I know the anger, the feeling of wanting to make someone love you like they used to.  It can never go back to the way it was when you had complete trust, love and devotion.  My advise to anyone in a situation like thiers is to walk away while you still have some dignity and the kids are not hurt anymore.  As we singles know, there are hundreds of us out there and a new relationship is right around the corner when you are ready for one.   Some marriages are NOT worth fighting for.  Some people are NOT worth keeping. 

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