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Created on : Sunday, September 17, 2006, 12:10:41 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Share advice and support with other adults with a physical disability or special needs.

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January 23, 2008, 9:18 am CST

Thank You Kim

Quote From: ellenp1124

Hello Kim


Life does throw us some curve balls.  Somethimes they are not fair and having MS, you know full well that with balance and gait issues that we deal with daily, we can't catch them all. lol


I have decided awhile back that I am not going to get upset over other people's perceptions and assumptions. They are not inflicted with this illness.   It would be a rude awakening to them, if one day that they wake up with an illness that they can't explain why they can not do the things that they used to. 


Its true that we do not have perfect bodies or situations.  So I am at a loss as to why people become so critical of others who are disabled.  We are looked down on because we can not longer do the same things we used to do. Nobody is perfect and nobody has a right to stand in judgement of anyone.


I am occasionally reminded  by images on the news. CNN and MSNBC that there are people who have lost a limb due to war or born with no limbs or some other malady. 


I wonder if they are looked down so harshly due to their circumstances.  For what ever reason there is, we were dealt a faulty deck of cards with a evil joker card.


When I am confronted with a arrogant person who has no hidden skeletons in their closets . I ask them this question    " I wonder how you would deal with a illness that there is no cure for yet? In seeing that your so shallow and materialistic and judgemental  you probably will have a hard time coping.?


I just stay positive as I can.  I do have my good days and my bad days with this new card that I was dealt


Sincerely Ellen

 Thank you Kim  for getting back to me.  I am just sorry that I have not got back to you.  I just don't check this often enough. 


I am generally too tired or just don't think to get back to the Dr. Phil website.  Yes, I do agree with you that some elderly are the worst and judgemental.  Well, I have come the cruel judgemental types.  The ones you wonder what gives them that license to give their unasked opinion. 


 I am so inclined to say to them, well your elderly and slowing down and not as spry as you used to be. So, your judgements should mean what to me?


If people just think about what theysay  before opening their mouths and inserting foot.  There will be more harmony in the world, less misunderstandings to contend with.  Some people are just never happy or content with what is. 


If, I could erase this illness I would.  I didn't ask for this illness. Nobody does ask for a bum deck of cards. We just deal with what was dealt to us and cope with it.


I have learned to deal with judgemental people. I don't. 


 I just know that what I have  ,they could not possibly handle it.  This is my revenge on them.  I just tell them to walk a mile or a few steps in my shoes and see how easy it is for them? . 


Also, put some heavy wieghts strapped around your ankles and try walking with them and they wil surely see that they don't move so quickly.  I do not wear heavy wieghts on my ankles. but at times it sure feels like I do.


Their judgements and coments  are crude and have no merit and are unjustisfied  so  superficial.  We know that the world is full of these types of people.    I know I am not perfect or even close.  Their life being so perfect must be so  incredibily boring. 


I hope to hear from you soon.  You can contact me at


Sincerely, Ellen Mullane

February 15, 2008, 11:44 am CST

physically challenged

Hi guys,

First of all, I am a HUGE Dr.Phil fan! Never missed any of his shows. Read his books! I think he is the best. After I watch his shows he always gives me an encouragement in my every day life! You go, Dr.Phil!


I was born with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone desease) and was wondering if anyone else on this message board has the same condition. If you do, just post a note and tell me about yourself and how you cope with it, whats your biggest challange etc.


Thank you,


February 20, 2008, 7:44 am CST

cerebral palsy, chronic pain, exercise

 I am here to give and get support.  I have spastic cerebral palsy, arthritis and chronic pain.  Lately I have started a weight bearing exercise program for myself which I am very proud of doing.  It does not take the pain away but now the muscles hurt from exercise instead of non-use.  I also take prescription medication for pain and have found a combination that takes the edge off and still allows me to function.  I am very open to giving and getting support in the areas of chronic pain, arthritis, exercise, cerebral palsy, social interaction and self and body esteem.
April 16, 2008, 9:50 am CDT


Quote From: connaf

Thank you all for sharing.  I too dislike the term physically challended.  It makes what we live with sound too simple, like a neatly tied package. I am only 50 but have had moderate to severe arthritis for over 25 years.  It started in my knee when I was 20.  Now, it affects my hands, feet, both knees, neck and back.  For about 10  years now I have had to use a cane and when I go to the store  or anywhere I have to walk over 20 minutes, I have to use a wheelchair.  Going anywhere is a hassle because you have to plan almost every step to see if you can handle it physically.  You have to make sure the places are wheelchair friendly and many are not. especially the bathrooms.  What some places consider handicapped bathrooms is a joke.  It is getting so I just want to stay home most the time. 


Recently my family was planning a 3 day vacation to Philadelphia.  I just could not get excited about going. I used to love to travel and see new places.  Now I have to do so much reasearch to see if I can even access the places we want to go.  Now it is just such a big hassle that I do not have the energy to tackle.  We ended up not going on the trip because my husband became ill.  I was sorry he was sick but it felt good for once not to be the reason we did not do something.  I feel like such a burden to my family. 


Most days the only way I get things done is in 15 minutes increments.  I can clean for 10-15 minutes then I have to rest.  It  may take me all day to do the simplest tasks like vacuuming, laundry, and dishes.  I can't even walk the dog most days.  I miss that most because at least I was getting some exercise.  My weight is going up and up and I haven't been able to stop it.  I know it is my choice to eat what I do.  I get so discouraged and so lonely.  Sometimes I just pray for God to let me die becasue I am so tired of living with the pain.  I rarely go out with friends anymore and even going to church is a struggle.  It is just so amazing how much chronic pain takes out of you physically and emotionally.


I also have IBS, chronic pelvic pain sydrome, interstitial cystistis and I struggle with depression. 


 Sometimes I just sit and cry becasue it feels like I can not take anymore.  But I do.  I go on. 


Thank you for reading this.  It is nice to talk with people who understand. 







Hello all, (very few) but that's okay,


I have had Fibro or have been diagnosed since 1997 and I have sympathy

for all who suffer from it. It's so very hard to get people to understand the

person with the condition. However, my husband has been wonderful (thank God)

Also have had 4 back surgeries so it's so very hard to know if it's the old back

or the fibro acting up. I think everyone is somewhat depressed because of

the pain it goes hand-in-hand. The only thing that we can do is find a good

dr. and continue on as best we can. Look around there are so many people

even children who are so much more ill. I love life although it's difficult at times,

I pray a lot. Loved talking to you ladies and thanks so much for listening to my



Fibro friend and listerner also.


March 13, 2009, 12:36 pm CDT

My Adult Son

This is about my adult son...

I need help with a situation. I have a 36 year old son..He is very kind, has a big heart, lives on his own and is always willing to help anyone in need. The problem is, he is on disability because he is slow in his thinking. As a baby he was diagnosed with something called Renal Tubular Acidosis ( which has something to do with his kidneys) and I was told that he would develop slower mentally than a normal child. Physically, he is fine. He is not retarded as he likes sports and he even does very well at golf. His thinking though, is not what it should be. He is a very caring person. He has had a few aquaintances (female) but nothing serious. . I think most just lead him on for the fun of it. I worry someone might try to take advantage of him because he is very naiive and gullible My concern is this......He is very lonely...He texts me at times saying he wishes he could find someone to love him for him...He tells me he is lonely. I am sure there is someone out there right for him...Maybe someone with a similiar disability. These days, you can't find anyone in the bars...His is not into drinking or drugs. If there is someone out there who is in a similair situation, or knows of someone, I would like to know about them. Or if anyone has any ideas on where he can go to meet someone. It breaks my heart to think that he might always be alone..with no companionship or no one to love. He deserves more...Please help if you can.

April 9, 2009, 4:29 am CDT

Need help


I am Stella Fernandis and I am a student. I am worried bout my carrier and I think I am very confused. I am not able to make decisions like what should I do for better future and what not. Please help me in this and tell me how can I remove all the worries of my life.


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