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Created on : Sunday, September 17, 2006, 11:59:34 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
If your child suffers from Asperger's syndrome, find support and share advice with other parents here.

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September 5, 2007, 9:52 pm CDT

Bless Your Heart!!

Quote From: fthayer



Growing up has not been easy for me. I was bullied relentlessly in my childhood and early teens. My biological parents were very cruel to me. Then, I moved to another city where I lived in a poor neighbourhood for a couple of years. I also spent nine days in jail a couple of years ago, even though I insist that I didn't do anything wrong.


My peers consider me to be a very intelligent person. I graduated from Ottawa, Canada's Carleton University in the nineties. I also consider myself to have a lot of common sense with plenty of "street smarts".


I once spent my time with other mentally ill people. That was a terrible mistake. Successful people surround themselves with other successful people & that's exactly what I've done.

I was on social assistance on two occasions but now collect a disability pension while working full time at a coffeehouse. While I am very happy with my current situation, I am not yet content.

I'd like to go back to school so that I can reach my potential while no longer being classified as an underachiever.


One of the knocks against mentally ill people is that they have poor social skills. However, my life experience has enabled me to learn from society on how to interact with others.


In the past, I have been in and out of psychiatric wards. Now that my living arrangements have drastically improved, I can function a lot better as my visits at the hospital have become fewer and fewer.


I take medication every morning to help make me remain sane. Yet, it has been the bold choices that I have made in my life that has prevented me from being sucked into a downword spirral. I no longer have any contact with any of my biological family nor am I a client of that mental health agency any more. Those two groups did not make me feel good about myself as they tried to run my own life against my will.


Now, I live independently on my own. I take excellent care of myself and my precious cat.  It took an awful lot of time, but things are finally going well for me. My advice to people with Aspergers syndrome or mental illness in general is to hang in there and persevere. Do not consider suicide or any other way of quitting on life. There are plenty of people to turn to. Even though life has been good to me, I continue to see my family doctor and social worker on a monthly basis. It's what keeps me humble.


That is what I'm willing to share with all of you. May you all have the fortitude to excel in life rather than settling for the limitations you think you have. Thank you & God bless.




It is always so good to hear from adults that have been through the tough times as I have and my 2 children have too. Although I have never had a diagnosis I have so many of the same things I deal with that they go thru so I am able to be more understanding towards them and there difficultys. It can be hard and you do have to keep going and to everyone who looks down apon those who do have a mental dissorder we do have our special abilitys becouse we notice the world a little differently. And as I have been told my whole life the world takes all kinds. So Keep Up The Great Work Standing Tall!! The thing we all need is a loving, caring, environment and we can do it!!



September 25, 2007, 12:17 am CDT

Asperger's Syndrome

Hello I can relay to a lot of parent's.As I watched my children grow, I noticed that something is not right in terms of their growth and development, therefore, I suggested for both my kids to be tested. My son didn't walk until 24 mos and it was disconcerning. My daughter didn't walk until she was almost two? Both of my kids scoot on their bum? Looking back on my own childhood, my Mom told me I walked at 9 months and I was a chatter box. The experienced I have with my kids was scary. My son didn't talk until he was 3 yrs old; on the other hand my daughter decided to start screaming at 1 yrs old and not sure if she wants to chat with me at all. My children were diagnosed of GDD as a toddler. The day I found out about their challenges, I thought I died? I felt extremely ISOLATED, simply because it causes a havoc between my ex-husband and I. He wants to sweep the issue under the carpet; while I cried out and searched for help. My ex and I used to fight a lot, because he was feeling embarrased and aggravated that I have all kinds of professionals coming over at our dwelling place helping my kids like speech therapist , physiotherapist ......which I believe would make the difference in my children's growth and development. My ADORABLE KIDS, one is in grade five and grade six, they both access an extra help within the school system with the Wonderful Special Aid Resource Teacher's. Although life and learning is a continued struggle for my kids, it is always a good feeling to realize that there is a Support System that they can count on and a very loving parent or parent's that care !
September 28, 2007, 12:09 am CDT


I have a son with pdd autisum.over the years he has had a hard time in school.This year seems to be a good one so far.I hope it will stay that way.
November 9, 2007, 11:51 am CST

son having bad week

my son has had a bad week at school.I don't understand somepeople who think they have all the answers.I tried to getmy son a one on onebut the school said no even went to the extrem of telling me if i did the iep teacher would drop him..Ufortunatly my husand agreed with the school and has made life so misserable for mypdd sn he has threatened suicide this week.I t all strated because my son still has breackdouns a times y hband thougt it was a good idea to report evyoneof them tohis iep teacher.I turn mysonwas gettting yelled at by thisteacher for things at home and things at school. Then getting yelled at by his dad for things at school and miss behaving at son epressed to me that hefelt like hewas drowing and had no safe placeto go.I told my husband to stop runing to the teacher that it wa cusing davd problems he sd no I won't.  said david has a concelor you tell hm davids prblems not the teacher please.He still  did it.David got so upset at his dad headamajore brak downtha lased two days.M husban still does not get t.Whn myusband got upset with this he yelled at me and sai if you woldsupport me david would respect me.I said I can't supoort you when you make his life so missrible. Or kids do not treat me ith u respect.because i don' tray they trust and tell themthey areto blame fr everything  that goes wrong n this house.and think they are always lieing to me.I do no tell them that theydo not matter.I try as much as ossibl to keep johns involvmnt in our kids life to a minomom because he slways seems to make things to much worse.Then he blames me sayin it is beaus I do not suport him then tells me he has his own ay of doingthings and it is not like me. know that but when your kidstell you ther livesour worsebecause of soe dad did and they don't ant him envolved in it what doyou do.H did the amething to our daughter and her ife at school was so bad  she tried sucicide.I hdto fixhat mess  wa her desion in th end the demand  that her father never to be allowed at any IEp meetngs we got it fixed and she grauaed last year.Iam at a lose as o ow to fix his mess.I have begged john to not tell is iepteacher about dvids problems him we have a coucelor for that.He said no I will tell everyone how bad my so treats me.So now david told me he nevers wants any relastionship withhis dad at all ecause hecan't trust him.He blams me for everything yells at m l the time and calss me a lier. and getts m yelled at at school anyell atme at home.So I am ner going to talk tohim ny if i need to that what e said to meI feel sad..for both ecuse thi is the way his rlstinsho is with his daughter to and me.
We have one more son for him toscrew up on.How am I going to fix the mess at school.
November 15, 2007, 4:31 pm CST

personal struggles affecting my son's stability


I feel like I have failed my children! I have worked so hard trying to keep a roof over their heads and still I don't have I said before, I have no family to ex...ya whatever!!! The 'man' is nowhere to be found and has been such most of the past 10 1/2 years that we have been divorced....I can't leave my 15 year old home alone while I work! She is engaging in very unhealthy activities...It is illegal to leave my 10 year old home alone, plus he has an emotional disorder...there is no relief in site to help pay our bills...I CAN'T QUIT SCHOOL!  I have put it off way to long thinking that I wasn't smart enough to do I know that I can...I CAN GET  A COLLEGE DEGREE in Water Resource Management, as long as I can get the funds to keep our financial situation in better shape...I just need a little help! It is a shame that the only programs that are available to help with Tech Cert. and yet as a single income home, we need at least a Bachelor’s…If I work full time and take a few classes here and there, I will be retirement age and  my children grown. Why is it, that my children can’t have a better life because I am only one person providing for them? My youngest needs to stay where he is or his whole world gets turned upside down....I know that there are so many people saying that we should go to subsidized housing...I can not change his home and school all over again...he doesn't deal well with change...and he is finally doing so well in school for the first time! I have applied for every program in the area for help and there is not enough to get us through till next semester... I just need the rest of this month, December and part of January...our rent is $650 a month...I have paid for this month...I have gotten energy assistance...that may get us through is the rest of the bills and the female items that we are needing...I have the kids on the Angel Tree....we are getting a Turkey basket for Thanksgiving and Dinner for Christmas... We don't have a tree... i don't know what else to do...please pray for daughter's 15th birthday is on the 27th of November...I am at a loss...I will be so grateful if there would be a bunch of folks willing to pray for us!
I don't mean to sound so distressed, but I am ...I don't want to lose everything that I have worked so hard for!!! I don't want the good things happening in my son's life to end...he...we have been through so much over the past years...we went through hurricanes while living in Naples Florida...from Hurricane Charlie, Wilma and the town shut down for Katrina...We have been through my ex shooting a shot gun at our house while we were sleeping...we have been through enough!!! We moved away from our home in Indiana to be safe from my ex...we left with just 3 suitcases on a Greyhound....moved to a small town called Challis Idaho, there was not any help for my son there, so we went to live with my mother in Florida...she has always been harmful to me but I believed she had changed, I believed that her going to church had taught her better ways to treat me....when I realized I was wrong, we sold everything again to move to Twin Falls Idaho...I had the chance to go to school....things had gone fairly well...not ideal...but well...then I got sick and I have fallen short on bill money....we have come to far to lose it all again....

I am already so deep in depression and then to have to ask for help with these simple things is a very hard thing for me to do… I have been to the temp agencies…I will not be able to generate enough income to pay the bills, let alone get the rest of the items we will need to live everyday life.

Not only is it disruptive to my son to have to move again. I don’t want to have to move again. I don’t have the money to get utilities transferred, I don’t have the vehicle to move our belongings, I don’t have the money for gas to get us moved,  and the 3 of us have moved so many times in the past 5 years, we really would like to just be settled….

Items that would help

Gas gift card from Fred Meyers, I use about $20 a week in gas…don’t know why my Dodge Neon uses so much gas
Target gift card for toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, soap (needs to be Dove Sensitive Skin), liquid laundry detergent (landlord will not fix plumbing so powder clogs drains and causes a mess), dish soap, dishwasher detergent, feminine products, hair ‘junk’, toilet paper, paper plates and such for my daughter’s 15th birthday party Dec. 1st.
Rent $1300...$650 for Dec, and $650 for Jan
Electric bill (estimated for Nov, Dec, and Jan…) $180
Water bill for Nov, Dec, and Jan = $120
Phone/Internet (emergency calls and school) for Nov, Dec and Jan = $225
Car Insurance for Dec and Jan = $80
Christmas decorations, supplies for crafty items that we could have to make decorations and gifts, would be great

November 26, 2007, 1:20 pm CST

I am...

I am a 23-year old who is on the high end of the Autism spectrum.  I was diagnosed with Autism when I was a junior in high school. 


I think a really good show for Dr. Phil would be Living with Autism (Asperger's Syndrome).



January 30, 2008, 5:45 am CST

Slow Down?

 My son was diagnosed at 5 with high functioning Asperger's Syndrome. He is 12 now and is a very loving and talented child. He play's 2 musical instruments,piano and trumpet. He is also a member of his middle school band. He does well in school making A's and B's. My wife and I give him a great deal of support at home with his school work. Herein lies my question.


He rushes through his homework and tests ,at times, making careless mistakes. He knows the material. He is always in a hurry.


What techniques can we use to get him to slow down with his school work?.

February 25, 2008, 2:06 am CST

i know how you feel

Quote From: starduster006

Hi Marzydotes,

 I am a special education teacher. What age is your grandson? How long has he been going to this school? Did anything in his life change around the time this started?


 I have an 11yr son with AS. it was only diagnosed this past year. However. He has never been fully cappable of going into the restroomon hisowen merit. Hejust doesnt understand the signals he is getting that tell him when to go. He alsouses it as a deturent to keep other kids away from him. his logicis lost on my husband and myself. He comes home crying about the kids at school being mean to him,yet he will have these accidents in his pant and not tell anyone he needs to get cleaned up.when we ask him why his response isthat it keeps the kids away, when it realy just makes them even meaner to him. He is just now finally starting to get past this whole messing in his pants thing. 
February 25, 2008, 2:50 am CST

i want threw the same

Quote From: martinmommy26

Only a doctor should diagnose Autism of any kind. Not a teacher or school councelor. You should seek help from your childs pediatrician. Hth cristi

I have an 11yr son with AS that was only diagnosed in the past 6mths. I notice a marked differenc in him comparred tothe children his age at 5yrs. I asked the dr. and they said it was a maturity issue and he would grow out of it.

  @ 6 he restarted Kindergarten after pulling him out mid yr. he still had some ver noticable behaviors that got him into alot of trouble at school anf frustrated us and friend an family. but the school had no idea what was going on or what kind of help to give him. the DR.s still say maturity.


@7 in 1st grade not and very close to being expelled from schooolfvor inapropriate behaviors and touching, no oneknows how to cope with his eccentric ways and kid contantly beat up on hi and his selfdefenses are being taken as being a bully because the staff at school will not listen to himand what hi is trying to tell them. we go on this way fight with t he school and DR.s on what is wrong. nobody is listening to me iether and i feel hepllessin my pliet to be an activest for my child.


@ 10 school goes ok but i see a show on Asberges syndrom  on Dateline. It peeks my intrest I get on the internet and find out more.I as questions of school counslers in the districs thatmy some is not attending however i AM A TEACHERS AID AT THE DISTRICtS.. i GET MORE INFO FROM PEOPLE NOT INVOLVED WITH MY SON. I now feel that i have apath I can follow and go to the doctor and ask to see a sphycologist  directly and tell them i would rather just discuss my concerns with them because i have not got the peds help so far.


that was 6moths ago. the counslers have said now that he does have a high functioning for of AS or some other for of prevassive development disorder. Jet now my problem is WHAT NOW. we have an aswer to all our haertaching questions . But I have not heard anything on what we do now. we got the diagnosis and never heard from anyone on how we can move forward to evsure my son grows up to be as productive as he can be. they are mainstreaming himinto more class now but school work is not the problem the problem is from the other kids and staff at school who dont understand this disorder and are not very accepting of him and all that comes along with being in him life. I don't know what to do now. he is going to junior high in a few monthsand i am terified of what his life with become. He is very bright,doeswant to makeconnections with peers andissesitive to how others treat hiand is becomingdepressed. barely ever wants to leave the house or even his room because he has a dificult time dealing with his younger brothe and sister.



What do we do now. HELP


March 21, 2008, 9:09 pm CDT

Asperger's Syndrome

 I have a beautiful 9 year old girl.We have just recently began the process of having her tested for Aspergers. We recently pulled her out of public school and placed her in a private school and she is doing much better. I believe due to the small class sizes and the teacher taking the time to explain things she often misinterprets. I am however very leery of the process. We are currently going to a therapist and she says she can diagnose her after she completes her evaluation. Can anyone tell me how long the process takes. Or if we are pursuing this in the right way?
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