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Created on : Friday, September 15, 2006, 12:06:30 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil checks in on some of his most stubborn guests! Brandon has been battling a drug addiction since his intervention took place on the Dr. Phil stage three years ago. The last time Dr. Phil met with Brandon, he was behind bars after failing multiple drug tests. After 185 days, Brandon is being released from jail. Does he have a support system in place to help turn his life around for good? Then, what’s the latest on teen runaway, Amanda? Dr. Phil’s investigators tracked her down thousands of miles from home and brought her back. But Amanda was less than willing to do what her parents wanted. Where is she now? Plus, a reformed male chauvinist, summer slim success stories and more! Share your thoughts here.

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September 25, 2006, 7:49 am CDT

Aren't we fussy

Quote From: clockers

This is 2006 we don't need to buy two VCR's they have TiVo.  Tape 2 shows at once and there's no fuss with tapes and setting VCR timers.
I'm quite aware of the year.  Either option is valid.  Can't believe you think it's a "fuss" to put a tape in and set a timer...
September 25, 2006, 11:20 am CDT


 I think Brandon is a very nice looking young man and looks amazing from the first time he was on your show.  I think being locked up was the best thing to happen to this young man and it probably saved his life.  I don't know him, but i am proud of the way he has handled himself this last time. i want him to know there are alot of people backing him and we know he will make it one day at a time.  Keep up the good work Brandon, You have alot of people who have fallen in love with the young man that you are now. We are beside you 100%!
September 28, 2006, 12:12 pm CDT


hi brandon

Just wanted to wish you all the best in your recovery.Keep up your strength and believe in yourself and you will go so far. You have to love yourself to get better that is the first step You have the love and support of your family which makes you very lucky I hope you keep up with your sobriety and know you are important to your family and others that care about you I hope to hear good news on your next update on dr phil


September 28, 2006, 10:19 pm CDT

09/22 Follow-Ups

Quote From: clockers

This is 2006 we don't need to buy two VCR's they have TiVo.  Tape 2 shows at once and there's no fuss with tapes and setting VCR timers.
Why did you feel the need to say this?
September 29, 2006, 6:03 pm CDT


I am so glad to see that Amanda is doing better. I hope Dr. Phil can keep us up to date on her. She had quite an interesting story.
September 29, 2006, 7:32 pm CDT


I didn't see all of the original show he was on but it doesn't suprise me that this LITTLE man is a chauvenist.


Dr. Phil really need to have the topic of guys with Napoleon Syndrome, short men with overbearing complexes, on the show. 


Its a problem and its annoying!

October 8, 2006, 2:29 pm CDT

I am back!

Quote From: corkie

Wow!!!  I just finished watching Dr. Phil, and I was so happy to see that Greg and Amy are doing better.  I have been worried about them and there girls every since we taped the show. 

     Greg, I am in tears right now and I am so proud of you and Amy.  I got way too invested in this show, and I was scared that you would not change.  I agree that women and men will never be the same in many aspects of life, but  both deserve love and respect.  I'm glad that I got to be a small part in your lives and I hope that our conversations off camera let you know that I wanted the best for you and your family.

     Amy,  it 's heart warming to see that you are realizing the incredible woman that you have always been.  Women are a precious gift and deserve to be treated that way. 

Keep up the good work and God Bless you both.

With the warmest regards,


Well, I feel stronger than I did the last time and feel like my "Old Self" for the most part.  We are thankful to the three women, however, most of what you all did to my husband was for show, and the other part was to show him what a hard-ass he was to live with.  Now most people looking in didn't understand that I had been married before, and this time around I was trying to please my husband in every way possible.  Greg has his problems as do I, and we knew before going into the show that we were willing to go to counseling.  I am thankful that he was as receptive as he was to receiving the help, and at first it was not that easy.  I wasn't sure if he would go through with it after the show.  But after the first couple of weeks he really started to work at it.  There are plenty of people out there that need the help and can't get it for whatever reason.  My advice to those of you who know without a doubt that you could use counseling is to keep searching, keep reading the books, and investing in your marriage if you care and love your families.  Kids are a precious gift from God.  You also have to remember what the repercussions of divorce are... and remember that you will have to still work on yourself if you walk away from your marriage with or without kids.  I would also like to let the women out there know how important it is to stay true to yourself.  Keep in mind that you are a valuable asset, worthy of being loved, worthy of being treated with respect, and that your needs are just as important as your husbands needs.  Both of my girls are doing great!  Erika is in all advanced classes in her school, and Maya is in a gifted class.  I am proud of both of them.  Greg has always loved taking our girls places and spending time with them.  He is a good Daddy and more importantly he really listens, really listens to what they have to say even when they are upset.  He cares about us and is implementing the things that our counselor, Dr. Nise, has advised him on.  She has been a tremendous help and as humble as she is I know we could not have done it without her.  However, Greg was being very sincere when he gave out his "thank you's" and I know he appreciates the time he had with you, Rebecca.  Thanks for talking with us after the show, and for sharing your feelings on the matter.  Though we are not altogether done with our counseling, we have made huge progress in our marriage.  We actually hear each other and desire to make those changes, and accept the things that are different in each other.  Greg says to tell you "hello" too.  Take care and respond when you get a chance.  Sincerely, Amy
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