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Created on : Friday, September 15, 2006, 12:03:46 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Imagine growing up in a free society, but being forced to live in isolation without money, TV, cars, or contact with your family. That’s what Dr. Phil’s guests say happened to them in a religious sect known as the Aggressive Christianity Mission Training Corps. Maura brought her daughter, Rebekah, with her to the sect when Rebekah was 12. The mother and daughter say members of the cult abuse children and belittle adults who question authority. How can they move on with their lives? Then, Paula says her daughter, Stacy, cut her off when she joined the Aggressive Christianity Mission Training Corps. Paula hasn’t seen Stacy in 10 years, and maintains that her daughter was brainwashed and emotionally kidnapped. Find out what happens when Dr. Phil sends Paula to the compound with a private investigator to find Stacy. Then, Fawn B. and her friend, Fawn H., had recently escaped a polygamist cult and were having trouble adjusting to their new life. Fawn B. has been excelling in school, but the other Fawn dropped out, ran away and has experimented with sex, drugs and alcohol. Can the troubled teen turn her life around? Join the discussion.

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September 21, 2006, 4:57 pm CDT

Doctor Phil Show.

Con Cult Doctor Fron Phil Tation. I have seen Cult on your show this year. I do belive in God-------

myself and I know that you do. See you tomorrow Afternoon. Well I had better close now. Sincer--

ley Your. Russell

September 21, 2006, 5:15 pm CDT

cult in Montana

Quote From: yesyoucan

You can contact Dr. Phil via e-mail clicking Contact Dr. Phil above or at bottom of webpage or searching for first link below or mail snail mail. Congratulations on escaping cult and best of luck to you Billyjo.

Dr. Phil show
5482 Wilshire Boulevard #1902
Los Angeles, CA 90036
I am so glad you are at least out! Your message is prompting my reply.. What is the name of the cult? I have a son who has been "lost" to one there. He is in dire condition and still connected to C.U.T. Are we talking about the same one? His family had no idea where he was or if he was ,alive or dead for 6 years. Only did we get a call this spring. I still have no way of contacting him or where he is.  I will include you in my prayers also, for healing and "truth".
September 21, 2006, 7:18 pm CDT

Colorado Fawn

If Fawn H. can read this please hang in there.  Take one day at a time, keep taking "baby" steps.  Just remember, you lived your whole life in a really weird place and you can't expect to change or "get it" right away.  My friend's daughter was controlled by her husband and she didn't even learn to drive till she was almost 30 and she wasn't allowed to do anything without his permission.    She escaped her hubby and it has taken her almost 6 years to finally be the person that she could have always been. 


I can understand wanting to go out and party, I think everyone needs to experience some fun in their life, just don't  overdo it, or use it as a way to escape.  I think once you become the women that you are capable of, everything will come together and you will find that  you will make  good choices in your life.  Take Care

September 21, 2006, 7:52 pm CDT

There is no doubt

I was so sad and angry when I watch the premeditated abuse of young childern and adoslents.  Along with misguided adults.  Are people so desperate for people to find security, love and so little self worth?  Is this why they go to places where they accept when people tell them what to do and when to do it ?  These are all questions that I ask when I watch this show -  and I wonder what my Lord is saying as he allows this to continue?  I guess that I am so lucky that I have a faith that teaches me that I am a loved child of God and that he loves me no matter what.  My family has the same problems that alot of families, but our love of God is our foundation and even with the mistakes we make these are all forgiven through the love of God.   
September 21, 2006, 8:22 pm CDT

Message to Fawn

Hi Fawn, hope you read this. I just want to say I come from a fundamentalist Baptist church, and what you were taught is just not right. Our church is very loving and only wants to encourage people not rule them. Offering advice and fellowship is what God teaches, not to put others down. I hope you do not belive you have lost your way just because you left the group, because that is just not so! You are doing amazing just by having the courage to keep going. There is nothing wrong with you, you are not hopeless just because you are having a hard time. You just keep the faith and rely on the people you know have your best interest at heart. Hang in there, you are a great person!


September 21, 2006, 8:35 pm CDT

09/21 Cult Confrontations

Quote From: cthelite

Thank you Elffie for your concerns. I said New Age because going down the list of criteria my daughter was associated with each and every sign. I think a lot of cults want to intertwine what's in the Bible with their way of teaching.  It sounds more legit that way. Yes, she told me about her paths to God.  I do believe everybody's God may be different but for me I only know One and He died on the cross.  My daughter's God was different.  It can be very confusing and there's a lot I don't understand and would lose if in a debate.  When this guy spoke of religion, it was in  a different way. I'm not against anyone's religious preference but when it comes to ONE person dictating to another how to dress, what you eat, when to sleep, where to go, where to live, who to speak with and this One person erases your past life with family and friends..that's a cult to me and that's what happened to our daughter.  She became bulmic to purify herself and make herself holy, she dressed like a transient, commented she was not materialistic, studied under Yogis and Channelers, gave her possessions away.  The guy she is living with will keep her close at hand because SHE works 2 and 3 jobs (or did), SHE has the only transportation, SHE has the money.  This guy has nothing.  This is not a romantic relationship and yes everyone has the right to choose what kind of life they want to live for themselves IF they are capable of thinking for themselves. My daughter does what she is told. She says she is happy..she is happy because HE tells her she is happy.  HE can control her no matter where he is.  I am so at a loss.  I have visited Rick Ross's website and he sent me an email to order and read one of his books on battered women.  Anyway, there's got to be somebody who can help.  I can't give up on her and I won't, I don't care how old she is.  Thank you again for your concern.  To my knowledge, she has no friends, she sees no one other than where she works.  He has isolated her and does not allow her to contact us. We have no proof but a mom knows things and this is one of those things.

This definitly sounds like a cult to me.  If a person has that much control over another, that isn't right and I would consider that brainwashing from what you have described above.  I don't know what to say that will help you, I don't know of any agency that could help, but I do want you to know that I do hope that you can find your daughter and hopefully she will see what is happening to her. 


I am so sorry that she has to go through this, and I am sorry for you as well, being a mother myself, I do not want my children to ever go through this.  Keep on trying, you never know what may happen.


Take care.



September 21, 2006, 9:34 pm CDT

Ruining the lives of others

I am a remarried male 31 with a hers and ours.  My exwife did things that I dont agree with but Im assured that I was no saint.  Watching the show proves to me that some people dont care about others and if is going to note take responsiblity for postings then I feel Tasha should give up the names of the women to make it fair.  Who is to say I dont register on her site and state I am a woman mad at a man and make up lies.  Now the lies made on Todd are not average run of the mill statements like he lied to me and he is a jerk.  As he states how do you prove a negitive?  Tasha doesnt realize that what these women are doing is slander and should be held libel.  Todd was not a public figure prior to this episode.  Tasha on the other hand by hosting a website is a public figure.  She is not protected by the same laws due to being a public figure.  I find it down right horrible that an unnamed woman can say anything she wants without worry of being accountable.  Free speech is not free, someone always pays.  This time it is men who may or may not deserve it, and in this country we protect those who cant protect themselves and in this case the men cant protect themselves so it will be the governments responsiblity to police this action. 

Thank you Dr. Phil the wife loves you and I appriacate the fact that once in awhile men are stood up for.  Dr. Phil + Tivo = Happy wife

September 21, 2006, 10:23 pm CDT

Imagine it? I've been there!

  I was raised in the Catholic Church. Having read the Bible later on in my adult life it made sense to believe that I should be going to a church of another denomination, unamed, but an organised religion. Things started off great....all the love and so forth. But later on things went downhill as I was to learn that a general segregation between married and single people existed and when two singles married they soon after abandonned the single scene and people like myself who were now a "threat" to their marraige. Segregation of genders to avoid "sexual temptation". Authorities were fanatical with this latter one. TVs and outside contact was allowed but unless the individuals were as like them I risked being ridiculed for talking with them and having them for friends. Alcohol consumption was a nay nay thus so was going into a bar for a 7UP! But it was OK to go to a concert of a certain Opera/Classical singer even though she was anything but pro life which is contrary to their strong pro life beliefs. The teachings of the Bible were/are frot with contradictions and desiquilibrium from the topic of tithing to respect and appreciation of how the body.......fearfully and wonderfully made........functions.  In the end I couldn't  make simple decisions because they, though essentiel, couldn't be performed without violation of Biblical teachings. In the last few years I often wanted out but was afraid because I'd lose my salvation, become demonised, and have some misfortune come upon me as a punishment from God, Himself! I still wrestle with the last one.  I have since come to realise that  these Christians are the biggest enemies of the Bible.......not "the world".

   I have felt freedom for the first time in my life having left this religion. Nonetheless, I have no identity as a person as that was all tied up in a religion that I had to quit for the sake of my mental health. Thus ,there are times when I want to throw the rest of my life down the toilet.........because to be loved means allowing the person who is loving me to control me excessively.  Because giving up freedom and personal control of my life is the price I must pay to be loved. It makes being ridiculed seem so inviting.......which it is at times!   


September 21, 2006, 10:25 pm CDT

09/21 Cult Confrontations

  This is one of the only shows I have been able to get my husband to watch with me. He was drawn by the heart wrenching sounds of a Mother looking for her daughter. He just said " what happened to her? Is Dr. Phil going to fix it?"
Sadly, even if Dr. Phil helps rescue one woman, there will be many more lost in the abyss that cults create. We preach tolerance of religion from every political seat in the country, but there has to be a limit and LAWS in place to intervene. From what I understand there are no laws that allow  Law enforcement to step in, even temporarily to allow a professional to talk alone with a cult member.  That is what hit me about today's show. A mother can be kicked off the property empty handed because it is private property. It sounds like a legal can of worms. Once a precedent is set it could negatively influence more than just a cult rescue situation. 

As a Mother I wanted to weep when she said  something about being worried that her daughter was alone in the night desperate for her parents to rescue her. To that I can say, in any adversity when we have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ there is comfort. Your daughter is not alone, and she has with her someone far stronger than any one here on earth.

I hope you have a joyful reunion with your daughter, and hold your grand babies soon. God be with you, and with everyone dealing with the wounds that cults have created.

September 21, 2006, 10:38 pm CDT

Don't be so quick to judge!

Quote From: sdoublait

 I agree!!!

Whipping a six month old baby?!?!?!?  With a belt on naked flesh!  How is this excusable?  If nothing else, the authorities should be banging down the doors of every home associated with this cult to rescue the children.  Let the ignorant adults rot for all I care, but the children need to be removed.   It is abuse pure and simple and has to be stopped.  I am sick to my stomach and will look into this further.  Is Dr. Phil's staff doing anything?  Are authorities doing anything?  How can this continue happening when we know about it??
My father was in a cult for many years and had my sister with him there.  She does not remember much, but I cry every time I think about what she must have went through. 
 There is so much more to this than you understand.  I know it is unthinkable, and it churns my stomach as well.  What you don't understand about this is that had she not done it the Greens probably would have, only it would have been much much worse.  Also the people under the Greens influence can't think for themselves.  they are sleep deprived, starved and worked non stop, when you haven't had food or sleep for 30 days your mind breaks down and you can't think properly, Then you are pumped full of their lies and you can't do anything with out permission, you are miles from anyone that could help you. There are babies that are born there, with no record of their birth. I don't know that this happened but from my personal knowledge of the Greens I would not be surprised if they threatened to kill the baby if she didn't obey them. It wasn't for her protection she did this but more likley out of fear for worse punishment from the Greens toward her baby.  They have control over these people that goes even beyond that of an abusive husband. There is so so much more to this cult than Dr. Phil was able to get into, You might would understand better if he was able to show more.  That was my only disapointment about the show is that the full story could not be heard in the time allotted.  I do hope that Dr. Phil does not back down, we have been praying for years for someone to draw attention to what is going on there, and are very thankful that he took notice.  Please don't back down Dr. Phil!!!!!!!
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