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Created on : Friday, September 15, 2006, 12:01:50 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 09/20/06) Have you ever wanted revenge on an ex-lover? How far would you go? First, look inside a legal battle that has been brewing all summer. Tasha, creator of the Web site, says her site is a public forum for women to share their dating experiences and tell the "truth" about their exes. Todd says false information about him was posted on Tasha's site, and he thinks she should be liable for the negative posts. He has filed a lawsuit against her and two of the women who posted. When they face off for the first time, who does Dr. Phil think is right? Then, Ashley found out her boyfriend, Corey, had cheated on her three times during their 10-month relationship. Now, she says she wants to get revenge by exposing him to the world. So why did she recently call Corey and beg for sex? And, Corey comes clean with Ashley and tells her how he really feels. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 20, 2006, 6:51 am CDT

Nothing but an adult 'slam' site

I have seen the shows before where teenage girls have sites that attack other teenage girls or their parents or their boyfriends and I believe Dr. Phil's advice was to grow up. This is hurtful to others and if the postings are not true can damage their lives and livelyhood.


My advice to anyone owning/operating or participating in a forum such as  is grow up! I was really surprised that Dr. Phil didn't have more to say to her.


It is reallly sad that an adult would behave this way.



September 20, 2006, 6:54 am CDT

This website is nothing compared to the whole internet

Here we all are on a message board expressing our views......................interesting.


Women (or men) talking about others is not a good thing I don't think, HOWEVER, I am far more concerned about the far greater concerns and harmful sites on the internet.  Pornography, bomb making, I couldn't even list them all.  I realize Dr. Phil's show focused on this particular topic of exes and revenge, etc.  There are many websites out there where people post their opinions and bash people they don't even know  (sports, celebs, Dr. Phil, children, etc.).  This is a huge problem and this one individual's issue with what was posted has many dimensions and some feel it's ok and others are willing to fight in his favor.  Point is, people today spend far too much of their time and energy writing negative information about others and the internet is a place this happens in many venues.   THAT is what needs to be looked at.  AND if the next argument is all about freedom of speech, well, then that argument will never end.



September 20, 2006, 6:58 am CDT

Yeah right, if the women had to post their age and weight...

The right to bitch and complain is a God given right  HOWEVER, you have to stand by your statements.  If the women are allowed to post ANNONOMOUSLY, they can say anything (truth or lie) without taking responsibility.  If the woman had to post name and picture, there would be more truth and fewer postings.  This just a malicious male bashing site. The lady running the site talks like a vindictive, cold-hearted witch. She appears to believe that women would never lie or do a man wrong!  Yeah right, if the women had to post their age and weight!, there would be a lot less postings LOL.  Vengance is ugly.
September 20, 2006, 6:59 am CDT

Todd is right

The website is responsible to a certain degree for what is posted on it if it allows slanderist statements to be made.  They are as responsible as someone who would shout fire in a crowded theatre.  I hope Todd wins his lawsuit and the women who post on this site just to get even - "get over it and grow up"
September 20, 2006, 6:59 am CDT


I wish the best to the young man Todd who defended himself on the show. I was screaming at the TV.  At some point you have to stand up for the position that some of these pointless websites can put you in. For the young lady Tasha to start a blog about revenge on an "ex" sounds personal. No anger or hurt should be enough to ruin a persons life or character. The lawsuit could be easily avoided if she would just remove embarrassment off of her site for Todd. But it if she does it for one she has to do it for ALL! The thing about her website is that the people who post the embarrassment have the "right" to remain anonymous and not admit their faults in the relationship as well. Todd I wish you luck!
September 20, 2006, 7:03 am CDT

where are your morals

What ever happened to saving yourself for marriage?  Wouldn't  it have saved all these people lots of pain and heartache in the end?  And where are that poor girl's parents?

September 20, 2006, 7:03 am CDT

Appalled By Tasha

    As a woman I am so embarrassed by Tasha's behavior and the website she has created.  Women in this country have fought for years to be taken seriously and hold power, and we are still fighting today. 

     Let's face it folks, who still really holds the power in our society?(White upper class Christian men).  When I say power I am referring to the individuals upholding our founding institutions (government, education etc).  Men (generally) believing we cannot play their game because we are too emotional. 

     Tasha has reinforced this societal norm and is profiting from it.  Smart on her part I suppose, but damaging for the rest of us.  She has gone on national television and has come across as an immature child scorned by an ex lover and wants to see all men suffer regardless of their guilt.  She claims she makes no assumptions as to the guilt of the either party, yet she automatically assumes the defendants Todd defended were guilty which speaks to her character.

    Who has not been hurt in a relationship?  Who has not be wronged by an ex (probably why they are your ex)?  These questions apply to all genders.  Why should men be slammed while the women remain anonymous, and in the words of r. Phil "gutless cowards" ?  It is one thing to complain to a friend, but when you make derogatory comments about someone on a global website that is damaging to ones character this is unacceptable.  Todd hit it on the head when he said this will affect him for the rest of his life, employers 'googling' people and so forth.  I have been told by several professors they will check websites such as "myspace" and "facebook" to investigate the students in their classes  (and the pictures of me at the last weekends kegger came down.... haha j/k), so it is not out of this world to believe future employers are doing the same thing.

    In conclusion .... Todd go get her!



  -No afraid to show my face and name

Lauren Titus

Criminology major NCSU

September 20, 2006, 7:05 am CDT

What is Tasha thinking?

Let's all hope she gets nailed in court.  This is no way shape or form is helpful to our society.  I believe what comes around goes around and this Tasha is certainly headed down the wrong road.  I will pray for her because she clearly has issues.  I am ashamed that she shares the name woman with me.


I hope he wins this lawsuit and gets all her money.  That is the only way I think she will see what she is doing wrong, losing her money.


September 20, 2006, 7:08 am CDT

Todd is a good person

Not to put either his business or my business out there, but I dated Todd briefly in the fall of 2003. We went went out and had a great time. He is a very busy person with his practice so he didn't have alot of free time.


I believe that he should sue the owner of the website as well as the individual who slandered him. This kind of thing shouldn't happen and in this society people who have nothing better to do than to post things on a website are not worth too much. My feeling is GROW UP and get over it. Not only that but for individuals to post comments anonymously are truly cowards because they can't face that person they are posting the comments about. If you call yourself bold enough to post a comment "lie" then you should be bold enough to tell that person face to face.

September 20, 2006, 7:08 am CDT


Quote From: msgkurt

Imagine a mirror website like "" wherein males could make the same type of postings about women.  I cannot help but wonder how Tasha, the creator of the Web site, would react to a derogatory posting about her?   I suspect she would be outraged and not present herself as altruistic as she did on the September 20 episode.   Her freedom of expression stance might just vanish if she were the target of such an attack.  

I think you are absolutely correct.  Dr. Phil asked her a similar question and instead of providing an answer about the emotional effects of a such a site or comment about her she immediately attacks Todd again, stating she certainly wouldn't go sue the person.

I think that moment spoke for itself.

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