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Created on : Friday, September 15, 2006, 12:01:50 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 09/20/06) Have you ever wanted revenge on an ex-lover? How far would you go? First, look inside a legal battle that has been brewing all summer. Tasha, creator of the Web site, says her site is a public forum for women to share their dating experiences and tell the "truth" about their exes. Todd says false information about him was posted on Tasha's site, and he thinks she should be liable for the negative posts. He has filed a lawsuit against her and two of the women who posted. When they face off for the first time, who does Dr. Phil think is right? Then, Ashley found out her boyfriend, Corey, had cheated on her three times during their 10-month relationship. Now, she says she wants to get revenge by exposing him to the world. So why did she recently call Corey and beg for sex? And, Corey comes clean with Ashley and tells her how he really feels. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 24, 2009, 2:24 pm CST

Experiences with

Sites like this need to be banned from the internet or have more responsibility put on the website owner for putting men and women in harms way.  The site claims that users have full control of their posts including editing or deleting.  Many people may find a moment in time when they want to spew the truth in an angry way and then come to their senses and want to delete a post.  However, they can't and the damage is locked into the hands of Ms. Tasha Cunningham and her webmasters.  The site boasts about being a site to help women.  If she really wanted to help women (and men for that matter) then she would make sure her site is designed to work so that posters truly do have edit/delete rights as it claims.  Many of the posts are from users trying to get technical help or assistance because the process doesn't work.  If you even try to get them to delete anything from the forums, there is little response and if they do decide (yes their decision not the users) then they will make sure that the message can still be found in search engines even after it's been taken off the site.  How do you spell deceiptful? 


Warning to anyone that even thinks of registering....DON'T.  Any if you do register, don't expect much help.


I hope eventually the site will go under.  It looks like the only action at this point is continued outrage by the internet users, more lawsuits, and writing to every local and national government authority (which I plan to do) to help this kind of stuff be banned or controlled better like porno sites are.  Shame on you Tasha. 

January 24, 2009, 3:24 pm CST

Get a grip

Quote From: babygirl1968

You are an OBVIOUS victim!! you've been so brainwashed into thinking men who have hurt women deserve some kind of protection ....YOu need to grow up, Tasha is at least trying to let them see that they can't just do as they feel without any consequences.  Will you teach your daughter to embrace abuse? C'mon. All of you who are against Tasha are whiners....
Are you related to Tasha somehow????  We aren't whiners by any means, those that DO NOT support her deceitful website.  It's a piece of TRASH designed to do nothing but gain attention and hurt men and women while Tasha claims it's to help women while she's probably enjoying a healthy profit from unworthy advertisers. I have known a couple of women posters that have been put in danger by the way this site operates. Get a grip Babygirl.  Both you and Tasha and her entire staff need to GROW UP and put the actions behind the words.
February 16, 2009, 1:38 pm CST

Disgusted with COREY

Didn't anyone find disgusting that a 35 year old was in a relationship with an underage girl ??
I am amazed that not a single person has say anything about the second half of the show “Revenge on the exes” about Corey and Ashley dilemma. I usually totally agree with Dr. Phil, but in this show I was disappo
inted how this case was taken so lightly.  In this particular case Dr. Phil was mostly talking to Ashley and what she had done wrong. And to Corey only a few funny comments were made. When actually I believe Corey is a disgusting person. First of all she was underage when they started and he was a full grown up of 35 years old. He could have been her father. I find very troubling that a guy as old as he can be treated so normal when he was almost a pedophile. The age difference wouldn’t matter if she was older when they started, but she was only 17. It is obvious that a guy of 35 can seduce and manipulate a young girl. Probably Ashley sis some crazy things but she was a teenage girl, and probably  her first sexual experience.  I find Corey’s actions disgusting. I was appalled that Dr. Phil wasn’t more severe with Corey.
May 4, 2009, 8:28 pm CDT

01/01 Revenge of the Exes

Quote From: leighbeau

Oh my goodness.  I am shocked and amazed at this woman's inability to empathize with the people she is allowing to be slandered.  She needs to think about the basic things I taught my children, such as "Treat others the way you would like to be treated"!  This is the equivalent of the teenagers who are spreading lies about other teens on websites and text messages. It is cyberbullying.  What about the man who breaks up with a woman because he has legitimate reasons and did not do anything wrong and she decides to get even because her feelings are hurt so she posts lies about him for his family and potential employers to read.   What about a man who rejects a woman because he is married and she posts lies saying that he cheated on his wife.  Lives could be ruined and this heartless woman is providing the forum for hateful, cruel behavior.   

Most of us do not state lies, most of us could say allot more than we did.  For me, he is blessed, I truly feel if I saved one woman from his lies, sneakiness and cheating Narcissistic personality, I did a service to someone. I will give you this, it has been two years, and I have tried to remove my posting. I've written to technical support twice, and I still have not received a response. I wanted it removed because ,he said,  understands, and is sorry. If he is not, he will end up on here again, but I want closure. I am seriously ill and I want peace in my heart, and for him.

So do not be so quick to judge, I ha ve three sons, one that I would not be surprise to find here.  I spent allot of money on private Catholic schools and he was one hard headed kid. 

I was married for 24 years never cheated, and was a good wife. But I was completely vulnerable, when I met him; I just learned of my having tumors in my pancreas, and he knew it.


If you have not lived it, you cannot truly judge it.

Been there!

July 24, 2009, 1:00 pm CDT

01/01 Revenge of the Exes

We are posting here anonymously- are we "cowards" (as Dr. Phil said on his show of anonymous internet posters).  Plenty of nasty comments here about the show guests. 

I just discovered the site "Don't Date Him Girl" and I considered posting about someone on there because he is truly dangerous.  I do not want revenge!  I don't want anyone else to date him and have him do to them what he did to me- and to his ex-wife and the woman he was with after me.  However, domestic violence is nearly impossible to prove in a court when it takes place in private (as most does) and women are at heightened risk of being battered, abused, even killed when they do take action. 

So MY cowardice is in not posting about him, knowing that he is charming and wealthy and will attract another woman and hurt her.  He was diagnosed bipolar I with psychotic features abut 3 years after our divorce (no kids, thank heavens, 9 month marriage).  He physically assaulted me, stalked me,  and ran the most amazing psychological campaign that convinced me I was crazy and I almost gave up my kids.  He is a very prominent figure in the area that I used to live in.  Now, if you were a woman, perhaps began dating him, wouldn't you want to know that?  He is the "Psychopath Next Door", to quote a famous book title.    

I understand the quandary these sites pose.  But the lawyer does have recourse against the women that he claims defamed him.  He is getting his day in court.  But this was handled so simplistically!  This is a really complex issue! 

I could post on www.don' and not fear losing a suit, because what I would say is true, and could be testified to by my children who witnessed the horror, but were minors at the time, and I wished to protect them.  However, he would certainly come after me, as he has repeatedly.  Profile domestic abusers who end up murdering and you find people with nothing left to lose.  Once this man's reputation is gone, he will have nothing left to lose and he will be even more dangerous than he has been- to all of us that he terrorized over the years.  Think I'm blowing smoke?  Look at the Chris Brown sentence.  Ad he's just a kid.  My ex has been getting away with it for decades- he's 55.  There is no accountability yet in America for these things.  We don't even have comprehensive interstate exchange of police data yet! 

C'mon, Dr. Phil... that was so irresponsible to call posters on the site "cowards".  Our society is so attenuated and mobile, killers and psychopaths can get away with terror for years.  We have lost the neighborhood front porch and the church social where the community knew that this person or that was violent or mentally ill.  So we are all more at risk. 

No, these people aren't cowards....
July 25, 2009, 3:35 pm CDT


 Dear Dr.Phil,
I watch your show since its beginning while I was living in the US.  I now live in Brazil but often go back to the US.  I watch your show from down here but I am sure they are old shows since the new ones come down here later in the year.  Anyway, I watched the Tasha vs Todd show and thought that Tasha has created a great site for ANYONE to report bad behaviors on the part of both, women and men.  What people who post to her site need to realize is that they should ONLY report true facts and if possible not name the "guilty" party for obvious reasons.  The way I see it is if you write a good article with facts who can be backed up in court, why not use a site that has the potential to reach out to others who might end up entangled with the man or woman who did someone harm?  I myself have suffered a tremendous loss both emotionally and financially by being involved with the wrong man who is INDEED evil.  I went to hell and back but was strong and smart enough to get out of the situation on time (my life was at risk).  At the time I wished to have such a site to post warnings to all the women out there who might cross paths with this evil man.  In fact, I posted my experience on Tasha's site gave as much info. as possible enable any woman who cross paths with this man to recognize that it must be him (WITHOUT giving his true name away).  I honestly feel that it is about time that both men and women start taking a good look into themselves and treat others the way they themselves want to be treated.  Don't go out hurting people for your selfish reasons or because you have some type of hang up and PLEASE PLEASE accept responsibility and the consequences for your actions.  Having said that I know what part I had in getting involved with this man but I got out on time; the only bad consequence was financial a loss of about $30k! 
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