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Topic : 09/18 The Dr. Phil House: A Family’s Last Chance, Part 1

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Created on : Friday, September 15, 2006, 11:58:57 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Reality TV just got a reality check! This season, Dr. Phil moves people into The Dr. Phil House – where he can keep an eye on them 24/7. He will be watching from his home, his office and his car, and won’t hesitate to drop in whenever he chooses. The first family to move in is Todd and Jessica, married for eight years, and their three sons. Todd and Jessica have filed restraining orders against each other, were throwing knives, calling the cops and cussing each other out in front of the kids. Their fights have even gotten physical and have involved the children. Before moving into the house, Todd and Jessica were living apart. Jessica says Todd is stalking her, and Todd says his wife is having an affair. Will living under the same roof again finally bring them together? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 17, 2006, 8:36 pm CDT

Family Matters

I just got done watching the last family up date ...I know people can change they just need the tools to do it ...I am sure Dr Phil is the man for the job and i do wish the family luck.... cant wait to see what happens ... Best wishes to alll
September 17, 2006, 11:44 pm CDT

dr. phil, good luck

some times some familys just ain't meant to be.... it looks intresting..... and wait for the new show.... kinda wish it was all in one 2 hours full show or some


September 18, 2006, 7:18 am CDT

Similar situation

I'm in a similar situation, however, the difference is that I am not wacked like Jessica seems to be. My husband however is very controntational and I believe he thrives on drama. Either he doesn't talk to me at all or he attacks me verbally. He wonders why I have no interest in him...and thinks I'm having an affair....but I'm not.. How can he expect me to "do my wifely dutie" by getting intimate with him when he treats me like a second class citizen and as if I am his child. A marriage (or any relationship) is based on mutual respect and equality. We have neither. I have no way out. No job or financial security and no support system since I am basically isolated from everyone and he has scared off any friends I have ever had. He's a piece of work and I get so fed up  with living under his iron fist that I just want to end my life at times. My kids are equally screwed up from his tactics and I'm really hurt and frustrated by the life that I have had to live and what they have had to deal with. I wish Dr. Phil would have a conversation with him and make him wake up and realize that he needs to treat me and my kids with kindness instead of being so negative all of the time. It's a lost cause though. I'm almost sure of it. We have way too long of a history to make changes at this point and I doubt I'll ever have feelings for him ever again. Our 20th anniversary is tomorrow and I feel like it's a day of mourning more than a day of celebration. There, I've vented. It won't change anything but feels like a load off for the time being.
September 18, 2006, 7:18 am CDT

I'm trying not to be one-sided so far...

...but this lady is doing some VERY STUPID STUFF!  She acts like she's going for a resort vacation instead of trying to save her marriage!  She IS having an affair; who is she fooling?  He has every right to distrust her.  I don't want to take his part, because he has screwed up.  But if I was her husband (and I'm a woman) I'd seriously consider taking her over my knee myself!
September 18, 2006, 7:36 am CDT

The Dr Phil House

Well Dr Phil,


What were you thinking? While my husband and I have a few issues are self , I would not want to be under the 24 hour eye of Dr Phil. That iis unless your desire is to really help this family. In which case I think it's a great idea. By now you know most couples don't give you a clear picture. Some would disclose but just don't know how. Which was our case several months ago. I'm a firm believer about asking for help when needed.


September 18, 2006, 7:44 am CDT

don't judge if you don't know

Well, I know Todd and Jessica  and i could not believe my eye's . I could not believe they were still together. It has been a while since I hace seen them. Their two oldest boys were on our baseball team. I don't know how many hours I talked to Todd on the phone about the marriage. I tried to help . Yes Todd is hot headed . Don't let Jessica fool you. Todd is a cancer and all he wan't is to be loved and have his happy family and he really does love her. He just has very low self cofidence about him self.  From Jessica it was always Todd was doing it wrong and she had nothing to do with it. He needed  to change, not her. That was her thinking. I see Justin at school and he is still Justin. Upset of course. It took alot for Todd to write the show and try to get help. I liked Todd and  understood him. He did what he could and what he thought she would want and she never praised him. It could always be better. If you read this Todd , you know I know what I am talking about and I know you loved her , but sometimes life goes on and there are some htings you can not fix. To everyone else , don't judge ,because you know you are not perfect either.
September 18, 2006, 7:53 am CDT

Okay, I'm now officially confused

These people are both nuts.  No offense, but now I don't have any sympathy for EITHER of them.  I only have sympathy for those poor children.  The husband is obsessive and the wife is a world-class bullcrap artist.  Those poor kids!
September 18, 2006, 7:59 am CDT

The Children!

Those people do  not deserve to have children!  They should be taken away immediately.  That is abuse!  The couple should just grow up, get over it and shut up!  Good thing I can't reach through the TV.  They are being so selfish.........they obviously do not care  about their son, or they wouldn't behave like that with him anywhere around!
September 18, 2006, 8:16 am CDT

I think she is fake

I have never seen one woman be so FAKE than the wife in the house she is having an affair and why she keeps telling her family and you that it is false is beyond me. Knowing that she is so angry with her husband that she would take it out on her stepson was just crazy but to have the husband sit and listen to that was just as bad. No child should have to hear their parents taklk so vulgar to each other. Having you 8 yr old say that they want to kill them self should be a wake up call for this family instead they just dismiss it to keep arguing with each other. For the husband to egg on the fight is just as bad as her keeping it going. I feel that until she can be honest with herself this is going no where. The children are the ones suffering and neither one see's this. What the hell is wrong with them? The e-mails and the man staying the night my question is were are her children? And why would you have another man in your home if there is nothing going on!!!
September 18, 2006, 9:44 am CDT

09/18 The Dr. Phil House: A Family’s Last Chance, Part 1

I just quickly read over some of the other messages but the one that struck me was that Todd wrote saying that there were no knives thrown, that it was just hunting knives???  One thing I've always noticed with Dr. Phil is that he says he never changes what people say or did; so is Todd trying to make us think Dr. Phil is making things worse than they are; is he in denial!!!?
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