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Created on : Friday, September 08, 2006, 01:47:59 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil's guests confess: Their dirty little secret will be secret no more! Will and Jessica have been married for five years, and it's no secret to him that she's obsessed with snooping. But what Will doesn't know is how far Jessica goes to dig up the dirt on her husband. Jessica says she's ready to reveal the truth because everything is on the verge of spiraling out of control. Then, Gina says she's usually a very calm person with a sunny disposition, but everyone will be shocked to learn what happens to her when she goes into a grocery store. And, Christina learned her boyfriend, Greg, was living a triple life. Not only did he have another girlfriend, but he also had a wife! Now that he's cleaned up his past, can Christina ever trust a word he says? Plus, a woman celebrated for her delectable confections comes clean about her bogus baking. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 15, 2006, 2:24 pm CDT

09/15 Dirty Little Secrets

Quote From: wlarson

Tisk, Tisk for condeming your grocery store manic guest.  I completely understand what she is saying, although she takes it to a level I can't understand.  However, I've never seen anyone take something out of anothers cart either. But......courtesy at the local grocery store has disappeared over the decades.  She has valid complaints that people should take to heart.  AND.....the worst of the offenders are the MEN sent to 'pick up a few things' by thier wives.  I'm not sure who should be tared and feathered.....the men who don't have a clue how to ask for help or the wives who have been there and gotten angry themselves. 

Men need to learn  grocery store manners.

1)  Don't stand in the middle of the isle, with carts flowing around you on each side.  Get out of the way!  You wouldn't park in the middle of the road if you were lost would you?  Well, consider the isle our road and pull over to the side of the road if you're going to be some time about it.

2)  Don't ask me what it says.  If you can't read your own wife's handwriting, don't insult me by thinking I can because I have a higher estrogen level.  Read the list before you leave home so SHE can clear things up.  A little forethought goes a verrrrrrry long way.

3)  There is no delicate way to put this one guys.....picking one's nose, scratching one's behind  or adjusting a crotch are NOT things you should do in a grocery store (or in public for that matter).  You may be the only one in the isle now but we are just a turn away AND ..... don't forget the mirrors.

4)  Last but not least.....this is America.....we drive on the right side of the road.....same goes for the isles in any store.  Stay on your side of the center line and we will all be much happier.

Have a great day.....hope to see you at the grocery store!  LOL

Wow...I bet you're fun to live with! LOL
September 15, 2006, 2:26 pm CDT

Can't believe this

Quote From: ky_mary

I understand how the shopper feels, it is very rude for people to visit in the isle's .  I have also had people take things from my cart, I have not thrown a shoe, but I have run in to the back of their heals. and forced them to give the item back to me.  "WHO DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE" , as far as I am concerned the only person I would let do this is "GOD"  and he would not be that low or stupid.  I am a very frustrated with the general public also, probably because I worked with the public for 40 years before my disability.  My opinion of the public is very low.  So this is how I solved my problem, I now shop at a store that is open 24 hours a day.  I go and do my shopping at 2:00 am.  It is wonderful, there are very few people there.  I can take my time to read labels, since I am a diabetic, and decide what I want.  I visit with the store employee's .  You would be surprised of the valuable informant ion you get from the employees at that time in the morning. You can also get information on the times of deliveries for fruits and vegetables, so that you can get the freshest of both.  I feel sorry for people that have to work with the public.  They are cussed, spit on, and just generally treated like trash, the people work at night to get away from them.  I don't think your that bad.
I just cannot believe that Dr. Phil would address such a simple problem.  I don't like to see things like that on the show.  I want "serious" things addressed and this is just fluff.  Please, Dr Phil, get back to the "real" problems that your show was created for.  I don't want you to be slipping down the slipery slide of "fluff" and doing shows that include stuff like this.  I don't think that I'm the only one that feels like this. I respect Dr. Phil's advice, but don't want it to become silly as this seems to me.  Concern yourself with real problems and leave the fluff alone.
September 15, 2006, 2:27 pm CDT

so annoyed? your fault

Quote From: miche1972

oh, i so get annoyed when people have to stand in the way and visit and you are trying to shop! OMG but what can you do? i give them a dirty look and will make a comment that they can hear to whoever i may  be with about how rude that is, especially when they see you standing there and will not move!! so you end up having to go all the way back around to get 1 little thing you needed in that aisle. or worse they are blocking the one thing you need. ok, now i am getting frustrated. LOL


  i remember when my son was a newborn and we were out shopping and this girl with a newborn also walked by looked at my son and said to the person she was with, loud enough for me to hear about how my son is not the cutest baby out there is he?  i was so mad. how rude can you get? 

if that is the way you feel, why on earth would YOU go around and do whatever? A polite "excuse me", if no response, another little louder "excuse me", if that doesn't work, its time to push though, hello, I live in Brownsville, TX., where everyone, and everything is just me, me, me. That is how they drive, shop, work and generally live. They have no clue about common manners, so I'm supposed to go around? I don't think so! When you live in such a place, which is becoming to be common everywhere, and that is so sad but true, it is time for a little me for a change. This can be done very diplomatically and without fierceness.
September 15, 2006, 2:31 pm CDT

09/15 Dirty Little Secrets

Quote From: wlarson

I've seen grocery store employees treat customers far worse then this woman.  I actually saw a man cleaning up in an isle smack a lady on the back of her legs with the wet mop because she walked over part of the mess he was cleaning.  She gave him a dirty look but didn't press the issue.  When I got to the end of the isle, I started looking for another employee to get the manager and turned him in.  So please don't think because you are a good service provider that all the rest are just like you.  Can't tell you the number of times the personel at the meat counter have kept myself and others waiting while they finish thier cuts or got irritated because we wanted to see the next level of stacked meats.  I stress care in putting people in groups and expecting the same reactions from everyone in the group just because you are an honorable person.

or when you go into a store and their are younger people that work there and you get ignored cause they are busy with friends?]


 My BF me and a friend went for drinks one night and the girls working were so busy visiting with friends and "male customers" that we did not get any service. my BF went up and complained to the bartender, he was pretty upset too.............. the bartender ended up serving us the rest of the night and even free drinks. we were absolutely disgusted with the service and well will not go back there again.


  but you are right, i have seen many that work int he service industry and well they just shouldn't.

September 15, 2006, 2:33 pm CDT

that's just me

Quote From: purplepenny

When people do thoughtless or rude things I try to remember that they are probably very insecure or they just lack empathy.

Either way, I don't care. I sometimes feel sorry for them, but most of the time I don't bother being rude or making a comment to the person I'm with.  I hate wasting any energy on anger. These feelings are very new to me. My father recently did something very rude to me and I am actually amazed...I haven't shed one tear. I vented about it a little, but mostly I feel like he's a mean person in general and I'm not going to waste my time worrying about it anymore.

People like this woman on this show are very pathetic and so thin skinned. So you have to walk around someone, so you might have to go back and get an item that was in your cart....oh well. Take a deep breath and enjoy life! Enjoy the fact that we have luxuries like grocery stores!

That's just me though
someday, you will not get out of the way, and someday, what ever it was that your father did is going to come to a head. Get it out before it grows, if you let things out at the get go, its done, as opposed to letting fester. I can't belive how many people are afraid to say I'M PISSED! Say it and be done, and never look back, and you won't feel like you need to, in your eyes, its done; the ball is in their court.
September 15, 2006, 2:36 pm CDT

food store


Dr Phil,


    I would have liked more points made on the total lack of manners and respect.  It has vanished in America today

September 15, 2006, 2:56 pm CDT

09/15 Dirty Little Secrets

Quote From: shrimpety

If I was Will I'd head for a lawyers office and never look back. It seems to me that Jessica's behaviour is beyond destructive and that she doens't have any sense of self worth so she pretends to be other people. creepy.
Run Will run to the lawyers office.  Divorce that girl.  Harsh words but she's not looking to be nice.  She's looking to find something and won't stop until she finds something, even it be miniscule. When she finds that little something she will trounce on you like you won't believe.  It's OK for her to do what she's doing but not you.  I'm glad that you are "clean" but she'll make something up eventually.   I had a wife like that who practically killed me emotionally and physically.  She had a boyfriend while we were married.  Found out about it 2 years after the marriage ended.  Hope you don't have any children.  Get out of that marriage before you do.  Once you have children, she'll own you financially for many years to come.  There's someone else out there who'll love you for you.
September 15, 2006, 2:58 pm CDT

09/15 Dirty Little Secrets

Quote From: rawcoyote

someday, you will not get out of the way, and someday, what ever it was that your father did is going to come to a head. Get it out before it grows, if you let things out at the get go, its done, as opposed to letting fester. I can't belive how many people are afraid to say I'M PISSED! Say it and be done, and never look back, and you won't feel like you need to, in your eyes, its done; the ball is in their court.
Nope, I USED to be that angry and waste my time on things I cannot control.  I have now stopped. I don't control other shoppers, I don't control my family, I only control me.

My GOAL in life is to be happy, marching around telling people I'm "pissed" will not help me achieve my goal.

The "ball" is in their court anyway...I am a much happier person now.

September 15, 2006, 3:02 pm CDT

09/15 Dirty Little Secrets

Quote From: miche1972

That is my thoughts too............................go around them,go back and get the item! How hard can it be, so oyu take a few more seconds in that trip. I personally have never had anything taken from my cart, I could not imagine. As rude as it is I think I would be in too much shock to even say anything. but than I think I would have to laugh. Sorry but that is so rude it is almost funny!
Yeah, I've never had that happen either...I too would be so weirded out that I'd probably laugh.

Also, if I looked in my cart and an item was gone I wouldn't assume someone took it either. I'd assume I was mistaken about putting it in or that it fell out or that maybe my husband or someone thought it was a mistake or something.

If I SAW someone take something out of my cart I would politely tell them that that was an item in my cart and could I please have it back. If they don't give it back then I'd probably just say, "You seem to be a bully....that's sad." And go get the item again.

Not gonna waste energy on anger won't do anyone any good! LOL
September 15, 2006, 3:02 pm CDT

Sympathies to Gina-Don't React-Make a Movie

Gina, My sympathies to you.  Once upon a time I used to dread going to the grocery store.  Still not amongst the pleasurable of tasks.  Knowing exactly what is needed - groceries can be purchased for a  family of four and checked out in twenty minutes for an entire week if you didn't have to deal with the odd and ends found in the store.  Enjoy them.


1) The mothers who can' bear the guilt to be w/o their children because they have worked all week and now feel they can lessen that guilt by dragging them to the grocery store and buying them every junk food and toy that won't last the ride home because they'll be leaving them as soon as they get home to go to a cocktail party.  Be glad you have kids you spent or spend time with.


2)  The fathers who haven't got a clue and are on the cell phone asking what they should be buying to some nanny who may or may not speak English which is frustrating him even further while he's running after a two year old down the aisle.  (You have to feel sorry for this guy)


3)  The women and men so loaded on valium they can't make up their minds swaying back and forth in front the dry cereal.  They are the best because you can smile at them and they have no idea where they are or where they're going.


4)  Those with no spacial concepts.  Cart in middle of aisle, consumer three aisles away - this might be the one time to move the basket three aisles the other way.  Then two aisles later you will see the consumer with both arms full on nothing that was on the original list.  When one of the boxes falls out of their arms, bend over and pick it up for them.  The clueless ones will smile and say thank you.  Totally harmless.


5)  For some people its the only time they get out of the house.  They're usually 100 years old and they fight all the way through the grocery store.  And, they're usually deaf, so you hear what, what, what a lot too.  Jump into the conversation and say something nice.  One of them will think the other said the 'nice' thing and the quarreling will stop.  Guaranteed they'll start to wait for each other and be holding hands by checkout.


Life is hard but make it fun.  Turn a some boxes upside down on the shelf.  It will help someone keep their job.  It's all too short.  Live it up.





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