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Created on : Friday, September 08, 2006, 01:45:20 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil’s guests feel like another woman is moving in on their men. Amber thought Angie was her best friend, until she noticed her husband, Dennis's, daily phone conversations with her and their unusually close friendship. Dennis claims their relationship is strictly platonic, but Angie's boyfriend, Nick, is also doubtful ... especially after catching them sleeping in the same bed. Then, Michelle says she had no idea her life would become so complicated after Kevin left his girlfriend, Joan, to be with her. Is Joan trying to win Kevin back, or are the ex-lovers really just friends? Share your thoughts here.

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October 13, 2006, 10:47 am CDT

Wrong again

Quote From: Pleasance

Just a little tidbit in response to your defense of Angie...which I clearly don't understand.


All 4 people have cheated !


If Angie in the bathroom with Dennis between her legs is not cheating, then what is?


If Angie in a bed with Dennis is not cheating , then what is.


I understand that the show made it clear that they were not "sleeping together" or she says they haven't "done it."..........but the emotional cheating is there and present LOUD AND CLEAR.




Are we clear on that ?  ....................or would you like to talk to me about a value system that is different from the rest of ours.  ???



Angie and Dennis are cheating with one another.....on their spouses..........and unfortunately on their children, too.


Angie is doing this for all HER OWN REASONS, none of which is admirable......... ....not at all.


So as I said previously, Angie and the other 3 have all cheated.




And so it goes........




PS....I noticed that the emotion icon for your post to me.....shows that you were angry when you posted......are there things about this show that trigger things close to home?



On another note.....I can assure you that when I watch a Dr. Phil show.....I watch very closely, closely indeed !



You consider two people talking and having a friendship an affair just because they are from the opposite sex? I obviously don't. I have a male friend that I have been friends with for a long time and my husband knows and also knows that it would never go any further than that.  Do you consider this an emotional affair? So, yes, my values are different from yours because I believe a man and a woman can have a friendship even though they are married to other people. I think Angie has gone through a lot that we don't know about and if she can confide in Dennis and he makes her laugh, than good for her. If Amber doesn't like it and Dennis is not willing to give up his friends for his wife, than their marriage is weak to begin with. I would never choose a friend over my husband.  No, none of the things about that show hit "close to home" with me, I have a wonderful family and a loving relationship with my husband as well as good relationships with my close friends of the same sex and also of the opposite sex.  I feel bad for you and your partner (if you have one) that you are so close minded about having friends of the opposite sex.
October 15, 2006, 5:10 pm CDT

perfect words

Quote From: hersheykiss

i am sorry to hear what happened to you. but i would just like to say that u are calling this women a souless tramp and that is not fair. what is your husband for leaving his wife and the mother of his children. i have been the other women and we are regular women just like you i have a child that i get up and take care of everyday. and we are victims as well we fall in love with men that are not 100% ours we get lied to as well we get our hearts broken just like everyone else and it hurts just the same. people always want to blame the other woman well for once stop and think  when i met the man i fell in love he did not tell me he was married. these men are great liars and manipulators. so maybe you take the time to think about that remember there is always three sides to every story yours, theirs,a nd the truth
if you are knowingly messing around with a married man, or start a relationship with someone and later find out they are married and don't end it, then souless tramp, is an ample discription for someone like that. yes, the man is in the wrong and totally guilty, but if you have any morals or self respect at all, you wouldn't be with someone who is already with someone else. your consenting actions can destroy lives, not just the wife's but the children's.
February 3, 2007, 12:59 pm CST

my manstealer story

I have watched a man stealer move into my life for seven years.  She played the "poor victim", need to get away from abusive boyfriend scam.  I knew what she was doing but the old story is, if you accuse your husband of doing something, he might as well do it since he is getting blamed for it anyway.  So i just tried to point out her obvious moves, and my husband said he knew what she was doing but she is "just a kid" (over 30 but unfortunately acts and looks like she is 16), and she needed help.  Well she recently made her boldest move when she tried to lip lock my husband and he finally woke up to the danger she presented.  He told her to go away and when she didn't, i told her in a manner that could not be misinterpreted.  I have since found out she has made her life attaching to married men, having sex to "payback" a woman who wronged her (in her mind) or to blackmail the man for money etc.  She even told him husband he has the best genes and she wants him to father a baby with her!!!!!  And by the way, that  "abusive boyfriend" of hers?????; they built a home together on a large piece of property.   
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