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Created on : Friday, July 01, 2005, 04:58:50 pm
Author : dataimport
Why are you interested in changing your appearance surgically? Let us know your story and reasons.

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August 14, 2005, 4:38 pm CDT

Thank You Dr. Phil Monatrator...

I thought Dr. Phil was going to give one of us Plastic Surg/  Thank you for answering me you are very nice too!
August 15, 2005, 5:30 am CDT

Dear Dr. Phil,

I secretly do wish you could be my fairy GODFATHER though...even though I know I know that is fantasy thinking I am really really living in REALITY and life is get up go to work stay straight be kind do the linear life day in day out be a kind soul blah blah blah blah.... 



Ya can live in a WHAT IF...for a poof of a second though heres my poof.. 


Let me just truly confess to and then it will never be said again and I will just silently work on this issue I can not even take a compliment without it feeling like a 1,000 lighting bolts going off inside me..such an under developed part of me..You can see I actually get flushed red..Thats weird..when you never Got and you wore hand me downs I was the youngest of 4 its just a manner in which I got used to. 


To look at me now I do not have holes in my pants this is NOT a sob story here.  Its just a sharing a my internal secrets.  shh 

I know GOD doesn't Make JUNK!  Why do you think in my GOOD NEWS BIBLE my favorite verse is 


PSALMS 139?  I have decided although truly it is VERY VERY difficult for me to memorize anything I am going to try my hardest to put this whole PSALM to memorize...IT TOUCHES ME TO MY CORE! 


Okay here I go again taking up more space on your boards Dr. Phil I think if I ever met you you might be very mad at me  for righting so much but I say to this big UNIVERSE  they NEED To get to know you because if they haven't read your words....There big FAT LOSERS! 

September 7, 2005, 12:56 pm CDT

I am a transgender male to female

I went to Guadalajara in August 2004 for a chin reduction and nose reduction.  The purpose of the surgeries was to feminize my face because I am a transgender male to female in the early stages of transition.  I've been trying to transition since I was eighteen but it's been a slow process.  Many things got in the way.  Job, family, and even HIV.  I've been positive for fifteen years.   


My chin was screwed up by the surgeon.  I should have realized that he didn't take xrays and was going in blindly.  My chin was moved back and upward to reduce a witchy chin in height and protrusion.  That was successful.  However, were the chin and jaw mended together, the jaw sits lower than the chin.  This causes an indentation in the chin, but thanks to neck fat and what looks like jowling, it's sort of camouflaged.   


I went to Guadalajara because it only cost $3300 for everything, surgeries, hospital stay, anesthesia, etc.  In the US, it would cost $3500 plus for each surgery--not including hospital etc.  So now I'm looking at more surgery on top of my facial feminization surgeries.  I have long wanted a forehead recontouring, which only a few surgeons are willing to perform.  A San Francisco surgeon created a craniofacial surgery where the forehead bone is sectioned into four to six pieces and then set in place so that a more feminine browline is achieved.  He's awesome.   


I would love to see this surgeon receive some sort of recognition for his work with the transgender community.  He's well known in the transgender community, but it would be cool to see him on national television showing his stuff.  (I'll leave that one alone) 

September 7, 2005, 2:08 pm CDT

Your plans for surgery

Quote From: b_sanders

I have lost 120 lbs., so I know how you are feeling. I really don't have too much excessive skin but enough that I could have a few things done. I completely lost my chest and now I look like a man. I have some saggy parts and I would love to have a tummy tuck and lipo. It is like having a new life. People treat you differently when you are thin and that makes you wonder.... "I've been the same person this whole time and now you want to be nice to me". Good job on your success.


I had the gastric bypass surgery a little more than 2.5 years ago. 

I have lost almost 160 lbs and several clothing sizes. 

I am thirty years old and wonder about loose skin issues. 

I wondered how your plans were progressing. 

September 14, 2005, 7:21 pm CDT

Breast rReduction

I was 54 years old when I had my reduction done and I would do it again.  I had deep indentions on both shoulders and never was able to find clothing to fit me properly.  If it fit at the top it was too big at the bottom.  I would like to have some more surgery.  I may try to get another reductiopn done since they are not as small as I had requested.  I was a "DD" and asked fora large "B" or a small "C" but ended up with a "D".  I would also like to have a "tummy tuck" since it seems that some of the fat from the reduction was shifted down to my tummy and a "swelling " under my left arm that has not gone away.  The doc that did my reduction took 4 pounds total from my breast.  I feel that if I could get this corrected I would feel so much better about my self however, money is my biggest problem since insurance does not coverthis tpe surgery.  My whole attitude would even change.  At this time I feel  deformed and no man wants a deformed woman. 
September 19, 2005, 5:31 pm CDT

breast lift

I would just like to know what the doctor is going to or has already told the lady who lost all the weight and wanted to have her breast back where they used to be.Just like everyone else on the message board I too have lost alot of weight and would like to know my options in having my breast back where they belong.. they are very saggy and disgusting to look at.
September 26, 2005, 7:49 pm CDT

I hate my breast size..

Everywhere I go I feel unfeminine because I have small breasts.  I have 3 young daughters and a fiance who I am sure would like to go to the beach once in a while, but I won't go.  I don't want to be seeing my fiance looking at the women there because they ALL have larger sized breasts and I would just want to die.    I hate this, I REALLY REALLY HATE IT!!!    I sometimes feel that least if you are overweight and unhappy you can lose it.  I can't naturally gain just in one area, I hate not having control over my own size and if I were going to be different than everyone else...why not be sightly larger at least.  All I see everyday and have to deal with everyday are sign or bulletin boards and magazines in men's and women's, movies, motorcyces, trucks, cars, weighlifting...everything are big breasted women and that is whta all men's a friggin' reminder of how ugly I am, how unfeminine I am, I hate being in public ...i can't be in public with my fiance.   I am paranoid all the time.  All of the time. 


October 7, 2005, 11:21 pm CDT


I am a 22 yr old male who is plagued with Gynecomastia.   This is basically breast tissue (not fat) that forms in men, giving them breasts.  I have had a real problem with this since I was a little kid.  I basically have "D" Cup Breasts.  I have teased by this every day of my life.  Even now as an adult I have people make comments about it.  I have seen the doctor about this problem and they tell me I have to loose weight first.  When I first saw the doctor I was 14 and about 280 lbs, the doctor referred me to a plastic surgeon who told me I would have to loose 80 lbs before he would do the surgery. Well you could imagine how that would seem to a teenager, loose a small person from your body and then we  can do something. Well I am now 22 and am down to 250 lbs.  I just saw a doctor and they told me to loose another 20 lbs and they would consider surgery. Well it has been extremely hard to loose anymore weight with my body type. Plus when I loose weight it just makes my chest even more pronounced.  I have had a hard time dealing with this and would like them gone so people can see me for me and not my problem.
October 8, 2005, 12:02 am CDT

My brest size is fine

 Ok, look I'm a size 24A .And i'm 20 . I'm a topless dancer , I'm happy with it !! Why would i want to runen my body gave me cuz the men  around me ; are so superfishal !!!! Honestly , I think I'm a pretty woman . I been dancing a year , now havent changed my mind . Brest arent going to rune my relationship , if i cheat or lie . Not something like that . I dont know one person thats really happy with thier bodys . I dont like the fact I'm 5ft2in , would like to be able to model and walk down a runway . What I do is I'm a writer and would love to get my book publshed !!! Nothing to do  with my body . I would love to work a regualer job again !!!! In an office doing paper work !
My thing if you dont like me , Oh well cuz ; i like me and your openan doesnt matter , ill still be able to sleep tonight . And it wont be about my Brest.
October 11, 2005, 8:27 am CDT

My body doesn't reflect who I feel I am in the inside

I am a 27 year old married woman. I have no kids, unless you count my two dogs.  The reason that I am writing is because I am over weight and excessessive hair growth.  I can handle the weight, I can't handle the hair growth.  The hair on my face is so bad that I have to shave every day.  Just like men by five o'clock I have the 5 o'clock shawdow and stubble.  My breast, arms, and belly  is no stranger to the hair.  I also shave them.  because of the shaving I take longer to get ready.  I can't just get up and go, I can't even wait till afternoon to get a bath if I wanted to.  I still carry on with my daily life demands, but it is getting harder to deal with.  I don't like my husband touching me, because I fear he will notice my hair stubble.  I get red irritated skin, shave burns abd bumps. I cut my face just like a man might do.  ALL this is causing me to be a home body.  I try telling myself that I am okay with it and to go on with things, but in all I really need help to fix this.  If not I am afraid that it will change who I am and what I do with my life.  I haven't the money or the medical insurance to fix this problem.  I have tried lotions and over the counter items to fix hair growth. I mostly got burned from them. I hopeing that by talking about this I can find ways to help myself.  
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