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Created on : Wednesday, August 30, 2006, 03:51:43 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
It's the invasion of the in-laws! Despite an intervention by Dr. Phil, a couple and their respective mothers still struggle to get along. See how Ernie and Kerry are doing, and what happens when their moms agree to set their differences aside and meet for coffee. Since the last show, Kerry says her relationship with her mother-in-law has never been better! Unfortunately, her relationship with her own mother has never been worse. Plus, Alaina and Ray are married with two children, and they all live with Ray's mother, Eda. The two women are constantly at each other's throats. Is this family too close for comfort? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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September 4, 2006, 9:42 am CDT

Doctor Phil Show.

Doctor Feuding In Laws More Phil. Feuding What are you think? I donot like Family Feuding at all---

except if it a game show then it would be okay by me. See you tomorrow Afternoon. Well I had be---

tter close now. Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.---------------------------------------------------------------- 

September 4, 2006, 10:19 am CDT

Two Women Under the Same roof

This just spells trouble.  Especially when they are related.  That couple with 2 children living at his mothers house.  I understand economic hardship, but this should be rectified as soon as possible.  They should apply for public housing and move out.  Living in the poorest community in their town is better than living with his or her parents in their home.  Let's remember they were once your parents or your spouses parents and they want things done their way.  Living in their home gives them a club to beat you into submission.   Way too much in the business of the people who are supposed to be raising the children.   MOVE OUT NOW!  No excuses, explainations, or hard feelings necessary.  It is right that single family dwellings are occupied by single families only.
September 4, 2006, 12:25 pm CDT


WOW and I thought my Mother In Law was bad with her actions. I think this woman is right in standing up to her mother in standing behind her husband. That was the right thing for her do do but man that mother of hers. She just has nothing good to say about anything and to sit there saying that she was joking about calling her a witch when she didnt call her that it was the B word and then wow I jsut dont understand why some people out there can not see what they do to hurt other people in there lifes. They cant accept that they did wrong even if they have proof of that they still want to stand there and say they didnt act this way or they didnt say this or whatever. Man my mother in law is just this way always making excuses for things she dose no matter how it may hurt someone else in the end even if it hurts someone she says she loves the most in this world. Man this is crap. If just makes me so mad for someone to act this way. ...
September 4, 2006, 12:58 pm CDT


 Did you see Alaina's face when her husband said he has a joblined up for "next week"??? She was thinking- "Well, this is news!!"
 hahaha, he's a 40 year old who needs to learn how to take care ofhis family. They need to move out of him "mommy's" house, because if Iwas Alaina, I couldn't deal with someone going in my bedroom and makingmy bed, either...

AND about the other story. Kerry's mother is just crazy, she is acting like she is so nice and acts like she is always joking... WHATEVER!!! She is vicious and she thought no one could hear her,  when she was whispering all those nasty things. I don't know if I could take that...

September 4, 2006, 1:03 pm CDT

Judgemental much?

Quote From: knight1967

Ray should not be torn between his mom and wife he needs to suport his wife.  He should not have moved into his mother's home with the new wife.  He should not have had more children.  It does make me wonder why he is divorced from the first wife.  Did he not stand up for her to his family. 

I think you may have missed the part where there are two sides to the story. Yes she needs her own home with her husband and children. Yes, he needs to support his wife... BUT She knew the situation and decided to have the children. She also knew she was living with his mother. His mother could easily have sent them packing and not haveoffered her home. No one is winning in the situation. All the adults in this sceneario are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Basically they goofed - everyone. The only thing they can do now is own their stuff and move on - literally and figuratively.  I just hope everyone learns to "play nice" before the kids suffer.
September 4, 2006, 1:03 pm CDT

Roy just doesn't get it.

Alaina and Ray live with his mom, Eda. Alaina says her mother-in-law is meddling, but Eda says she's only trying to help.


I can't believe that Ray blames these problems on his wife.  He just doesn't get it!  His inability to support his wife and children forcing them all to live with his mother is the cause of all of this.  He'd better get his family out of there before Alaina divorces him.  I hope she realizes that he's most likely going to be a momma's boy all of his life.  If at 40 years old, he can't stand next to his wife instead of his mother, he may never really stand next to his wife, ever.  It didn't suprise me to see that much attitiude directed towards Alaina from Eda.  Eda knows that her boy will stand by her against Alaina!  And it looked to me like Ray lied on the show about having a job that he's starting next week.  It sure looked like news to Alaina.  Either he lied, or he didn't bother telling his wife he has a job.   After a year of living at moms, my guess is he lied and was just trying to save face.


Grow up Roy and treat your wife like your wife, and not your mothers least favorite child!

September 4, 2006, 1:15 pm CDT

lost for words

 I  can so relate to living with  the inlaws   even tho My husband and I have a camper that we sleep in eat our meals in and  basicly live in  we are all on the same piece of land      his family is even closing him out of what should be a family  but its nothing but  four  familys living on a 4 acrds of land   and basicly hating each other
September 4, 2006, 2:29 pm CDT


What is the deal with society today?  Lets go back to the beginning, the very beginning.  What does the Bible say??  God made them male and female so that the man would leave his mother and cleave to his wife and they shall become ONE.  Doesn't that settle everything??  They should not all be living together.  If the mother wants to help them out---fine, give them financial support, but that is it.  You attack the wife you attack the husband because they are ONE person!!!!!

We are going through the exact same thing with problem in-laws.  After seeking counseling this is what our eyes were opened to.  Since we have distanced ourselves somewhat--we have a much HAPPIER marriage. 

September 4, 2006, 3:09 pm CDT

My world

Hi all I have to say is that it makes me feel better to see people going through the same garbage I am going through with my in-laws.  I thought I was the only one.  Although I do not live with my mother in law, thank God, I do not think it could get any worse if I did.  She meddles in everything, watches everything like a hawk, monitors what goes on in our home, and constantly contradicts myself and my husband in front of the kids.  If we tell them something she is right there to tell them the opposite.  Recently, I dicovered she was talking about our finacial situation with other family members, to be honest, I do not want her in my home or life anymore.
September 4, 2006, 3:44 pm CDT

09/04 More Feuding In-Laws

Quote From: knight1967

Ray should not be torn between his mom and wife he needs to suport his wife.  He should not have moved into his mother's home with the new wife.  He should not have had more children.  It does make me wonder why he is divorced from the first wife.  Did he not stand up for her to his family. 

  I agree w/ the remark that He should not be torn between his wife and mother. He should be supporting his wife.  Not to get all biblical on people but the bible does say that a man leaves his parents home to cleave to his wife. 

  I have been were Alaina is, as for 3Long yrs my DH and I lived w/ his mother.  As my mother always told me Two hens in one hen house just DOES NOT work!!!   I think they should do their best as soon as possible to get a place of their own.  No matter whether her MIL says or does things on purpose she will always feel like it is being done on purpose.  I do feel for Aliana!!

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