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Created on : Friday, July 01, 2005, 04:42:49 pm
Author : dataimport
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October 8, 2008, 10:45 am CDT

General Advice

Quote From: shadney02

I have a 17 month old, who should be off the bottle according to my pediatircian(and everyone else I have spoken to).  I made the mistake several months ago of letting her go to bed with a bottle and now I can't get it away from her at bedtime.  She drinks out of a sippy the rest of the time.  I have tried letting her cry, but after 30 min, I can't handle it anymore.  My older two didn't have to be "broke" of the bottle.  They just quit wanting it at around a year. 

Does anyone have any advice?

Instead of letting her cry it out in the crib why not hold her and rock her... Let her learn a diffrent way to fall asleep.... Offer a sippy cup of water and thats it. It might take her a while to catch on and she'll cry but at least she'll learn to fall asleep without the bottle. If bedtime is at 8 pm then turn off the lights and make it quiet and sit and cuddle to her, sing to her softly... Then when shes sleeping that way then start just rubbing her back in the crib and that way she is replacing the bottle with a closeness with u...I have never been a Mom who could let my baby "cry it out".. As my kids get older i slowly let them get use to sleeping with out cuddling or me sitting in the room. it worked with my 1st kid and hes 9 yrs old now and sleeps on his own!!  I use  to  let him co-sleep with me and he was very attached to breastfeeding to go to sleep when he was a baby....

Another idea make a big boy party where hes old enough to be with out the bottle and he gets to be involved in givng the bottle to baby's that need them.. Decorate the box and get him involved... something like that :)
November 13, 2008, 8:03 pm CST

16 month old and sleeping...

I have a 16 month old little boy, ever since he was about five months old he has been sleeping all night, about twelve hours a night with two naps during the day.  He use to always go to bed and straight to sleep with no problems, maybe just on some nights, not often he would cry... but the last two weeks, even at nap time, he will cry and cry.  If I stay in the room with him, then hes ok but as soon as I leave the room he stands up and cries at the end of his crib, sometimes for an hour.  I feel bad just leaving him there to cry yet I dont want to set the habit that he needs me there to fall to sleep.  I dont understand why now the change.  He does go to his dads every other weekend and I dont know if that is causing this problem or if he is just scared, spoiled or what.  Like I said I feel bad for leaving him there to just cry, I just wish I knew why all the sudden he is doing this.... does anyone have any advice on this... thanks


November 20, 2008, 9:47 am CST

My husband cusses at my 9 month old

I dont know what to do, he will say "shut the fu** up" *fu**in brat". He said she needs to learn her place...what should I do????? Please help.
November 21, 2008, 7:47 am CST

lunesta nightmare


i live in england in the uk. I faught hard to get costody of my now 2 and a half grand daughter . Her mother was young and was not caring for her. Soc serv here was behind me 100% as they made report after report saying i was the best for her and that i was great in taking care of her needs. recently my sweet little darling was put here in fostercare over a night i took the equivilant here of lunesta. i had taken them a couple times before and never had a problum. i took the dose this night and remember nothing. they say i phoned my daughter to pls come take care of the little one and she phoned an ambulance saying i was quite bad. the paramedics at that time said i was ( and i quote) fine to take care of the baby. then after my daughter left it is said the stove was on with no flame meaning the gas was on. the police came after a complaint of the neighbore downstairs and took her into care. it has been five months and in this time her mother went back to america leaving me to fight for this beautiful little girl alone . i am fighting so hard to get her home where she belongs as the soc serv now say i can not meet her needs. we are still waiting on a toxicology report saying there is possability of the pills being the problum. its taking to long. this night was an accedent and would never have happend if i had never taken that sleeping tablet. i have no hystory of this . and it angers me that soc serv would for so long be on my side to give me costody and then now say i cant meet her needs. dr phil or someone pls help me . soc serv here are under a lot of question as now in the news they are being rediculed for a baby that died at the hand of the mother after soc serv didnt place this baby in care. they have admited they are covering there own behinds and its my little girl who is now paying the price. they have now told me the case is going before the crown court ( high court) i am trying to get the child named as an american citizen as she was born here but england is saying she is not english. her mother is american as is her father ( thos peternaty hasnt been astablished) i am praying that america will then take over and bring us home. pls if anyone can help in anyway to prove lunesta does this or knows anything that might help pls do so.

dr phil my little Sierra needs you .




January 4, 2009, 10:14 pm CST

Birthday Parties

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February 15, 2009, 7:47 pm CST

General Advice

Quote From: 1stbabydue


 My 7 month old started doing something new the other day. She's always been such an easy baby and a great sleeper. Well about a week ago she started standing up in her crib and now never wants to sleep! I used to put her down for a nap and she'd go right to sleep.  Now she is so tired and keeping herself awake by standing up and screaming. Is this a teething syptom? SHe already has her bottom two teeth.... I need help because nothing is getting done around the house and she's so cranky because she's not getting the sleep and naps she needs. 



Yes it could be teething. My son did the same thing, except he didn't stand up. He would just stay awake and cry. If he did fall asleep he would wake back up in about 30-45 mins. He also already had his bottom two teeth. About two weeks after that he started sleeping all night again and having about an hr. nap. Then two days later that top tooth popped through. He has been a great sleeper ever since. Hopefully once you babies top teeth come in she will be okay.
February 15, 2009, 7:50 pm CST

General Advice

Quote From: sck2008

I dont know what to do, he will say "shut the fu** up" *fu**in brat". He said she needs to learn her place...what should I do????? Please help.
I think you really need to get out of that relationship. That is horrible.
February 15, 2009, 7:58 pm CST

General Advice

Quote From: tinker_tots


My husband is going back home to PA for two weeks and he wants to take our daughter with him.

That's perfectly fine with me....we used to live there, we moved this past Aug to FL....well, long story short, is two weeks to long for her to be away from mommy ? Even though she lived around his family for almost two years and she's going with her dad, I'm still alittle nervous about i9t being so long...I've never spent a day with out her...let alone two weeks !!!



Think she'll be ok????

If your husband has never watched her a whole day by himself I do not think I would let him take her for 2 weeks...
April 24, 2009, 6:08 pm CDT

help with talking to my mom

I need advice on how to talk to my mom.  She was abusive towards me as a child.  I have forgiven her, but can not allow her to keep my son.  Now that I am going back to work, she  is insisting that I let her keep him.  The whole family is involved, my dad says that she has changed and that I am breaking her heart.  I am afraid that I am tearing my family apart, but I can't stand the thought of her treating my son the same way she treated me. 
April 29, 2009, 9:07 pm CDT

Parental Guidance Suggested

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