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Topic : Are You Afraid to Age?

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Created on : Tuesday, August 08, 2006, 01:53:05 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
They say age is just a number, but many people will do just about anything to stay young. Are you afraid to age? How do you stay young in mind and body?

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January 23, 2008, 11:06 pm CST


Quote From: hillsmum

i hate the thought of ageing. 

for some reason when i was a kid i thought i'd be young for ever, hah, how naive. 

 i am 32.  as i have gotten older, i has seen signs of ageing not just only on the out side.  aches and pains, wrinkles, and well, gravity isn't being kind to me either, lol.  i have a small issue with my yunf=g girls ageing too, they make me feel older.  i try not to dwell on the ineviatable too much, but i'm hateing looking into the mirror every year.

if i had the resources, i would have cosmetic surgery, for sure, but i can't justify the costs, or the risks.  i also don't want to be a bad role model for my girls and give them my petty issues too.  it's all just a losing battle.

Your only 32. I just turned 30 a few months ago. Actually 32 is still young. Its sounds like your freaking out a lot. You shouldn’t have a lot of pains and wrinkles yet. You should put up a picture of yourself on here and I bet you look really good. Quit being so hard on yourself!

January 24, 2008, 12:01 am CST


Women try hard to look like girls, but men don't aspire to look like boys. That's because they're still behaving/thinking/acting like boys! It's not true that women are scared of wrinkles alone_they are also terrified of cockroaches and lizards! Ageing gracefully' is an oxymoron; and should be summarily banished from the English language! This is from the site below.

February 13, 2008, 12:32 am CST

afraid to age?

I'm not afraid to age in the sense that i'm going to get wrinkles and all the physical concept of aging  but I must say that I'm worried about running out of time and getting to weak before I get the chande to to all the things on my "to do" list...
February 13, 2008, 12:42 am CST

Are You Afraid to Age?

Quote From: scottie237

your only 28 stop freaking out!  i just turned 30 and it sucked for a while but then i thought hey i'm still young and so are you.  have you ever thought about talking to someone?
you are only 28. I think thats how old im going to be when im finished school.... I think u should stop thinking about  all the things that u didnt do when u were in ur early 20's and start enjoying all the things u can do now... because if u just keep going on like this 10 yrs from now ur going to regret not doing all the things u could've done when u were 28!
February 16, 2008, 6:54 am CST

My mind is that of a child..; )

My age is 44 and finally FINALLY I love the skin I am in!  ENJOY LIFE FOLKS.  Its precious and short.
February 16, 2008, 7:06 am CST

You look so beautiful and so happy....!~

Quote From: windsong95

At 56 the only thing I would wish for is a cure for my husbands incurable brain disease. We are very much in love, have 5 grown children, all of whom we are proud of. We make sure we have a yearly get together and the rest of the time my husband and I travel as soon he will no longer be able to. Our lives have had many ups and downs, and has even gone sideways at times. That is life and we have always found ways to overcome our problems. Even now we continue to live life to its fullest and keep searching for a possible cure.

May all your dreams and happiness continue as long as possible.  You both deserve this. The ups and the downs and the sideways sound wonderful as long as the two of you are together.  Your moments are snapshots of promises you made to eachother long ago.


Being inlove is a true drug for your external glow which if you could bottle you would be a bizzillionaire!

May GOD continue to BLESS you and keep you both safe and protected.




February 16, 2008, 7:08 am CST

Dear Scottie,

Quote From: scottie237

So many people on these message boards are so dam depressed! I lot of them seem to need some type of medication, or therapy. This is definitely not a site to go and feel good about life.

Dr Phil says it best "We must WORK IT FROM THE INSIDE OUT" before anything else!  I did and all is well in MIDLAND AMERICA!  OHIO ROCKS!




April 7, 2008, 4:48 pm CDT

Are You Afraid to Age?

With phrases like 'age is only a number' there is some truth, and some misleading. It is true we cannot absolutely determine qualities by that number, since people change over time at different rates, based on their genes and their lifestyle. However, it is observed that entropy does set in, and the bodies do degenerate on a base level.


If we are living unhealthily, then by living healthy, the improvements from that can still improve quality of life relative to how it was in the past, even if we are still degrading. That is a good thing, though too much stock should not be put in it, as too many people are doing by recklessly using phrases like 'exercise makes you younger' and stuff which are total fictions.

April 8, 2008, 1:22 pm CDT

The "Real" Fear...

Some people live 90 years,
and some people live one year 90 times.

I am much more "afraid" of being in the latter one!
April 8, 2008, 9:04 pm CDT

Afraid of aging?

I have had several serious illness, and that made me realize that if I do not grow old is because I die young.  So, No, I am not afraid of aging!  I want to grow older.  I am 57 years old and my mind tells me to do things I used to, but my body tells me not to.  But I try anyway!!!.  I love life.  At this age I can do thing I could not do when I was raising my kids, when I was working full time to support them.  I have time for myself and enjoy it.
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