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Created on : Tuesday, August 08, 2006, 01:53:05 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
They say age is just a number, but many people will do just about anything to stay young. Are you afraid to age? How do you stay young in mind and body?

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December 12, 2006, 4:07 pm CST

Are You Afraid to Age?

I'm only 18, and I'm already freaking out about my age.

December 14, 2006, 8:01 pm CST


Quote From: jamiltri

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I should say that it was my fault of not telling her first & foremost that I got a 6 year old kid. My only purpose of not letting her know about it was so crystal clear that she might reject me because of me being a father to a 6 year old kid. I was just waiting for the right time (I told her) for me to be able to spill the beans BUT my trusted friend based in UK as well told her instead of I telling her.


Thats my dilemma now. I courted her for less than a month and i was able to win her heart two days before my holiday last August. 

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My intention was clear of winning her heart. Since our last phone conversation, we talked of her holiday next year on May. It seems to me that BETRAYAL is the issue?


We have a lot of things in common and I thought she was the one that Ive been waiting for. Shes 34 and I dont know which way our relationship is going.


Do you think we still have a chance?


Thanks for your invitation, it's a good idea. I hope of talking to you soon. 


 Thank you.

HI. yes I think you still have a chance. I do want to say something tho, Even if you have a 6 year old child, she is your daughter and you and your daughter are a package and she should be happy to be there for you and possibly a step mommy to your little girl. Anytime you wanna talk feel free to send me an e-mail at:
December 25, 2006, 4:26 pm CST

If I had known I would live this long

I turned 50 November 21, 2006, I don't go out any but to get the mail and maybe to eat at a restaurant and back home alone which I don't mind being alone since I have lived alone for years which I prefer but I would like to make new friends however since I don't go out I make or try to make friends online from the fear of rejection around the area I live I inherited a ranch which I love and I will live here until I die but since I live alone I guess I will die alone, I am not asking for pity but how can I break out of this lonely rut I am stuck in.


Thank you


Have a great day


Leonard McKey



December 27, 2006, 7:52 am CST

Are You Afraid to Age?

Quote From: maria3255

I am afraid to age only because ageing means the end of the road, death. I was a very dedicated Christian and the thought of going to hell after death terrified me. I know that everyone has their own religious beliefs but i believed that Christianity is the only way to God. Now that I'm 55 and have a few physical chronic ailments death is staring at me right in the face. I dont mean that ageing is bad, because I am enjoying my middle age because of my Grandchildren and my girls growing wiser and wiser. It's the thought of dying. What if there is no Eternal Life to come, or Paradise where we can rest our souls beside the still waters. I guess my faith is not as strong as it used to be and I don't know why. I have suffered from clinical depression for years, maybe that had something to do to erode my faith. Maybe I was always a weak believer and now that I'm coming to the twilight years i have enormous worry about it.  I just hope that I wont go to hell.



Loredana,  Be assured that if you have confessed that Jesus is the Lord and believe in your heart He is raised from the dead, you will be saved.  This promise cannot be broken.  He is your only hope.  Call on Him and He will strengthen your heart.    Juanita

December 30, 2006, 6:00 pm CST

Are You Afraid to Age?

To be honest, this is something I had never really thought about, I always joke that aging is inevitable, but "Growing Up" is a choice, but even at 37, I still don't really think about it, but this question did bring up a couple of issues I try NOT to think about anyway.

My biggest fear about aging is Alzheimers or any other type of Demetiaassociated with aging, I drive people crazy because I am ALWAYS exercising my brain to keep it sharp ( if you don't use it you loose it ) the idea of my children changing my diapers, or myself not recognizing them is completly reprehensible to me, and I really think I would kill myself before I let that happen.

After watching people die from this, watching them deteriorate, I came to the conclusion that if there is any kindness in this, the patient has NO IDEA what's going on anyway, but the toll it takes on the other members of the family can be devastating.  My relatives were lucky enough to have supportave caring family around them, but there are many who are left alone in nursing homes (why bother if they don't know me anyway ), or end up being abused physically or financially ( the wrtong person being made power of attorney ), many times the family feels relief, yes I said RELIEF when that member passes, because then they can get their lives straight ( the amount of work these patients NEED is incredible, sometimes overwhelming to the uninitiated ), and they can really then grieve for the parent, grandparent Aunt Uncle etc., that they reall lost long before.

So that's my ramble, the wrinkles ( there are creams for those ) , the grey hair ( my hairdresser can fix that ) are superficial, if my mind is guarenteed, then I'll go for as long as fate allows, but I will NOT allow myself to lose my mind, that simple.

December 31, 2006, 12:53 am CST

getting old

   I actually think about aging a lot but not getting old or older.  Not that I would do anything to change my physical looks - couple of reasons--too expensive and too painful.  And of course when I look in a  mirror I don't think I see what others see.  I see someone aging slowly and gracefully and still getting compliments from others at how young I look.  My biggest problem about aging is NEVER thinking about dying. So it instills in me a sense of living forever so any problems I have physically, mentally, things to change about myself I feel like I have a lot of time to change them, very dangerous.  I would like to grow up some and believe aging has nothing to do with maturing.  This past year was the first year in my life to take charge.  Only baby steps but hopefully I have more courage this year to improve.  I believe that the huge sexual trauma that happened at the age of 8-10 created a stunt of growth of maturity for me.  In some areas I am mature and responsible but in other areas I am very immature. I would like to age gracefully.  What that means to me is accepting and telling others my true age.  Allowing the physical changes to continue with out carving up my body to look younger and to keep a positive attitude about life and accepting the future better as I get closer to death
January 13, 2007, 4:00 am CST


Quote From: canucklehead

I am not scared of aging in the sense that I am afraid to look old but the problems that age brings, such as health.  I look at my mother and my grandmother and see what age has done to them because they have taken such poor care of themselves.  My grandmother had a stroke and was partially paralyzed when she was 59.  A year ago my mom nearly died from pneumonia and she has problems walking up a small hill without getting completely winded.


I see myself travelling down the same road.  I am 30 years old and severely overweight and have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol.  I know as you get older, these conditions become more severe and harder to fix.  I am trying to fix the problems but it is a long hard road but I am doing it both for myself and to set a good example for my daughter.

Old age and having a bad health do not have to belong to each other. I have had diabetes since my 11 years and since a couple year high cholesterol ,green tea helps against this very well(medecines against high cholesterol don't help me). I am 38 years old. When I was 17  I have suffered a thrombosis leg - TIA - heart attack  - massive longembolism (in that order). Because they then not yet knew as a result of which this came (factor v Leiden) I have suffered 4 years ago (34) a brain haemorrhage with as a result of which I was halfly paralysed. I think that if you lose enough weight  the diabetes will be gone but the chance of that is bigger if you have type 2 Diabetes. Good Luck!!
January 18, 2007, 9:31 am CST

Jeez...It beats the alternative!

I am on the roller-coaster of life. As I get older it seems to be going faster. I am enjoying the ride even though there have been a lot of ups and downs. My husband has been on here with me for almost 33 years. Our kids are grown, but they hop on frequently. My parents rode with me for almost 52 years. They left the ride last spring. I think they were trying to go together. One on April 7, and one on June 15. The ride is not the same without them. But you know, it just keeps going. Sometimes I get motion sick. I am planning on staying on as long as I can. (Hopefully someday some grandkids will hop on with us.) It does get a little crazy sometimes with these 5 dogs, 4 cats and a parakeet! Of course, our relatives and friends hop on and off a lot. My father-in-law left the ride almost 3 years ago. We still miss him a lot. My mother-in-law is still hanging on but she is confused a lot and doesn't know us anymore ( A roller- coaster makes you that way sometimes.) All in all , I am having the tilme of my life on this roller-coaster.I'm hanging on for dear life as long as I can. They'll have to pry my cold dead fingers loose when it's time for me to go!
January 27, 2007, 5:57 am CST

Some days better than others

I am 52 years old and although my gyn disagrees I believe I'm going through menopause. I am having many of the symptoms but because I have not experienced hot flashes and because of my estrogen level in blood tests, my doctor dismisses what I'm going through. I am considering the saliva test, but to be honest, money is somewhat tight. Also, the test I've looked into wants me to chart my temperature for three months prior to taking the test and I want help NOW! The most difficult symptom I have is depression and add to that I am a Christian so guilt typically follows the depression. I know I have put too much importance on my physical appearance my entire adult life and now aging is having its impact. I am trying desperately to reprioritize and value myself for things less superficial but it's so hard to teach an old dog new tricks. My daughters laugh and say my bedroom is like a cosmetic counter because every product that comes on the market for lines and wrinkles - I've bought! Maybe that's why our money is so tight! Also, my libido as well as my husband's has just about disappeared and we were a couple who used to make love 4 to 5 times a week - for 33 years. It was a major part of how we related. That is not helping my depression either. How do I get to the point that I am aging gracefully, not so much for everyone else, but for myself?
February 6, 2007, 12:48 pm CST

Wild ride

I am 58 and not afraid of getting older.  I want to slide into heaven yelling "Holy S___!  What a ride!"  I want my gravestone to read "Crazy Old Woman" not "Nice Old Lady".  I live every day as if it could be my last.  Remember, this is not a dress rehersal.  Live life to the fullest - every day.  And forget about the mirror and calendar.
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