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Do you or a loved one have, or suspect you may have an STD? Share support and advice with others dealing with a sexually transmitted disease.

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May 22, 2009, 6:45 pm CDT

Husband says DR told him his test was negative

My husband and I have been together for 3 1/2 yrs. After we got married, our sex life changed dramatically. He always said he didnt know what his problem was, he just didnt desire it. A year ago, he shows me what he claimed to be a spider bite on his penis. The thought of herpes came to my mind. About six mths later, he had it again in the same area. I told him to see the doctor, he never did. We argued about the lack of sex one day. He finally tells me he thinks he has an STD from his ex, but also tells me that he got tested after he left his ex wife that he was married to for 8 mths. Said he had an outbreak and got tested for everything. He said they called him with the results and was negative on everything. About a month and a half ago, he had a outbreak and went to the DR while I was at work, I did not know until after the fact. A week later, he calls me, tells me its positive for herpes. The following week, I went to get tested, they drew blood. He came with. My results came back positive. I have never had a outbreak. I made him request for the paperwork from the 1st DR. Of course, it read positive herpes and he was tested for everything about 4 yrs ago. So, is he lying about the phone call he received saying it was negative? He went to the 1st DR office yesterday because I asked him to. This DR called me today and apologized to me, says it was too long ago to remember if she or someone else called him from the office. She also stated this situation has never happened at their office before. I already have a trust issue because I found out he was talking to an ex girlfriend on the phone and going to her house to work on her roof for 2 mths before we got married and 2 mths after we got married. Claimed they were just friends, but only talked to her when I was not present. Besides all this mess, he is a hard worker and will do anything for anyone. I have been so upset about this whole thing, especially when he gets mad at me because he feels I do not beleive him. I dont know what to believe, and I was honest enough to tell him that. I feel we are close to a divorce. What does this sound like to any of you who read this? What would you do?

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