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Topic : What's Your Payoff for Being Overweight?

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Created on : Friday, July 01, 2005, 12:37:55 pm
Author : dataimport
It's time to reflect on what makes us stay at an unhealthy weight. Share your story and get support from others who understand.

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July 14, 2008, 1:47 pm CDT

looking for a buddy?

Quote From: trip52

   I am a 55 y/o fat nurse and I am tired all of the time. I want to loose weight for my health and also to improve my mobility.I will have knee replacement surgery soon. I want to loose weight before the surgery.

I would love an e-mail buddy of any age for co-support. I  am a nice person  that happens to be over 60 lbs over weight.

July 14, 2008, 4:03 pm CDT

What's Your Payoff for Being Overweight?

Quote From: huiskmc

I too am an overweight nurse. I have an eating disorder and my weight yo yo's between 155 and 90. I seem to be stuck at the 155 mark right now. My family is very disgusted with me. They share this verbally and I can see it in their eyes. My legs bother me and I have some trouble moving around like I did. I would like to be at a healthier weight and could also use a positive buddy. I will look out for you. Keep your chin up.
August 6, 2008, 10:58 pm CDT

What's Your Payoff for Being Overweight?

Quote From: amy_20

I am 20 years old with 2 kids, a 2 year old and a 10 month old i have been over weight my hole life and now i have had my kids and don't want anymore i really want to lose weight, i have tried and have lost 9 kilos but i just lost my will power and my partner is starting to get angry with me, he is very skinny and just can't understand how or why i would just give up when i was going so good, i don't even know that is the problem, i can't answer him. i don't think i have a payoff or a deep reason why i am overweight i just remember always being like this. i am not an emotional eater, i just really never feel full and just snack alot and not even on unhealthy stuff all the time i do eat a lot of veggies and healthy food i just eat large meals. i don't know how i can do this by my self. i have tried to get my partner to help me as much as possible but he gives in to me to easily like when i ask him to get me KFC for dinner he does, i don't have a license so i can't which is real good i think, i don't want to pass this on to my kids they are at a great weight right now but that could change in just one year. please someone help me....

   Congratulations on losing your 9 kilos!  My children are 2 1/2 and 9-months-old.  I have been overweight most of my life and always felt hungry too.  I'm not really an emotional eater either, and have recently discovered why I never feel full.  I wasn't drinking enough water.  A medical doctor gave me a formula to follow for how much water people need to drink a day: take your weight number, and divide it in half.  That is the number of ounces of water we need.  ie: I'm sitting currently at 200 pounds, so I need to drink 100 oz. of water every day.  Because I exercise intensely in a humid climate, and am nursing my youngest, I add another 2 liters to prevent dehydration.  As soon as I upped my water my hunger stopped pulling at me all the time.  The water in fresh fruit and vegetables also will make you feel full, so I changed all of my dried fruits over to fresh.  I miss my apple chips, but a fresh juicy apple is worth it.  My energy levels are up too, and my system is constantly cleansed.  I feel more vibrant and aware of my life.  Drink your liter of water about 30 minutes before every meal, and your stomach will put the breaks up, especially since most of the time a "hungry!" signal our brain receives is actually our system screaming for more water.  You will gain about 2-3 pounds the first day in water weight, but in 2 weeks most people usually lose about twice that and continue to do so.  For every action our body makes it requires water to do it.  I lost 10 pounds in my first month just becoming hydrated, and that was without hitting the gym.  :)

   BTW, he won't stay skinny forever... my husband found that out.  If you need support, I'm here for you.  My myspace page:



September 11, 2008, 7:09 am CDT

Family and security

I'm 27 and weigh 282 pounds, at last weigh-in, which was last Sunday. Most of the women in my family are overweight, and there are only 3 men who aren't. It's been like an identifier for us. My sister is about the same weight as me, but about 4 inches taller.

I had my daughter 6 months ago, and my weight peaked at 296 while pregnant, so I really don't have any excuse for being this heavy still. It's partly the sedentary lifestyle that comes with recovering from a c-section, plus the fact that my husband is a very picky eater, which means I tailor meals to his liking.

But I also feel security with my size. I've always been big, and part of me is scared about how my husband, my family, would perceive me. Then I would be the odd woman out, and I know a few of them would be jealous of me, because they have been in the past. I also like the fact that if someone doesn't accept me, it's because of my weight, and not because of another factor, like my personality or my fashion sense, etc. It gives me an excuse to check out of things that I want to be doing, but don't.

Break it all down, and honestly, none of these reasons are enough to kill myself. So why should I keep going down the road to ruin? It's just a matter of being honest with yourself and owning how you feel. And then letting yourself feel things that don't make sense, but choosing to do better for your own good!
December 22, 2008, 8:29 am CST


I am very overweight. I am 5'4 and weigh almost 300lbs. I have always been overweight, for as long as I can remember and the last few years I have been on and off steriods and that hasnt helped any. I am very much an emotional eater, and in the past year have been diagnosed with diabetes. I have six children, four of which I have taken on because their parents are unable to raise them. I work full time, which still is not enough money to raise all these kids, I am very depressed and find solitude in eating. I wish there was a way to get out of this mind set, I just havent been able to find it yet.
June 13, 2009, 6:50 am CDT

The Payoff

I have just begun my journey through the 7 keys and am trying to figure out what my payoff for being overweight is.  Someone help me with a hint as to how I figure this out.  I have been fat all my life, have been beat down and ridiculed all my life.  There isn't a diet out there that I haven't attempted.  Just last month I was scheduled for gastric bypass and really excited about my future.  The doctor made a quick look around my abdomen before starting the procedure and discovered I have cirrhosis of the liver.  No known reason for this since I am not  a drinker.  This did however, put my bypass to a quick hault, never to be an option again.
Anyone have any answers as to how I find my payoff.  I am so miserable and so feed up with myself and my life.  I am not ready to die, I also have diabetes to deal with.   HELP
July 15, 2009, 6:08 pm CDT

Wishing for a Payoff

I wish there was a payoff for my size.   I could blame my current weight on the stress of my family being stationed on the other side of the planet (Japan), but I'm pretty content here with my family. 


My size has always been able to mostly be attributed to my current eating and exercise habits.   My family all has hypoglycemia, but during my pregnancies I felt amazing and lost a vast amount of weight when my blood glucose levels rose.  Unfortunately once each of my 2 children were born my hypoglycemia got worse, and I put on weight very quickly, despite a healthy diet and exercise. 


Determined not to repeat the weight gain of my first postpardum experience, once my GYN gave me the go-ahead to exercise my second child was born, I began an intense exercise and nutrition program called Body for Life.  I did gain a little weight, but not nearly the amount as my first postpardum experience.  After 7 months of this program with little results, being too exhausted in just daily routines to continue it anymore and with a new job, I quit the gym in favor of walking the daily 4 miles all over the base and a strict diet. 


Personal Soapbox:

Using the military medical I am very disappointed in my care received here.  My weight is now steadily increasing (currently at 200) in a pant size 16/18 on my 5'4 frame.   My doctor here refuses to think I have anything but PCOS, despite not having any other symptoms (but having other unrelated symptoms), but he refuses to send me to an endocrinologist.  I desperately need a mammoplasty reduction, but military medical insurance won't approve it until I can get down to a max of 155 lbs.   My back, shoulders, neck and occasionally head hurt on a daily basis.


I want so much to have the energy again to play daily with my children and to not be in some form of pain.   If I could just get my insulin to behave itself, then all my efforts will finally make a difference in my energy and size.

September 1, 2009, 4:20 am CDT

My payoff is.....

Dr Phil you are right even though i don't really want to admit it. I watch you show daily. I hear u say that "there must be a payoff otherwise you would have changed it." I guess for me I was lil and petite until I "became a women" (to put it nicely) at 13. From then on i gained weight but it didn't exactly bother me...I was always very nice and had friends. I met and started dating my husband in high school. My weight didn't particularly changed again until I was pregnant with my 3.5 yr old son....I gained about 65 lbs, I delivered him emergency c-section, and i stay at home with him which has only reinforce my laziness. So when I gained another 18 lbs with my daughter it bothered me but i was so busy with the kids, husband, cats, and housework that i just keep putting it off.....I just don't want to put it off to much that my children follow me down this path.

To answer your question, i think it's something i get to complain about, grip to my hubby he's not motivating me, and something i get to take up places in my mind that i don't want to think about other things that need to be done ----i think I'm a lil afraid to lose what has made me the person i have been for the last 12 yrs....without the weight  maybe I'm not so brave, outgoing, forthright, what if i someone my husband wont recognize (hes never known me any other way) sorry I'm crying so I'm gonna go thanks for letting me let somethings out....bye

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