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Created on : Friday, July 01, 2005, 12:37:25 pm
Author : dataimport
Share your tips and strategies to stay motivated and on the path. You can do this!

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September 18, 2008, 1:57 pm CDT

free support

Quote From: redhead_mich

I know...soo many can relate to not being able to get motivated again...continuing to lose weight/for some just starting out on that road...but my question needing feedback do you find support systems without going to a weight loss centre (rather not, don;t have money for that right now!)..or having anyone nearby to help motivate me to walk..and work on losing more weight!

Any feedback?

Are there ways of feeling good about getting out on your walk/exercise?

Maybe you could look either online or in your local newspaper for a 12-step program called Overeaters Anonymous.  I used to go to a local group when I needed that support and had no $$.  It helped.
Good luck!
September 18, 2008, 2:07 pm CDT

to Valolove & yanellevilorio

Quote From: valolove1975

I know how you feel.  I just failed again myself. :(  I did so wonderfully for over a month, even lost 25 lbs., but then suddenly bang!, no more motivation.  I started stuffing my face on garbage food again and I stopped riding my exercise bike everyday.  I've already gained back close to 10 lbs.  My highest weight was 335 lbs. and I am right back on my way to it again, probably plus some.  I don't know how to stay motivated for life.  I am so lazy and such a dissapointment.   
Hey Chicas!
Why don't we help each other out?  It sounds like we're all in the same boat of roller coaster weight lost/gain.  I lost 80 pounds a year ago.  Since then I've been losing/gaining the same 20 pounds for over a year.  And I really need to lose about 40 to be at my healthy level.  I have my usual excuses:  I have Lupus and get discouraged. My husband brings me "comfort food" and I don't want to hurt his feelings. (that's a good one, huh?) 
Well, what do ya say?  Can we meet in these message boards and help each other listen to the positive and put the negative where it the trash.
October 1, 2008, 3:16 pm CDT

Yes you should be insulted but keep up the good work!

Quote From: tappedants

I've been on a diet for about 7 weeks and have dropped 12 pounds.  I'm working out three times a week as well as riding my bike whenever I can.  I was a size 14 but have been getting back into my size 12's.  Would like to lose another two sizes at least.  Anyway,  the exercise is helping me slim down but the scale has been stuck at the same number for a couple of weeks.  Last night I said to my husband, "Help, I need some inspiration."  He said, "Well, you're not drinking enough water and you shouldn't have had that Diet Coke after dinner."  I said, "I was looking for inspiration, not chastisement."  He said, "Well, you've got to stick with it.  You have no idea how bad you looked before."  I was crushed and embarrassed.  He apologized this morning but I'm still pretty upset about what I perceive as his shallowness.  Feedback would be greatly appreciated here.  Thanks.

First, congratulations on losing 12 pounds...that's fantastic!  I know how frustrating it can be.  I have been working out faithfully for the past two months with no results until this week.  I lost four pounds.  I think sometimes it takes your body a while to adjust--you will hit plateaus while you are changing your lifestyle, but don't give up.  It will eventually happen.  My mom said, "You didn't put it on over night and it won't come off overnight!"  Second, you should feel upset by his comments.  Now you know that your husband probably won't be your best source of inspiration--at least he apologized.  He probably thought he was helping by being brutally honest.  Who knows?  I know mine has a critical spirit.  I love him dearly, but he can't help it--I don't discuss my weight loss triumphs and tragedies with him for precisely this reason.  I just do my own thing and try to find inspiration in small triumphs like my four pounds and the fact that I feel mentally and physically better.  Don't give up!

October 1, 2008, 3:22 pm CDT

Don't do it unless you do it for YOU

Quote From: adkb78

Anyone else out there with a husband who is very unhappy because of your weight?  I am really struggling.  I want  to make him happy but then I forget all about it when I see a plate of brownies or I get hungry.  I KNOW I am addicted to food but what is the key to getting control?

You can't make anyone happy but can't control other people's emotions.  If you do decide to lose weight, do it for the right reasons:  because it's something YOU want.--not what your spouse wants.  Otherwise, you will not succeed. 

A good starting point is Dr. Phil's book--but you have to READ THE WHOLE THING and do the inventories--he has SEVEN KEYS in there that help you.  Losing weight isn't about making other people happy, it's about a lifestyle change that can only come from within.  Good luck to you.

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