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Created on : Thursday, July 06, 2006, 07:06:48 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Meeting the love of your life in a bar is no longer the only option. Every month, 61 million people log on to try online dating. So why is Dr. Phil's first guest, Deb, having such a hard time? She says she's a dating disaster and can't figure out why she only gets losers in her inbox. Some online dating experts take a look at her profile to see what she's doing wrong. Then, Jeanne hasn't been on a date in over 20 years and says she's scared to death to try online dating. Dr. Phil goes over some cyber safety tips from his book, Love Smart. Plus, a unique first date that doesn’t include dinner and drinks ... but a metal bar and a harness! Join the discussion.

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July 9, 2006, 11:36 am CDT

online dateing

well   i  am  32  and never been married.  because  i am still  looking for a good  christian man to share my life with!     i   tried  online  dateing and  all  i get is  looser's.  also its not safe  on line. you never know  if you might get a  person that will rape  and kill you!    its just not safe  to go online to find a  man.   finding a man in a bar is  wrong and  all they care about is sex.   thats all  they are looking for  ones that goes to bars.   i   want  a christian  man  that lives for  Jesus  and puts Jesus  first in his life.  goes to church!!    also  that  don't  drink,smoke,go to bars,party,do drugs,cheat,look at nude pics,lie,these  are the things i don't  want in a man.     i want  a man  that is a careing, loveing,sweet,understanding,christian  man.  that  lives  and worships Jesus. thats a good  honest christian that has Jesus in his heart..   the  only good  men  are  christian  men that  lives for Jesus!   you can't  find a good christian man  at a bar or online!!    thats  why  i leave it in Gods hands and let him send me  a good christian man. when the time is right!!   God  knows who the right man is for me.   without  God  a  relationship  will  not last.   a relationship has to have God in it.   for it to last !     if i  can't  find a christian man,  then i don't need a man.  i want a christian  man only!  i rather be alone  then have a man  thats  not a christian.   
July 9, 2006, 11:51 am CDT

Face the facts!

From even reading some of these quotes about on line dating, i am getting that some of these people out of a life less marriage, bored, and so forth have showed why it can be difficult to meet a man or woman who would be a good match, for some are just filling in their time for their ( Not ) as I will say will power to leave the relationship that should not continue.  

Shame on them, for they are the ones who make it hard for those who are really not attached.  

Other than that, like life, you will meet the good with the bad, and like life hopefully, we can weed the bad out, and tell them to get lost, for they are they are not worth our time and trouble.  

Lucky for time, and patience, if we seek hard enough, and long enough, lady luck will follow us, for such positive thinking, is always a winner.  

July 9, 2006, 1:08 pm CDT

On line dating-is it all that great

I have been in the personal ads for many years on and off.  All I seem to meet is jerks, cheap guys or married men looking for side jobs. Then I decided to try on-line dating. I never got to meet any of them only through messaging eachother.  After about six e-mails from them, the truth comes out. You catch them in some sort of a lie or distorted image they gave themself to be. They seem to be all losers as well.  Dr. Phil, if all else fails what are single women supposed to do to meet a serious minded man looking for a decent, great girl?  I feel there are many of us women out there that need answers before we become old and gray and loose interest in the things that should always remain important to us. 

July 9, 2006, 2:10 pm CDT

online dating

After getting out of a very destructive longtime relationship, I stayed away from relationships for a long time. I jumped back into the dating pool via the internet. Let me tell you that I met a lot of men that would have been incompatable to the rest of the human race. Finally I met a nice guy who I could relate with (and he was easy on the eyes which didn't hurt) We've been together seven years and have two sons. You just have to be willing to take the chance and be persistant. Don't settle!
July 9, 2006, 3:03 pm CDT

Married an online guy

I met a man online ..  I see nothing wrong  with it , if you use common sense.  We talked online for a  while ( nothing kinky) then decided to meet.  He lived 200 miles away, we  met at a local mall( local for me ) he drove 150 miles i drove  50miles.  We hit it off . I can;t say it  was  love at  first  site , but  very close to  it ..  Well, that  was  the  beginning of  the  story , The rest of  the  story, we  dated for a  year and  a  half ====  yes driving  back and  forth 200 miles..  We got married , living happily..                     
July 9, 2006, 4:00 pm CDT

one of the lucky ones

well i agree about the guys you can find online,the one reason i think i hit it so lucky was because i wasnt looking and he was just a guy i laughted it up with till it became more serious,we didnt meet for the first 17 months because im on ohio and hes in oklahoma...a little far to take the weekend off for a i just did it,met him in january of 05 and now,on july 13th im finally moving to oklahoma to live with him..3 yrs later...he is the love of my life and my best friend and the one thing that got us to where we are.......remembering everything Dr.Phil has said about men respecting women and how we do deserve it,how he taught me to look out for me,no matter what and to take no crap from any man for any reason...and it really thankyou Dr. helped me save myself from a life of loneliness and worthless men......
July 9, 2006, 4:47 pm CDT

On line dating

I am a  middle aged single gal who has tried one line dating. I must admit that I have run into some jerks.    One jerk e-mailed me to say that he was coming to my area to meet me and could he stay with me (not),  another one  got angry because I would not come to his home, and spend some "quality time" with him.  SCARY!!.  I bought  and read Dr. Phil's "Love Smart" .   I met the guy that I am currently dating online also.  He and I have a lot in common.  The 1st time we decided to meet,  we were at a local mall (I had two of my girl friends with me).  We had dinner and did the group thing at first.  Our first one on one date was at a concert!!  We had a blast.  We talk several times a week and go out regularly.  I have not introduced him to my son yet, I am not rushing it, but I feel that it is coming.  I am taking it slow and easy!! He is persuing me.  What a change!!  If he isn't the one, I am enjoying myself and have learned a lot about dating.  Thanks for "Love Smart"  It works!!   

July 9, 2006, 6:52 pm CDT

I found the right one!

I met the love of my life on   He was completely honest online.  I liked him on the phone and in emails and when I met him, I was smitten completely.  I still am after nearly two years.   Was he the only one on Match who was honest?   No, I met three other wonderful men.   I still talk to one on a routine friendly basis.  Yes, there are some bad guys out there but come one!   I'd LOTS rather have someone turn me down online (Yes, I did have one guy tell me I was too fat for him) than in person at some bar or anywhere else. 

Anyway, I am a Match success story.    And you know how Dr. Phil says that a man is successful if his wife knows that she is better treated by her husband than any other woman in the room.   By that definition, my boyfriend is a great success.  I know that few women are treated better than I am by my boyfriend.   

Don't give up, ladies!   There are good men out there. 

July 9, 2006, 7:57 pm CDT


It seems that men are in such a hurry to date that too many forget to even take time to get to know someone and ... become friends. I met nice people (on line) - Many of them were going too fast ...  I felt like telling some of them to get up and give their brain a rest!  - Some ... were in dreamland .... followed their own train of thoughts ...   


Anybody can be anything on line .... a dream ... people do not see themself they was they want to be and will not admit their wrongs !!!!   


My daughter met someone on line ... he was Mr. Wonderful - but, later found out  (after they got married of course) that he was a liar ... had alcohol problem .... was a control fricks, violent ... etc ...  had lots of problems ....He became a nightmare when she divorced him a year later ...   


The 2nd marriage - another Mrs. Wonderful - found on line !.... same thing happened... same pattern ... There was some good in him - BUT .... another alcoholic, an abuser .... she is now going through another divorce.....   


There are many fish in the ocean .... We need to first know who we are ... what we want, what we will accept -  What we are ready to put up with ....  We need not to be in a hurry! step back, observe and most of all pray to seek God's will!   

July 9, 2006, 8:25 pm CDT

Online dating

My oldest son was SO ready to meet someone to share his life with.  He had met a few ladies by way of the web, two seriously, one near where we lived and one across the country.  They didn't stick for too long.  Then, he tried an address from someone who had decided to make her birthday a new beginning for a life, a life that included Christ.  That was on November 30, 2003.  By Christmas they were both (unknown to each other at the time) planning marriage, both glowing and so happy it brought tears to your eyes.  They were married the next September (no lighting was necessary, their faces gave out such a glow it was the only thing all of us witnesses could see) and will soon celebrate their second anniversary.  Their plans are taking place, working on them together every step of the way.  They both put the other first, etc.  It is so encouraging and uplifting to see these things do happen; when the time is right, the right thing will happen. 
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