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Created on : Thursday, July 06, 2006, 07:06:48 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Meeting the love of your life in a bar is no longer the only option. Every month, 61 million people log on to try online dating. So why is Dr. Phil's first guest, Deb, having such a hard time? She says she's a dating disaster and can't figure out why she only gets losers in her inbox. Some online dating experts take a look at her profile to see what she's doing wrong. Then, Jeanne hasn't been on a date in over 20 years and says she's scared to death to try online dating. Dr. Phil goes over some cyber safety tips from his book, Love Smart. Plus, a unique first date that doesn’t include dinner and drinks ... but a metal bar and a harness! Join the discussion.

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November 25, 2006, 11:13 am CST

dating long distance

dr Phil

this is my story my best frd went to the philipines an met a girl there so later on she talked to him beco'z she don't really trust him so this is how i got involed in this story she ask him do u have a frd who might like a nice filipino girl so that is how he introduced me to mylene she was so nice to talk too wel to speed up i was with her for over 2years an 1/2 from 2004/2006 well we became engaged in 2005 so i we had a rough time but work out the problems so i decided to meet her so we wil marry in her country well this what i have of proof of our relationship is real i had 2 books of text messages/pictures/phone bills/letters/ well so i ask her again 4 the 6/7/ time are we going to get married when i arrive there she said 4 sure wel that was good enough 4 me so i flew down there this year on March 31st until may2 then home again well let me tell u it was no show no go from the start we did meet it was a disaster from the word go her family did not knw about me at all she was only 24 plz don't judge me on my age it would have been nice well i seen her only once when i was there it was on Apl 05 at 10am an that was the last ime i saw her


Now iam about to marry another girl ther but she is a lady she is older 31 to be exact she is no dummy i knw she wants out of her country that is very understandable i want her out of her Country more then she does  Dr Phil my question is should i follow my heart but let me tel u she is very sincere her whole family knws about me i've talk to her MOM on e0mail she is very looking forward to meeting me so is the rest of the family can u tel me is this true love or am i heading for another dissappointment in my cruel life by the way she has a son who is 10 yers old no problem to me 


November 25, 2006, 11:16 am CST

07/13 Online Dating

Quote From: sevenone

good for you! do what feels right. and if this feels right i say go for it! it could be the best thing that has ever happend to you
yes it is true but how do u knw his love is stil 4 u an he has not change his mind think carefully u just might be very dissappointed with resaults
December 5, 2006, 3:27 pm CST


Quote From: wintterose

I thought you had to be at least 18 to sign up for the singles ads...My daughter was 18 and she did meet a fellow and married him and they now have 2 children, she is now 22.  t was a happy ending but i was troubled with her being 18 on line.  Sixteen is way too Young because there are so many things that can go wrong.  What happened to meeting guys in high school etc.  I'm not scolding you but if I were your mom I would have advised you against it and maybe she did.  You should be meeting guys in your area not on the Internet.  Just make male friends, when you are older 30's 40's and 50's etc time is moving faster but at your young age you need to make friends not get tired down in a relationship so early.  Just my feelings as a mom. Good luck in the future.
This guy does not deserve any more attention and you are giving him a platform to be bad. For years we have all read about him. He gets off on being the bad guy and crying about his father. He needs to grow up and has had many chanches to straighten himself up. I think he does this for the money. If I was him wife I would throw in the towel. She is the one that needs the help to get rid of him. He seems like a con-artist that will do anything to keep his name in the papers. Who hasn't had it tough. My father, yours and Robins had drinking problems but we pulled our selfs up. You talk show host are just giving him more fuel and enable him to keep this public.  
November 4, 2007, 12:07 pm CST

A One Girl Man or a Two Girl Man... Excuse me?

Online dating is horrific.

I know that sounds pathetic, but it is. No one is ever who they claim to be andeveryone seems to be looking for some freak form of perfection that doesn’t exist. Everyone seems to think they are “average” or “athletic,” when inreality they haven’t gotten off of the couch in years. Everyone seems to think they’d plan a super amazing date, when in reality we always end back at dinner and a movie.

Now, I have several friends who have met their significant others through online dating. It’s the new “in” thing. But it’s also somewhat taboo. There are just some people you can’t say, “Yeah, so I met my boyfriend online…” to and be taken seriously. Grandma, for example, often does not see this as a suitableway to meet your future spouse.


Yet everyone seems to be doing it anymore. And I do mean… everyone.   


Even people who really shouldn’t be let near a keyboard.

For example, a message I received for the fourth time last night really just boggles my mind.



i read youyr profile and i like it!! i am trying to find a girl for me bc i amsick of being alone!!! i am shy at first and i am a one girl man or a two girlman if i have a girl if i have a kid!!! i am 21 years of age!!!

plz reply


I left the spelling errorsand the overall… atrociousness of the message in tact in order to prove a veryvalid point. Like I said before, this is not the first time I’ve received this very same message from this very same user. Word for word, spelling mistake for spelling mistake.    


I’d also like to take this time to point out that I have made it very obvious in my profile that I am a fan of well-constructed sentences, so obviously this boy doesn’t have a clue as to who he is spamming with his impersonal messages.

If you don’t read someone’s profile, how could you possibly understand if there is even the potential for a connection? How can you pinpoint those common interests that are so significant in determining how well the date could go?


The messages that impress me the most are the ones where the guy has actually taken the time to read my profile and process it. The messages that catch my attention are the ones whereI feel he’s actually interested in getting to know me… and not just any random chick who might possibly reply.

I’m not saying that women should expect personalized novels from men we’ve never even met – but a sentence or two that directly relates to something wemay have mentioned in our profile is a nice indication that we aren’t being mass-spammed. Its why I stopped using other sites, where similar interests weren't a main focus in the connection, and started using sites like which is free and less of a risk (for me) than some of the sites where I have to pay to find "a one girl man or a two girl man."

Honestly, dating is hard enough as it is. Guys should at least try to use correct punctuation once in awhile – and some common sense.

July 17, 2008, 8:09 pm CDT

meet a guy online

I meet a guy on plenty of fish and he was a great guy at the beginning but now he changed so i dont know if it is good to meet guys online or not.We have been seeing each other for 8 months and it going wrong already.He cheated on me one time and i forgive him.But i was in the wrong to i guess i was online talking to other guys and he found out about it and that why he cheated.So tell me what should i do?
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