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Created on : Friday, July 01, 2005, 12:25:10 pm
Author : dataimport

Are you adopted? Have you met your birth parents, or is searching for them important to you? Share your story.


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August 11, 2005, 2:44 pm CDT

Looking For Birth Daughter

Born December 10th, 1988 In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CANADA 


Name:  Samantha Marie 

Mothers name:  Shelly 


Possibly living in BC, Canada 


Dad is wanting contact and misses you very much!   


August 14, 2005, 6:12 pm CDT


Quote From: rmarie26


Hi I live in Wisconsin and adopted a girl from the Wisconsin State Building in Milwaukee... The child was born in Lake Geneva Lakeland Hospital on 6/9/71 at 5:17 a.m. The name we have for the biological parent at that time was "KOPAK" the name that was given to my daughter by the women was 'JENNIFER" we changed it to Machelle....She now has 2 children, a girl 12yrs. and a boy 7yrs....We are mainly interested in any health reports we could get...I remember the case worker mentioning something that the girl had Asthma, and was I think 16yrs. old... We do not know anything about the biological father, he also was very young... The biological parent was adopted into a family also so it is really a puzzle to try and find out anything... She supposedly is German and Italian, we don't know if the family that adopted her was this nationality or she was when they adopted her... We would very much like it if someone could solve this case of the biological parent with a maiden name of "KOPAK"

The e-mail address that you can send any information to is...



Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: Adopted adults age 18 or older, adoptive parents or a legal guardian, and an adopted adult's children age 18 or older may obtain non-identifying information. 

Obtaining Identifying Information: Adopted adults age 21 or older may receive information on birth parents if consent is on file. Adoptive parents of an adopted adult under 21 may receive information on birth parents if the birth parents have filed their consent. Birth parents may receive information regarding the adoptive parents of an adopted adult under 21, if the adoptive parents has filed consent.  

Using a Confidential Intermediary: Adopted adults age 21 or older may request a search for birth parents to obtain consent for release of identifying information if no consent is on file. 

Adoption Records Search Program
PO Box 8916
Madison, WI 53708-8916
(608) 266-7163 

Obtaining an Original Birth Certificate: An adopted adult age 21 or older may receive the original if the birth parents have filed consent.  ( these people have your birth records and you are entitled to them!) 


Best of luck to you!! 



August 14, 2005, 6:29 pm CDT


Quote From: jestam4

I am currently looking for my brother whom my mother gave up as soon as he was born (4/25/76). He was born in Indiana. Their adoption records are closed and it has been very hard to get information. I have gotten the Non-Identifying Information on him. They say they cant give me the Identifying Information without attorney representation.  How do you find an attorney who does this and what does it cost??  I would love to find him. Just to meet him once and talk to him would be AWESOME!!!  I was 3 when he was born.  My mom didnt have to give him up.  She wasnt even raising me, my grandmother was and did.  I feel like I have to pay the price for what my mother did.  I understand using the choice of adoption for many reasons but when you use it as a means to run, shrug off your responsibilities, and revenge---that I dont understand. It affects a lot of people in certain circumstances.  There doesnt seem to be a lot of support or information for siblings who are searching for other siblings.  Just thought I would share a little of my story.  Good Luck and GOD Bless to everyone out there searching.   Tammy


Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: Adopted adults, birth parents, and adoptive parents may obtain non-identifying information.  

Obtaining Identifying Information: Identifying information is provided through an Adoption Registry. 

Using a Confidential Intermediary: This service is provided through the registry. 

Using the Adoption Registry: For adoptions finalized before December 31, 1993, birth parents or adopted adults can request identifying information, which will be released only if consent is given from the party who is the subject of the request. If consent is not already on file, a confidential intermediary may be appointed. For adoptions finalized after December 31, 1993, adopted adults age 21 or older will receive identifying information on the birth parents if the birth parents have not filed an affidavit requesting non-disclosure at the time the adopted adult request is made. Adopted adults age 21 or older, adoptive parents of a minor, and birth siblings age 21 or older can request identifying information, which will be released if consent is given from the party who is the subject of the request. If no consent is on file, the State registrar will search for other birth siblings if they are 21 or older to see if they consent. 

Indiana Adoption History Registry
Attn: Registrar, Vital Records Division
PO Box 1964
Indianapolis, IN 46206
(317) 383-6280 

Obtaining an Original Birth Certificate: An adoptee must petition the court in which the adoption was finalized to receive. 

Providing Information: Medical, non-identifying, and identifying information can be provided by adopted adults, birth parents, adoptive parents, birth siblings, and, under certain circumstances, the spouse or a relative of a deceased adopted adult or a deceased birth parent. 


(National Adoption Information Clearinghouse) 



Also, is that your posting on the for your sibling?  Have you checked into the other person listed on the registry there named Edward?  He was born only an hour away from your sibling.  Just thought I would point that out in case you were unaware. 


Best of luck to you!!

August 29, 2005, 6:04 pm CDT

Looking for Birth parents

Hi to everyone.  


I am a 26 year old woman.  I was born in Calgary, AB Canada.  June 29 1979 in the General Hospital.  My name at birth was Sandra Campbell.  I just recently found out that both my siter and I were adopted at birth.  I was adopted a month after I was born!!! WOW what a shocker that was, I must say. Also its said that my sister and I came from different families..yet another shocker to add to the story!!!  Im still having a bit of a hard time coping with the whole thing.  My parents never ever mentioned a thing about us being adopted ever.  It was some other family members of ours that told us about a year ago.  I still have not talked with my parents about this yet.  I really dont know how to go about all of this.  I dont ever want to hurt them, they have did a great job of rasing us and caring for us. I have recieved a bit of information on my adoption and on my birth parents.  I would love to find them and maybe eventually meet in the future.  

August 30, 2005, 5:09 pm CDT


 My name is Connie and I'm now 42.  I've known my entire life that I was adopted, but never gave it much thought.  I had wonderful parents.  They are now gone and I find myself wondering if I should try and locate my birth famiy.  My adoption took place in TN.  I've been told that my records should be easy to access, but I am not sure.

I also don't know that I want to actually meet them.  I would really like to have medical information.  Do I have to meet them to obtain medical information or could the state act as an intermediary and get the info for me?

Thanks for any help.

August 31, 2005, 11:08 pm CDT

NC adoptee

Are there any NC search angels out there?  I was adopted by wonderful adoptive parents in North Carolina, but my "identity" has always puzzled me.  I was always felt odd when I was with extended family since they all resembled each other and I was the odd one out.  Now I've had a child who looks like me, and it's just amazing!  I'm on a number of registries online, but I'm skeptical of course.  I don't really know where to begin with finding my birth parents without making my adoptive parents feel less than great parents.  I don't have much information to go by except my date of birth and possibly my foster mother's name.  Any suggestions???
September 4, 2005, 12:42 pm CDT

where were you born?

Quote From: izabella74

So what area are you guys in? I'm there w/ him....I'm also a bit worried about the meeting or how they would feel about me seeking the out..




September 4, 2005, 5:23 pm CDT

adoption search

I am 44 years old and was one of several siblings placed for adoption when I was 3.  I was reunited with my bio family when I was 18.  I have a wonderful adopted family who have always fulfilled my needs, therefore there was little I needed from my bio family other than medical history and a sense of who I am. Their expectations and needs were different from mine, therefore the reunion has not been very successful. I just want to advise those of you who are seeking to  know in advance what you want, expect and need from this reunion and stick to it. It's very easy to get caught up in the moment and end up hurting the family who raised you and have been there for you  all your life. Go slow and take time to step back and reevaluatee the situation as you proceed.  I wish you all the best of luck in locating your bio family becauses if anything it will give you a sense of closure and of course your medical history.  And before you start, make sure your family knows how much you love them and appreciate the fact that they brought you into their lives and provided you with love and security.
September 8, 2005, 2:33 pm CDT

looking for my big sister

Hi My name is Michelle and im wanting to find my sister that my mom gave up for adoption back in 1969 .Im not sure what month she was born.My mom dyed in 1998 and she never did tell me what month.she got pregnant when she was in highschool,Kettering highschool in Kettering ,OH.Her   

parents sent her to a home and united way had something to do with the adoption some how.And the red feather agency too.My moms maiden name is Brenda Patton my sibling will be 34 or 35 years old.I want her to know that she has 2 younger sisters and we want to meet her.anyone with info.that wld be of any help contact me at  



September 9, 2005, 4:52 am CDT

Searching for Birth Parents

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