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Created on : Friday, July 01, 2005, 12:24:13 pm
Author : dataimport
Share your stories of adopting and raising kids, or being adopted, with us.

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July 23, 2009, 4:58 pm CDT

Any rich adopted kids out there?

I was adopted at 6 months old thru Catholic Social Services in 1966. I was worth 108.4 mill in 1989.
I got Frank Murkowski to reverse the Statutes of Limitations in 2003 after telling him about Alaskas own
"Hotel Hanaio" and the "mastermind" behind what the Iran president calls "experiments" blew his brains out on the USAF base in Anchorage hey...

Life is for you to 1. stop and look and listen 2. take advantage of "good opportunites" and whatever you do:

Don't let anyone make you feel uncomfortable about life, yourself or who you really are!!!

At 43 I have had to pull my boots up and tone up and climb high up life's mountains of bullshit...

so if I can do it so can you - and also - when you are adopted you are in NO WAY obligated to stay with the family you got stuck with - hang out with friends as long as you can to get thru childhood - see if they will adopt you and the states usually help out the next best friends father is a retired USAF Colonel and was STEAMED and tried to adopt me and couldn't but let me know "one mistake and jail it is"!!!

Your destiny changed when you did not get your biological connections after too!!!

so wanna know what I did? next best thing and other cultures do it - animal and plant kingdom!!

Meaning you go into the woods/forests and find out that  some animals are abandoned after birth and have to survive alone - when you see that you will feel better.

And see that the abandoned animal is not alone very long - other ones of different biological make-up wander over and help...

We are all in it together...

Make a difference...

I did and I was told I would die by the age of 40...

so don't believe what you hear - believe with your heart and God will see and let you know...

YEAH well you were my child when I watched you grow in your mothers tummy...

Now that you are born I am no longer your FATHER???

July 23, 2009, 5:10 pm CDT

Legal assistance

Quote From: robinladuke



Can Anyone Save This Child


There is an 11 year old child that has lived with his adoptive family since he was five. He has been mentally and emotionally abused and treated with unbelievable cruelty, he is ridiculed and humiliated on almost a daily basis, and according to peoples accounts and reports, it started as soon as the adoption papers were signed when the child was six. This child hides and sleeps sometimes in a 2x4ft closet because he says it is the only place he feels safe. This has been reported to Children Services by several people, Childrens services state they cannot get involved UNLESS THE CHILD IS PHYSICALLY ABUSED, AND HAS OUTSIDE BRUISES, MENTAL CRUELTY IS NOT ILLIGALL. If this is true will you help me change this law, is this just a law in Oregon, or is this just an issue for people who cannot afford a lawyer? There is so much more to this story, please contact me.


Contact Harvard University - contact the President of Harvard if you have to...

I know the my story and you will see - any rich adopted kids out there?

Um...can you find the local senior center and go and start eating there or play bingo...

when they have scanned you and figure out your not a bad person you can start asking them...

Most ( at least in Alaska) are retired cops, social workers, teachers and other "child occupations" and they can may be help you and visit the family and then wander into the children's services and get some action!

Expecially if they RETIRED from there - see my point?

Same goes with the cops - the retired ones know where to go to get some action taken...

Try that - other wise just look online for adoption attorneys...and ask for help...

Have the kid have school friends and officials document the "emotional abuse" and it is illegal...

who told you that was a liar!!!

Federal laws are in place to over see the operations of state funded programs...

Report this as a crime to the federal agency that deals with children...

They have one for child support so they have one for children as well I am sure without researching it..

Take care
August 19, 2009, 6:18 pm CDT

My Adoption Story

I was adopted when I was 8  months old by a great family. I found out when I was about 9 years old and it never really bothered me. I was told that my birth mother was young and new she could not take care of me. My mother told me it took more love for my birth mother to give me up that to keep me and not be able to provide for me. I feel that is very true. I have met my birth mother and have kept in touch of some of my birth family but to me she is just another aquaintence. My momma and dad are the ones who adopted me. My adoptive parents had three children before I came along and I have never felt any different then the 3 birth children. My husband and I tried for 5 years to have a child and were unable to do so. In 2004 we adopted our precious baby girl. I can not imagine loving anyone else more than I love her. I do intend on telling her about the adoption when she is old enough to understand what adoption is and why her birth mother gave her up. Since then, we have taken in 3 girls that are distantly related to us and have just finalized our adoption of them. They are such joys to us and I feel like we have been together forever. I love all four of my girls with all my heart and the fact that I did not give birth to them doesn't matter to me at all. My husband and I do wish to try to have a child because we would love to have a little boy. I do not know if we will be able to do so but even if we do, my love for my girls will not change. It scares me to think about the reaction my youngest will have regarding the adoption but I will just deal with this when the time comes. If a child is in foster care or just given up at birth, my  wish for them is to have adoptive parents that were and are as great as mine have been. I hope I can be the parent to my girls that mine were to me.
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