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Created on : Friday, July 01, 2005, 12:23:45 pm
Author : dataimport
Has infertility struggling left you ready to bring a child into your home through adoption? Are you finished having kids but feel the need to share your home with one more child? Share your reasons for wanting to adopt and love for children with us.

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March 26, 2009, 8:28 pm CDT


Quote From: germanyj

 Dear Dr. Phil and Friends:

I'm a 32 year old female desparate to be a mom but can't have a baby.  All my life all I've ever wanted is to have a family and be a mom.  I wanted six kids, like my grandmother.  We couldn't walk by a stroller without me stopping to take a peak.  My husband and I have been together since I was 19 and started attempting to get pregnant right after college.  It wasn't until about three years ago that I started seeing an infertility specialist.  I had surgery two years ago and learned that I had severe endometriosis.  My right fallopian tube was completely mangled, and the left doesn't look too much better.  My uterus was attached to my bladder and I had a tremendous amount of scar tissue.  My doctor told me we could attempt IVF but he wasn't sure that we'd have too much success. He said we may have to do the procedures five or six times before ruling it out as a viable option.  Unfortunately I am not one of those women who can spend that kind of money on IVF treatments.  My husband and I don't have that type of money and insurance doesn't pay for the procedures.  I know Dr. Phil must receive a million requests from women wanting to have children who cannot conceive on their own.  But I honestly don't know where else to turn.  I am so desparate and feel that time is just slipping by.  My maternal instinct is so strong and I feel as if I'm a mother without a baby.  My husband and I are very option to adoption.  This is where our second hurdle comes in.  My husband got into trouble when he was 18 and is now a convicted felon. He got several DUI's including one after being declared a habitual offender which is a felony.  He was also caught with drugs and was charged with the intent to distribute, also a felony.  We are unable to adopt.  We can't even become foster parents.  My husband is now 35, has since graduated from college with a degree is psychology, and we now run our own business.  Yet he is still being punished for the foolish things he did when he was younger in life and preventing us from having the family we so desparately want and long for. 
I have a 21 year old brother who has all of these female friends getting pregnant and treating their babies as if they were some throw away dolls.  Most of them are being rasied by grandparents and other have had abortions.  It makes me so angry that all of these girls take for granted what God has given them and they don't appreciate the miracles they have.  Then you have others like me who would do anything to have what they have and can do nothing about it. 
I too have seen the show where Dr. Phil has brought pregnant teenage mothers to women unable to have children of their own. I saw how Dr. Phil helped other people have the family they so much wanted.  I hope Dr. Phil can help me as well.  Or maybe some pregnant teenager is out there reading this and would be willing to let me be the mom I know I am.  I feel as if I'm out of options here and this is my last resort.  Thanks for listening.
April 20, 2009, 3:56 pm CDT


April 24, 2009, 2:53 pm CDT

I Want to Adopt

We have custody of a 13 year old nephew, he has been diagnosed with autism,aspergers,mental retardation and pdd. We are at wits end with him, he is violent, breaks everything he gets his hands on. I have contacted everybody and anybody in our area that i thougt could help us out and have yeat to finad any help at all. Is there anyone out here that can give me any advice? I am looking into putting him up for adoption because we just can't handle it anymore. We have no family member on either side of the family that wants him......Someone please help me..


Thank you



May 19, 2009, 8:28 am CDT

hi if u wanna be my parents i will be happy

Quote From: mama2faith

Hi Dr. Phil and friends,
We are Bill, Nicole and Faith and we are a fun loving Christian family living in San Diego, Ca.
After years of infertility treatments and surgeries we choose to parent rather than give birth to our daughter. One day in 2000 Nicole decided to build an adoption website geared to a courageous and unselfish woman looking for an OPEN adoption plan.
Well the rest is history as we were blessed by a wonderful birth family with the birth of our daughter Faith who will be five next month.
We are wishing and hoping to OPENLY adopt another baby into our home so we can forever love him or her. It is so hard these days out here in the adoption world when you are networking and doing everything possible to make that connection. We have come across quite a few scammers that thankfully we never financially helped but emotionally it has drained us. Can you give us some tips on how to keep our chins up when things look down. The power of prayer is a great thing in our lives and we try to let go and LET GOD all the time but sometimes being human gets the better of us!
Sincerely you favorite family of viewers!
Bill, Nicole & Faith
WE LOVE YOU ALL AT THE DR. PHIL SHOW!! If only the world could be made up of more people like you and Robin we would be living in a wonderful world!!
email me plz mom
May 19, 2009, 8:29 am CDT

plz be my mom

Quote From: elizabetheisen

email me
May 26, 2009, 10:58 am CDT

I long to be a mother

I am 32 years old and from the time I was little I have always wanted to be a mother. I come from a big family. My mother had eleven children and most of my siblings all have a few children of there own. My husband and I have been trying to have children and trying to adopt for the last seven years, I have had multiple surgeries for severe endometriosis and fibercystic ovaries. On my last surgery they removed my left ovary and tube. That was a year ago and now they want to do a full hysterectomy on me. I know that I need to have it done but I can't stand the thought of me never being able to expereince the love of my own child.

My husband and I have tried open adoption 4 different times and the mother always changes her mind when she has the baby. The first time this happen we were so set on having a child that I was so depressed and pulled myself away from the world for a few months and I didn't even realize that I was being that way. You never get used to someone doing that to you. After the fourth time and we had that beautiful baby boy in our home for about a week , she came and took him back only to be aressted for doing drugs but still was able to keep that woderful inocent boy. We would try other options but I am so drained even though I will never give up. I just don't know where to go from here. I have put my dreams on hold due to the sudden tragic death of my step son . I had to do that to help my husband in any way that I could. I even told him that I am ok with not having children. But he knew that I was just saying that so he didn't feel like us having a child was more important to me then loosing his child to a tragic car accident.

I am hoping that Dr Phil will be able to help me . I have been writing him for a few years now. I aslo pray that someone out there will read this and help us in any way that they can.

There are so many children that deserve a loving home that are not being taken care of the way that they need to help them strive in life. I pray for a miracle everyday.Thank you for listening

May 27, 2009, 7:19 pm CDT


I had cervical cancer when I was only 25 thus leaving me unable to have children of my own i have been trying every possible avenue to adopt some children to no avail.  can anyone help me.  my husband and i have also been fostering for 20 years hoping to maybe permanently foster some children without any success, what else can we do.  Then theres nadia suleman with 14 kids, so unfair!!!!!!!
June 4, 2009, 5:33 am CDT

babies for adoption

Hello out there my husband and i are a very poor couples with many children we are looking forward to adopt this our babies because  we don't have enough to provide for their shelter can anybody mail me via     for more information?    thanks
June 4, 2009, 5:44 am CDT

babies for adoption

Quote From: amandac1081

My husband and I have been married for three years. We have three beautiful girls. Two are from my former marriage and the other from his. We were unable to have children togerther due to female medical problems I had.  We want another baby so bad I cry everynight begging God to somehow to send me one. We have looked into trying to adopt, but we cannot afford to pay 20,000-30,000. If I had it I would do it tommorow, but I cant.  We have a wonderful family with lots of love and big hearts just waiting for a child. I just wonder why and how they can charge that kind of money for a child. There are so many children in this world needing homes and people who want to love them cant because of the money. I just dont know how to make my heart let go of wanting a child.

hello my name is theresia , are guys still wanting to adopt a baby ? contact me if are
July 6, 2009, 2:19 pm CDT


Quote From: theresia12

Hello out there my husband and i are a very poor couples with many children we are looking forward to adopt this our babies because  we don't have enough to provide for their shelter can anybody mail me via     for more information?    thanks
If you have children that you can take care of and want home a very loving home please contact me and my husband at
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