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Created on : Thursday, June 30, 2005, 01:39:02 pm
Author : dataimport
Being able to stay home with your child can be very rewarding, but do you sometimes crave adult interaction? Chat with other SAHMs, share advice, support, tips, ideas, and enjoy a little break from the kids.

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November 20, 2008, 3:37 pm CST

I am a stay home mom

butt  some times i feel like am  risening the kids on my own  he go's to work and comes home and sleeps

our gets on the  computer and  plays games.  but i can't say  much about the computer  because  i play games on the  computer too. but i have to be the one that  yells  all the time and makes the kids  do what they are told to do  i ask for help and  i get  nothing. and when  i tell the kids to tell their dad what they did today 

they  tell him and then he  laughs. to me that just shows that its ok to do what  they did. i am  sick of it .

when i tell him not do that  he just looks at me  like i am  dumb and why in hell are you talking to me like that  for. its  just  getting old  i have to fight  and fight with the kids to do things  any more . 


Thanks Ssebasatian

November 25, 2008, 7:16 pm CST

stay home mom

Quote From: samuel12

Yeah I totally understand. I am 33 stay home mom, hubby of 4 years works union work, so he works most of the time 6 to 7 10 hour days a week!  Good money, but it all goes fast ya know. I feel the same as you, I may only have one son age 7, but he has special needs, and its a chore! We are still lookin for our first home, and live next to my parents in there old home, it was okay for a couple years but I feel like a child here, and cannot mother my son, or do what I want here because its not my home or property!  They continue to parent me, AND my child, and he doesnt even know who to listen to anymore here, its sooo awful. I wish I had someone around here as well to go out with, but good people are hard to find. Thought I would feel you in on my troubles also, every situation is different, but I do know exactly how you feel. Bye for now....:)


Sammy12 ( username for this message board)

Hi there,I'm a mother of 5 & since my last two babies I've been a fulltime mother myself.I believe the hardest job on earth is being a full-time mother,that takes care of the family daily chores...I have no regrets nor will I trade it for the world.My four older kids attend full-time schooling but when I had the 3 lil ones @ home,I never wanted to work again,being away from them was heart breaking.I love stayig home,I'm new in the area that I've moved too,we don't know many people here,only our neighbours.I cook,clean you name it,I do it,but I choose to do it,because i love doing it.What makes me love staying home,is being a mother,teacher & playmate to my son.You don't need money to go & do things together.I love to window shop,I take my baby,so he can see what goes on in a mall,baby gets to smell roses,feel different variety of vege's,fruit etc go to a park & just watch him being happy is more rewarding then anything.You need to be able to get out & just smell the fresh air more often,I might not have any friends right now,but taking that time to smell the fresh air & just be creative with your babies,take photo's,read a book @ the park,pack a lil pinic.....What I did that got my husband's attention,was that I just let him be.All the times I played with my children,walks to the park,shopping @ the mall,chores @ home that got my children invovle,he realised that he wasn't part of that,I wasn't going to wait for him,he knows as a parent that this is his family,this is his kids & its up to him if he wanted to be part of it.....til one day,I don't know what happen,but me & my kids were outside playing bull-rush,& who did we see join in...their father!!!As we continued to play,I see my husband in tears of laughter,this is what his been missing out on for soooooooo long & I thank him for realising that it takes both parents to nourish & care for our children.....I've learnt from the wide,my mother,that being a mother plays a big role in a childs upbringing,eventually father's are suppose to provide for their everyday needs etc,but fathers don't realise time is priceless when it comes to their children....

hope things work out.

May 14, 2009, 7:50 am CDT

Stay at home Moms

I love staying at home with my 2 children.  I can take them to school, activities and help them with homework and dont have to find a babysitter.  I also work from home to help my husband with the bills and I love being able to do that around my family!



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