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Created on : Thursday, June 30, 2005, 01:31:34 pm
Author : dataimport
Is your teen headed down a path of self destruction with drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, self injury, depression, or problems with the law? Share advice and support with other parents of troubled teens.

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September 13, 2005, 7:46 pm CDT


Quote From: clarinape

Kristen, My name is April, and 15.  You can talk to me if you want.  I can relate somewhat tohow you feel.  First, nobodies life is perfect.  Mine wasn't paerfect, or anything close.  I have alot in common with you.   Ifr you want to, you can talk to me.  Just don't give up.  THings will eventually get better.    

sure we can talk..whats ur u have msn??
September 13, 2005, 8:44 pm CDT

Hi Hurtingirl

Quote From: hurtingurl

My name is 16sometimes I feel like I have no one to talk to & I get real depressed & I just dont know what to doI feel like talking to someone but I dont know how to approach the personSome times i will just go up to my room and cry for about an hour, mostly because my parents fight..i hate it& sometimes i'll go out with my friends have a lot of fun & then come home & cry for a whileyou see all these other people with "perfect" lives..why cant mine be like that?I just desperatley need help& someone to talk toI just feel that im all alone & theres no one there to comfort me or to love meI also get motion sickness I would probably say about 6-7 times a monthi’ve been getting sick like this ever since i was about 6 & I keep going to doctors and I’ve had so many MRI’s & they cant find anything, I just feel that we’re waisting our money on something no one can cure(probably over 2,000 dollars) moms mom had it my mom had it and my oldest brother had it and they all got treatment cuz my mom had a hysterectomy and my brother and grandma take pills..i just don’t understand why im left alone & cant get some pills to help or anythingwhen I hang out with friends and I get sick they support me all the way but a lot of people think im faking it all the time and it hurts to know that some people just don’t care& because of me getting sick all the time my grades are dropping because im missing a lot of school, sometimes 3 days a weekiat this point i really dont know what to do please give me advice!       

   Hi hurtingirl, i'm 14 and i have some what the same problem. I mean my parents sometimes do fight, but its mainly because either me, my sis or my bro. Also my parents keep talking about leaving or something and then I get real sad and angry inside. I want my life to be "perfect" but no one can take on that role, its just not the way that we live. I understand how you get depressed, I moved from Saudi Arabia a year ago to the States, and i don't have much anyone to talk too. My dad worked there for quite some time, but then it got bad that we had to move for the welfare of our safety. Though i don't know what it feels like to feel sick everyday, I think it would be cool if we chatted with one another. I mean I could really use a friend right now myself too. Send me a message if you feel like exchanging emails. From, Michelle
September 14, 2005, 5:48 pm CDT

to hurtingirl

Quote From: hurtingurl

sure we can talk..whats ur u have msn??

Me email is    Hope to be ablt to talk to you soon. 

September 14, 2005, 7:53 pm CDT

Being a Friend

Hi Claire, 

thanks for giving me your email. I would feel alot better knowing that someone my age has the same problem and that we can talk about it. My email is I do do chat, so if you feel like chatting i'm there!! Its really sweet that you want to talk. Maybe we can be like penpals or something, oh and i live in fresno, california so ya. Can't wait to chat!!! 



September 14, 2005, 7:55 pm CDT

Sorry, misunderstood!! hehe

Sorry Claire. Didn't read the post, but if you'd like to chat i sure wouldn't mind it!! Well bye!! 


September 23, 2005, 10:49 am CDT

Be carefull Girls

I just wanted to say that your two girls exchanging email addy's should be carefull.  You never know who is on the other end, they may not be who they say they are.  I don't mean to call either of you a "fake person" but please be carefull about telling people where you live and your phone numbers or anything like that.  Thanks.  I do help you two can help each other!  :-)
September 25, 2005, 7:42 pm CDT


Quote From: clarinape

Me email is    Hope to be ablt to talk to you soon. 

ya thats address is:
October 4, 2005, 5:59 am CDT

Direction and Advice : Teen Girl - 13

I am a mom of a 13 year old girl who is on the wrong road.  She lies, shows no remorse, defiant and very disrespectful.  She recently left a location with a boy who is almost 16 - she was at the with her friend and her friends mother - no one knew where she was so you can image the whirlwind that took place!!  Not a good scene at all.  When she was confronted by her actions she said that she doesn't believe she did anything wrong, what's the big deal, who cares, (I am sure you have all heard these statements before if you are on this site) -   If anyone has any recommendations on what I can do to help her - I don't think she knows who she is anymore, as she has lost all of her personal interests as well.  We live in the New England area.
October 4, 2005, 8:18 am CDT

you're not alone

Quote From: pandabear

I don't know that I have any helpful advice.  But its nice to know I am not alone.  I have tried everything I can think of and nothing really works for very long.  NObody seems to want to help me.  Most people don't believe me.  He looks really innocent and helpful and all.  But at home he is something else.  I have actually thought about taping him because nobody believes that he can talk to me like he does and act the way he does.    Can we chat on here?  I am new to this board.  


My sixteen year old daughter has me worried too.  I haven't come to the point of inpatient care ... but I am concerned we are headed in that direction fast.  I've tried counseling and I am just not getting the answers -- is she ADD or bipolar?  Is she depressed?  Is the lack of her father in her life the source of all the anger or only part of it?  I know she learned some bad habits from her father (potty mouth), but I am more worried she is imitating his abusive, anger ridden outbursts.  The "double life" is what I call it.  My best friend cannot believe that my sweet daughter could be all this "gangsta", "hardcore" vampire idolizing, habitually lying, emo girl.  Mostly because we have seen and known the sweet, tenderhearted, innocent young girl.  Although mine has come to the point of being who she is because I don't want her to hide the truth.  The truth is where the answers lie.  (no pun intended)  But that truth is painful for me.  It is so hard to read and/or hear such ugly things coming from such a beautiful girl.  Part of her therapy is getting her to write out how she feels and it is literally gut-wrenching for me.  I have only read alittle because it is too difficult for me to read.  I accidentally found some things -- I had to go to my bedroom and hide under pillows to just cry as hard as I could.  It is beyond heartbreaking to read how she hurts inside and no matter what I try to do for her -- it doesn't matter -- she doesn't want it -- she just wants to be left alone.  She makes herself ugly with black makeup which indicates to me her self-image is not at all what it should be.  Her father is no help unfortunately -- he is just as messed up in his own life.  I have thought about taping my daughter and playing it back for her so she can hear how awful she speaks to me when all I have done is call her name.  She makes me so mad I could spit and so sad I could melt into a thousand tears, but I keep swallowing my emotions and trying to be the rock she can count on to get through this darkness.  However, she is making it impossible to help her with her flipflopping around like a flounder on the shore.  It's like she is using awful threats as a weapon to try to control me -- while I am worried she will attempt suicide -- although in a moment of clarity (I call it this when she has moments of reasonableness), she says she is too chicken to run away from home or kill herself.  It seems like that makes her depressed too... and yet in a fit of anger -- the threats fly like wild fire.  It is an endless cycle of a downward spiral that is caught in some kind of loop -- like and old vcr where we keep replaying the worst scene in a horror movie-- over and over.  At this point, if I stop the tape, will she breakdown and be lost forever?  If I fast forward, will she be missing out on part of her life?  There is no such thing as re-wind in real life -- if I could only figure out how to get HER to push play and create her own normalcy -- where she can be herself without destroying herself at the same time. 
October 5, 2005, 7:58 am CDT

Heart Breaking

     I have 4 children my 13 year old son has been mentally challenged since birth, brought him to Boston Childrens to get best medical treatment and still no one has any real answers. Doctors and Schools have given him every diagnosis that has an initial in it. Our family has gone through medication side effects that have almost killed my son and intense involvement for many years. I have fought Schools and intake people who say there is nothing that shows he needed to be place in institutions (after trying to set fires in his room) and them telling me that if I didn't take my son with me they would file a 51A, They finally would admit him after I told them to file it because I wasn't taking him home that he was a danger to himself and others. The Hospitals would ask me very shortly after admission," How have you done this at home by yourself for so long?". I told them you just do, day by day. He is still in residential treatment and it is going on the second year now and Improvement is minimal but some. I really didn't think I could make it through anymore, It was like not being alive and being a failure for my son. I thought things would get better but now we have the 15 year old who is giving me such a run for my money that I am very close to filing a CHINS on him cause I don't know what else to do, he was never a big problem always a pretty regular kid with trying to strech rules ect., now we have blow outs everyday in the home. Tells me he is going to do what he wants and I don't own him and that I'm nothing but a control freak. I know they say God gives you what you can handle, but I don't know how much more of this I can take. I am poor and cannot send him to a camp or get him into one of those 30 day programs that can help and we have tried all the common answers, counseling, guidance at school and talking when he is calm. Any thoughts are really needed  


Thanks for the Time 


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