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Created on : Thursday, June 30, 2005, 01:08:55 pm
Author : dataimport
Looking for advice on potty training? Share your trials, tribulations, tips and tricks with others here.

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March 30, 2008, 7:45 pm CDT

Potty Training

Quote From: sharkeysmom

I don't see what was so rude or insensitive about serez03's post? Just because she was being honest and at the same time offering some helpful advice? If she had said you were a bad mother or lazy, then I would think that was being rude. Honestly, I think all you people who are getting all up-in-arms over her post, know that she is right!


I have to agree with her. Unless a child has a disability, delayed in some way or has a physical problem, there is no excuse for a child not to be potty trained. I mean, 4 and 6 year old girls who aren't potty trained??!! I'm always amazed when I hear things like "Apart from not being toilet trained, she is really advanced for her age and can read" etc Then SHE SHOULD BE TOILET TRAINED! I know what you are going to say  - age of toilet training does not reflect the intelligence of a child. True, but my point is, if a child is that intelligent, they obviously understand what they have to do and it just comes down to the fact that the kids rules the roost and is in charge. I bet they still get privledges and treats, though?


My son who is five has a receptive language delay and until about 6 months ago was functioning, cognitively at a 3 year old level, yet he was fully day trained at 2 years and 5 months and at night by 3 1/2. I'm telling you this because I think my child is better then yours or that I'm a perfect mother because I'm not. I just can't understand how a "normal" child is still in diapers at an age where they are probably able to write their own name. If my child was refusing to use the toilet at 4 or older, I would take away ALL privledges and treats. It's hard, I do it with my own son when he refuses to do what is expected of him and it works. I bet they would  start going on the toilet real soon if you did this consistantly.  This is the problem with many kids today - they just think they can do what they want and get away with it. It starts of with thing like refusing to potty train,(I'm not talking about todllers here, of course this is normal in the todddler years, but kids over 4) refusing to tidy their bedrooms, speaking rudely to parents etc. It's no wonder we have problems with them as teenagers!


I know you are going to think my post was harsh, but it seems that most people on here would get offended, no matter how I'd worded my post. No one likes being told the honest truth in regards to our parenting and what we are doing wrong. I didn't come here to attack people, merely to defend serez03 who I felt was attacked for taking the time out to help another person with a problem they were having.



This board doesn't seem to have an edit function, but that should have read "I'm NOT telling you this because I think my child is better then yours .... "



April 11, 2008, 1:30 pm CDT

Potty Training

I have a 2yr old daughter who has been hit or miss with the potty training....its like one day she will do it all day but most days not.  So I don't believe that at this point she isn't ready.  I'm going to try the Dr. Phil method of train in less than a day, however my question is what about night time and naps...should I still put a pull up on her to sleep until she is a little older and can use the potty herself?  Please help me.
May 19, 2008, 2:58 pm CDT

He's Regressing! Why?

My son was potty trained by age one.  Now he is two years old and he won't go unless I tell him to go. He even purposely goes #2 two inches from the toilet. I tried rewards and praise and got nothing.
May 20, 2008, 9:17 am CDT

Any Advice?

My son is two and half and still not potty trained. He knows when he goes #2 and pees and doesnt like the discomfort of sitting in it and will tell me to change his diaper, however, he is absolutley terrified to sit on the potty, either the little one or the big one. Things had been progressing well almost 6 months ago, and he would sit on the potty, untill one day I noticed that he was going number two and sat him on the potty to finish. Now he refuses to go near the potty, and was absolutley terrified when I did this, and he could care less about anything to do with the potty. I tried the dolls, he could care less. i tried bribery, showing him other children going on the potty, but nothing works. He refuses to sit on the potty because he is terrified of the potty. Any suggestions?
May 20, 2008, 9:19 am CDT

Potty Training

Quote From: white_horse

My son was potty trained by age one.  Now he is two years old and he won't go unless I tell him to go. He even purposely goes #2 two inches from the toilet. I tried rewards and praise and got nothing.
Has something happened in the family or has there been some sort of drama? My neice started to regress after her father started to date new woman after the divorce? Perhaps this may be an attention thing if there is something going on.
June 2, 2008, 3:30 pm CDT

Potty Training - can but wont!!!

At the age of 15 months my daughter was already starting to use the toilet on occassions but with the birth of her baby brother she reverted to nappies and completely lost interest.

6 months later she was again taking an interest and using the toilet and potty.  Not all the time but a couple of times a day.  Then we moved house (poor kid didn't know if she was coming or going).  That was 6 months ago and although she happily uses the toilet at playschool she will only occassionally use it at home.

She apologises profusely when she has an "accident"  but nothing seems to stop this.  I have noticed that she remains dry through the night.

Any suggestions about what I can do she is no 3yo and 2months and I know she knows what she should be doing!!!

June 3, 2008, 10:27 pm CDT

dont know where to start

I have a 6 yr old daughter, a 5 year old step daughter and a 2 year old son,  i potty trained both girls but i dont have a clue where to start with my son, he is 27 months to be exact and i dont know what to do 
July 7, 2008, 10:01 am CDT

poop training 3 yr old girl..

   I am the mother of 2 (soon to be three) and my 5 year old is completely potty trained.  My 3 year old is pee trained but poop is another issue.  I am a full-time working mother and they are at pre-school three days a week and grandparents 2 days.  She has been pee trained for almost a month.  I have tried the treat reward system, I have tried the star on the calendar system, I have tried telling her everyone has accidents, she has her own potty as well as a seat that goes on the "big" toilet, I have tried scolding her, I have tried telling her that her pretty panties are getting dirty.  I think I am trying too hard....  Am expecting too much?...  Does anyone has have any other tricks?  I thought maybe because the new baby will be here in November that that might have something to do with it... but we rarely talk about the baby and when it is coming... being the 3rd child and all...  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
July 8, 2008, 7:27 am CDT

My three year old is still not potty trained

     Hi, my son will be four years old in January and he is still not potty trained. He refuses to tell you that he has to go and refuses to sit on the potty. He hides in his room or goes behind the couch or in a corner when he has to boo boo. Who knows when he pees? I have sat him on the pot in the past and he just held his pee and boo boo. I have put him on pull-ups that should help him know when he needs to go, that hadn't work. I have even put him on regular underwear and that didn't work, that just caused more problems with me. People tell me that I should spank him for messing up in his pamper, people tell me that I should punish him. When I attempted those discipline techniques he got where he wouldn't even tell you that he did anything in his pamper making things worse. So I am at a lost.

Just recently I started dating a man who is very much involved in my son's life and who is trying to help me potty train him. He actually pulls down his pamper and spanks him with a belt (well he did that for the first time yesterday) and said when he pulled him into the bathroom my son was trying to sit on the pot. He was immediately getting after him about why he didn't tell me that he had to go to the bathroom and that he should be sitting on the potty. Just today he was telling me that I needed to seek counseling about my son not being potty trained at this age and that he was going to talk to a Social Worker about children who are in daycare and what age were they potty trained and if they have any children in daycare who are three or older who are not potty trained.

My family states that my son will just come out and tell me at some point when he is ready. He is just very stubborn.

I just read an article on the internet that talks about toilet training resistance which describes my son to the tee'. He knows when he has to go because he goes and hides, but he just will not say anything and he get's angry with you when you ask him if he has to go sit on the potty and he get's angry with you when you try to take him to sit on the potty. The solution that the article gave states to transfer all resonsibility to the child, it states that parents should stop all reminders to use the potty (I thought of that and have tried that). The article also mentions to use incentives to help make your child ask for the potty.

I really need help because I would like to get my son in Pre-school or a three year old class but I am embarrassed to have to tell the school that he is still not potty trained and not only that, I think that him not being potty trained will delay him in school and instead of him being in a three year old class he will have to be placed in a daycare which I do not want to happen. Now that my guy friend is talking about me needing to seek counseling and talking about speaking with a Social Worker about the ordeal, I am now terrified and  fear that something is terribly wrong with my son and that I am not doin anything correctly and so forth. My son already listens to him faster than he does me. I told him to put something up  the other day and he was slow about doin it, but when my friend said what did your momma say he immediately begins putting stuff up. Is my son sexiest? That's a different story.
July 15, 2008, 7:32 pm CDT

Potty Training Frustration

I have a daughter 2 years 9 months old.  I have another daughter that is 4 1/2 that was potty trained at just under 2 1/2 years.  My 2 year old has been a very sick baby...already three surgerys for sinus problems and ear infections.  She has a pretty bad speech delay and is (according to Children's Hospital) about 9 months behind in speech.  My husband and I have codiled her way too much and have let her get away with murder because we always just believed that she just didn't understand because she was far behind in speech.  Recently, I put a heavy hand on the discipline and her behavior problems caused by all the codiling have really gotten better.  she uderstand a great deal...  She is not screaming at me anymore and is communicating with me by means other than screaming.  As far as potty training, I know she can hold it and control it.  I have had her out of diapers since Sat morning (it is now Tue night so a total of 4 days) and thought she was really getting it.  I basically had her sitting on the potty in front of the TV every few hours so she generally was going on the potty.  On the occassions she was running around and stared to go in her panties, she immediately stopped, after about 1/2 cup worth went into her panties and would tell me "sit on potty" .  She would  finish on the potty.  This was the first 3 days.  I thought she would start recognizing the signs and would get better.  Today, 3 times she did the whole pee half way in panties and finish of the toilet.  She refused to pee before nap, about 1230 and was still dry after nap at about 4PM and then went to to the store with me and got back around 515 and stayed dry the entire time, even though she was holding herself the entire time at the store.  If I put her on the potty, she just sits there and refuses to go.  As soon as we made it home, she let it go in the garage.  As soon as she emptied her bladder, she would say "Sit on Potty?"  There was at least 3 cups worth on the floor so I know she can control it.   Then, she got a time out at dinner at about 7PM and once again peed all over the floor even though she had asked me several times during dinner to sit on the potty but once there did nothing.  I don;t know how to handle this.  I punished her at dinner time because I know she did it because she was mad at me.  I know she can do this but is trying to get back at me.  I am doing the rewarding with M & Ms if she does the potty and doing nothing when she fails.  Help, Advice please..She has been difficual and stubborn since birth so I knew this would be difficult too.
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