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Created on : Thursday, May 25, 2006, 09:42:01 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Are you a parent whose household is spinning out of control? Cindi says her daughter, Kristina, used to be a fresh-faced all-American beauty, but now, with seven tattoos, she looks like a freak! Cindi says that if her daughter gets inked one more time, she’ll cut her off. Then, Nancy was heartbroken when she learned her 17-year-old daughter had been keeping a devastating secret. See this teen's message about how opening up saved her life. And, when Nancy Davis was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 14 years ago, the doctor said her life was over. She knew she had to get better for her three young sons. See her heartwarming message for anyone dealing with an illness. Then, a mom struggles with 7-year-old triplets competing to be the best! Talk about the show here.

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May 27, 2006, 3:22 pm CDT


Quote From: mbreaker

Thats so dumb who cares if she chnaged into this punk person. people change. Get over it and let her be whatever she wants. I use to dress in nice colors and be all LA LA. Now i dress in black everyday and hot topic clothes!!. My mom dont care.
people that  like  the punk look, makes them look so ugly and nasty!    wearing nothing but black all the time  makes people look like the dead or halloween.   looks like they should be in a horror movie!!!  ya people change but  not to try and look ugly. like return  of the dead!!!   its makes  people look like devil  worshiperers!  evil! 
May 27, 2006, 3:24 pm CDT


Quote From: ghostie

Why does having tattoos automatically stamp someone as a 'freak'? Just because the girl on the show has changed her look since her her 'innocent' childhood days (haven't we all?) doesn't mean that she is in any way less beautiful. Some might say that she looks better now.  

I'm sick of seeing people get told "You'll regret that when you're older" or "You'll look stupid when you're older". Its so ignorant! Most people get tattooed because it makes them happy. Yes, some people regret it, but not all. The body modification community is large, and its growing. Some people would be surprised to find out just how many older tattooed people there are. It shouldn't take special computer generated aging to see what it would look like.   

All one needs to do is look at Isobel Varley:  


Honestly, I don't think she looks ridiculous. And being such a well-loved person to appear at conventions, I highly doubt she regrets getting her tattoos and dealing with age. Especially since she got hers later in life.  

Its alright if you disagree with me, just know that other people have a right to do what they want to their bodies as long as it doesn't hurt them or anyone else. Having a few slightly wrinkled works of art on your skin at 60 is not a big deal.  

Oh well, I guess because the episode hasn't aired yet we'll just have to wait and see how this is handled. I hope Phil has done his research and doesn't just jump into how pretty of a girl the guest was before she started getting tattoos. Seeing the previews though of the computer generated aging as if they are trying to prove something about  older people with tattoos? Really makes me uneasy.   

tatoos  make a person so ugly  and it looks nasty
May 27, 2006, 3:59 pm CDT

05/29 Parenting Dilemmas

 Kudos to all the people who are outraged that this mother thinks her daughter is a freak. First off, many successful people have tattoos. It does not bar people from good jobs, which seems to be a prevailing belief. I've even read articles written by a man who has full facial tattoos, and works in a law firm. His solution? Theatrical make-up. Secondly, tattoing is, and always has been a significant form of self-expression. Those who think that it's a new fad need to improve their research. Tattooing outdates any form of human decorations int he world, from the Maori, who have always marked their clan and family in their moko, or facial tattoo, to the crusaders, who tattooed religious symbols on their bodies, to the royalty of the Old North. Tattooing has a long, respected heritage. I hate seeing a few bigots destroy that respect. Thirdly, those who say "You'll regret it when you're older". Well, it depends. It depends on how well you think. If you stop to think, "can I love this tattoo for the rest of my life?" and the answer is yes, full speed ahead. If you have any doubts, don't do it. I've had freidns regret tattoos. One friend is in the process of getting the word "skinhead" removed from his knuckles, because he found that people automatically assume he is a Nazi (he is in fact anti racist, so don't judge things you don't understand), and won't hire him. On the other hand I have friends who who have tattoos in honor of family, or heritage, or in my own case, country, who have never regretted them. Nothing is one hundred percent.
May 27, 2006, 5:34 pm CDT

05/29 Parenting Dilemmas

I think I should probably see the show before I comment; but tattoos are a form of self-expression. There are probably other reasons she thinks her daughter is out of control. Tattoos are no reason to cut a child off. However if there are circumstances and I think there probably are, maybe she needs to grow up and pay her on way.  

May 27, 2006, 6:05 pm CDT

Tattoo's Unique?!

Quote From: sassy_sexy

it is called growing up and its her own tired of ppl saying stuff about those unique ppl who choose to be different! im sick and tired of ppl thinking all women have to be blond and big busted and beautiful to be normal! GROW UP PEOPLE!! i say, GO DAUGHTER, be urself and dont let nobody stop u!
 If you are wanting to be original in this day in age, you have to look around and see that the original kids are the ones without Tattoo's. Try that one on for size ppl

May 27, 2006, 6:11 pm CDT

Dont be so quick to judge someone with tats

I have just recently turned 32 and at the age of 31 I made my decision to get my first tattoo.  I now have 3 very tasteful tattoos.  I made the decision because I like the way it looks not because I wanted to rebel.  Just because someone has tattoos doesn't make them a bad person.  One of my closest friends is a tattoo artist, and himself is full of tattoos and piercings.  He is one of the most kindest people I have ever met and is a person who knows how to love and show empathy to someone in need.
May 27, 2006, 7:00 pm CDT

parenting dilemmas

tattoos  and periceings  make a person look  nasty and ugly!!   its not sexy at all.  
May 27, 2006, 7:26 pm CDT


I have heard that Dr. Phil's sidekick, Dr. Frank Lawlis, is going to marry a woman who has MS.  In fact this woman is so smart and so active she would put most people to shame.  Her name is Dr. Susan Franks.  If you are interested, Google her and see what kind of life she lives.  I only wish I could say I have lived a life that full.  Apparenty her diagnosis was not the end of her world.  She works hard to take care of herself and lives everyday with joy and anticipation. 
May 27, 2006, 8:07 pm CDT

They are forever....

Quote From: pruttemis

I'll start out by saying-I'm danish,and have been brouhgt up,not judging other people,just get along with them....I talk to anyone-I know that it sometimes could lead to misunderstandings,but if it goes, well,I'm happy....I once wanted a tatoo,but now,at age 28,I do not dare doing it.I can do without,because when I get older,it might be something I regret,and that is the last thing I wanna do-regret!-Learned that it's the last thing to do....don't regret things you have done,rather regret things you never did!!!!Hope you are all well-talk to you soon....Henriette from Denmark! 

While I don't agree with the "regret things you never did" quote ( when some people get older they regret that they weren't able to go certain places or be a certain way or achieve certian things it makes them depressed.) I can see where you are coming from.   


Tattoos are permanent, unless you have the big bucks to get them removed.  Everyone should look at it this way, it will be on your body forever.  So if someone wants a tattoo I suggest getting one that is meaningful.  I don't understand those tattoos with the skulls and blood on them......but some people do and that's okay. 


I have one tattoo and plan on getting more.  My husband has two.  Our children see them and our son has even asked questions about it and we tell him the reason we chose them.  All of our tattoos were hand drawn by my husband, he's a great artist.  We are very much into our faith and got tattoos to display that.  Sure, I thought what would happen if we are not in the same faith 20 years down the line, but I think we will be.  If we do change, we will have a printed memory on our body of that point in our lives.  I think that's really neat. 


Anyway, I am looking forward to this show.  It should be interesting. 

May 27, 2006, 8:21 pm CDT


Quote From: ladybug11

people that  like  the punk look, makes them look so ugly and nasty!    wearing nothing but black all the time  makes people look like the dead or halloween.   looks like they should be in a horror movie!!!  ya people change but  not to try and look ugly. like return  of the dead!!!   its makes  people look like devil  worshiperers!  evil! 

You don't have to be scared.  


 If God didn't want people to tattoo themselves, then why did he supposedly make the "ink".  People have been tattooing themselves since the dawn of man.  Priestesses marked themselves as a symbol to their "Great One".  (I didn't say the actually name, I'm not trying to offend anyone here.) 


My point, this art of tattooing goes back a long way.  It's not something that just started in our lifetime. 



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