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Created on : Friday, May 19, 2006, 10:38:31 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The beach, bathing suits and vowing to get in shape -- all signs summer is approaching. Dr. Phil's guests are trying to overcome the roadblocks that keep them from their best bikini bodies. Helen hasn't worn a bathing suit since she was 12. Dr. Phil cameras follow her as she tries on bathing suits for the first time in 30 years. Hear from other women who also have issues wearing swimsuits. Next, Julie has lost 165 pounds, but her husband, Kelly, says she's not skinny enough, and he would be embarrassed if she wore a bathing suit. Kelly says he needs Julie to weigh 150 pounds. Can this marriage survive Kelly's demands? Then, Melissa is getting married in October, so she challenged her sister, Kim, to a friendly weight loss competition, but it's turned into a fierce battle. Both girls will stop at nothing to win. See the antics they use to one-up each other and sabotage each other's efforts. And, Ed wants to be a trophy husband in time for his anniversary this summer. Can he learn to say no to the foods that call his name and tempt his tummy? Plus, big surprises for the guests and audience. Find out how you can get in on the action. If you need to shed some winter weight and slim down before stepping on the beach, this show is for you! Talk about the show here.

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September 7, 2006, 8:54 am CDT

Indexing my freezer day ...

Today is my day ... a ME day!!  I've been to the gym, I've eaten a good healthy brunch ... I'm working on becoming comfortable with cutting back on foods ... I actually feel that I could do the QUICK START food plan for 2 weeks ...  hmmmm   scary isn't it.


Today, I weighed in at 187.5 .. yep, I'm still gaining weight ...  and the conversation I was having before I weighed in with myself ... wow!  it was terrible ... I'm going to give up on weighing myself every week.  I'm going to use the suggestion about coming up with a set of clothes that I put on to see how I'm doing ... I like that idea ... and, of course, I do have my 6 week weigh-ins.


I did the entire hour of gym class and it was funny ... she had us do these wall exercises that were so wild and I was able to do them ....


today, as my treat for me!  I'm going to index my freezer!  I'm going to re-arrange my foods and see if I can come up with some freezer space ... there are foods in my freezer that I need to re-surface so they are eaten first ... 


Yesterday's treat was purchasing 10 of Pillsbury little cooking booklets at the library .. I also picked up a Prevention exercise book & a heart cookbook dated 1982.  Paid $2 ... and it really made my day ...


So, I'm off to index my freezer and if I feel like it, I'll index my pantry as well.  Wow!  this will definitely help me in my endeavor to being my meal planning.


Anna, hope all is well ... I know you are really really busy right now ...

September 8, 2006, 2:05 pm CDT

Okay Anna I'm ready ...

I indexed my freezer last night ... boy did it provide me a lot of insight.  Tomorrow, I want to tackle my pantry ... at least they do get cleaned out this way.


I'm already writing out my TO DOs for next week ... one is go thru my menu folder and start LISTENING to what my fears are ... yep, that means it's really stressful; however, knowing that in 6 months time, I'll not be here any more and that I'll be well on my way to being thin and healthy and exercising automatically ... well, it's scary ... however, I know where I've been.


Another goal for next week is to start walking my dogs in the evenings during school days.  It's just too hard to walk them with kids on the street ... on weekends, the kids sleep in so I got the streets to myself at 8-9 a.m.


I made it to the gym yesterday and it was so funny.  She had us do these weird stretches against the wall. Really, it was just so funny and I did them.  My body really enjoyed the exercises .. I was able to go furhter than before .... i find that happens when I take a break.


On Tuesday, I find out what my numbers are ... yep, I took my fast blood test on Wednesday.  I'm hoping I've done the hard work ... however, I sabotaged myself on Tuesday ... I do that less and less; however, I know I need to deal with it with a plan .. so I wrote me a question.


Well, I know I did good this week ... even though I'm still having a hard time moving thru my sluggishisness ... is that a word?


Take care.

September 9, 2006, 6:20 pm CDT

Okay I got my forms & stuff together ....

Well, Anna, I reviewed this last week and even though I had some major accomplishments with WORK & FINANCES -- I'm at that place where I can now spend time & energy on moving forward to living my healthy life style 24/7.


I printed out my food log and my weekly menu form.  I wrote out a list of questions to ask myself every night when I sit down to write out the next day's menu.  AND,  I feel really good where I am right now.


I fell this morning ... and my wrists caught me before I really bashed my head against the cement ... my knee is the only thing that actually hurts me.  The neat thing is:  MY WRISTS CAUGHT ME AND HELD ME!!!  Man, I'm just so thankful I take those gym classes.


Hope you had a good week.  Take care  Anna

September 12, 2006, 9:50 am CDT

I'm no longer pre-diabetic !!! YEPPIE!!!

My count is 97 -- was 101 ... HOWEVER, Dr. Steve said I had METABOLIC SYNDROME --  I've been up on WEBMD & REALAGE looking for information ...yep, some of the articles are rather heavy and written for doctors ...  however, I know that it's my weight that's keeping me unhealthy and with this MS thing ...


I've lost 1.5 lbs since last week -- doctor's scale so I'm not sure how accurate that is .. however, next week is my 6-wek weigh-in AND I take my measurements.  I'll see what changes I'll be having.


I cut out trees out of my hedges for 1.5 hours yesterday and my knee was so sore!  Dr. Steve took a look at it this morning and said it looks nasty; however, it's healing rather nicely.  I knew that of course -- it's not as big as it was Saturday when I fell.


Hope everything is going good with you.  I've been working really hard on planning my daily meals.  Right now, I'm working on letting go of my need for more than 2 starchy carbs a day ...  Next week, I'll attempt to just do it.  Then I'm going to figure out what I'll work on next ... just taking it really slow and easy .. not going to scare myself silly and then run off screaming.  I figure it's going to take me months to lose my weight and this food plan will become my life style.

September 13, 2006, 3:14 pm CDT

I'm right on track !!!

Earlier this year when I was working on losing weight, I got derailed and had to take an education break to learn about nutrition, diabetes, saturated fats, trans fat, cholesterol, etc.  Then I had to begin the slow process of getting myself out of the "pre-diabetes" stage.  I spent 5 months practicing and experimenting and most importantly, becoming comfortable with the fears these changes made in my life.


Well, today, I read the 4 articles I've printed from different sites and came up with a really valuable AHA - I am already on track and moving forward.  My goals remain the same!


I feel really proud of me right now.  I am planning my meals and I'm even logging in my food log what I'm eating. I have made a list of I do this first, then this, then this. It put everything into perspective and now I can step back and not push myself. 


Yesterday, I grieved once again for my lost life style ... I feel strange when I say it out loud; however, that's what I've experienced all along ... I give myself time to grieve the lost of here-n-now.  I'm doing so much better than I ever have.  It's a good place to be in my life.  And my grieving only takes a day - if that any more.  And knowing that I'm leaving a negative place for a much happier, calmer place is just what I like best!




September 26, 2006, 6:39 am CDT

Sounds like you are doing good.

You should be proud of yourself with all of your accomplishments.  I have maintained.  Things are really busy.  I need to make sure I get in those exercising sessions.  I haven't been following the plan exactly but I have done better than I usually do when I get side tracked.  I have been taking classes, studying for the teaching test and substituting.  I have found out that I can control my eating on things that i have been working on but I need to do more as I experience new situtations and new stressors.  One thing that I have got to get under control is being so stressed out when the house isn't cleaned just so.  I'm very pciky and it drives me nuts when everything is not organized.  But on the other hand I have been getting out more and it feels good to talk to adults and see that I can still teach and that I'm good at it.  Finding the balance is the key.  I don't want to spread myself too thin and not be good at anything, yet i want to be the best me too.  It can get tricky.  Keep up the good work.  Anna
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