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Created on : Friday, May 12, 2006, 10:10:06 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Whenever Dr. Phil walks down the street, people ask: “What’s going on with Marty, Erin, Alex and Katherine?” This divided family first came on the show when their 15-year-old daughter, Alex, was pregnant and her condition was ripping their lives apart. Alex has accomplished a lot in three years. Get an update on her son, Nathan. Plus, Alex’s younger sister, Katherine, felt anger and resentment about the pregnancy and the constant chaos in her parents’ marriage. Find out how she’s been coping, and hear the burning question Marty has for Dr. Phil. Then, see the amazing surprises in store for this family! And, Dr. Phil follows up with another unforgettable guest, April. She was the anorexic bride, whose husband ended their marriage over the phone. How is she adjusting to life as a single woman? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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May 14, 2006, 3:57 pm CDT


Quote From: paulpaul2

I am also looking forward to this episode with great anticipation.  On the last update, we saw things going a lot better... especially the relationship between Marty and Katherine.  I hope things have only continued getting better.  


At the beginning of this series there was a lot of discussion about how the baby would rip the family apart but, instead, seems to have helped glue the fractured parts together.  Also, of course, credit Dr. Phil... I feel strongly that, if Erin had divorced Marty before the show, it would have been a bitter, nasty divorce and that the girls would not have had a relationship with their dad.  Now, whether the parents stay together or not, I feel that the girls will both have a relationship with both parents, which is the best outcome for them, isn't it?  


JSTUTTI@AOL.COM                  PEACE & LUV, JOY   


May 14, 2006, 5:20 pm CDT

Someone else noticed!

Quote From: alyssamac

Did anyone notice that Erin wasn't in any of the pictures previewing the show?  Nor was she mentioned past the initial title of the episode.??? 



I had come on the message boards to see if anyone realized the same thing i had. Erin isn't in any of the pictures-there's picture of Marty, Alex, Katharine, and Nathan- but no pictures of Erin. I wonder if Marty and Erin got divorced. There's a picture of Marty sitting on a couch with both girls- but no Erin. Also, I can't really tell, but it almost looks as if the pictures are taken in a house that's similar but not identical to the house in the first one. I may be wrong, but those are just some of my thoughts as I've seen these film clips, and pictures. Wondering, enialE1992
May 14, 2006, 6:38 pm CDT

Whats with the secret with Alex

I was really glued to the tv with this family if I couldn't be home I always recorded it. I just wonder if Alex has changed or if she is still having unsafe sex, also I'm really concerned about Marty and Erin I know having a pregnant teenager is hard on the family, when both parents don't have any problems, I hope they have worked things out between them because it won't be long until both children are gone from home, then they can do things together that haven't been able to in years.
May 14, 2006, 7:11 pm CDT

hopeful for god news

Hi Dr. phil! 

I'm looking forward to seeing this family again. I Hope everything for them is going well. 

I'm just a little concerned on what secret Alex has, I hope shes not pregnant again. 


May 14, 2006, 7:40 pm CDT

just like alex but with 2 children

Quote From: cricrisa

I hope to hear goood news about this family. They are young kids that need to realize that there are opportunities to improve life after an unplanned pregnancy. I have wondered a lot what has been going on with this family, thank you for bringing them back for a recap.
Hi My name is hayley i fell pregnant at 15 as well and now i am 18 and have 2 children and i think i have post natal depression it may have something to do with the fact thati was living in an abusive relationship for three years i hope it doesn't happen to her aswell
May 14, 2006, 8:13 pm CDT

can't wait!

When Dr. Phil first started talking to this family. I was also pregnant at a young age. I made the decision to place my son up for an open adoption and alex didnt. I'm really excited to see how things are going for her now. Her son and my birth son are just about a month apart in age t(he best I can figure). I now have a little 4 months old girl. 


Cary, North Carolina 

May 14, 2006, 11:38 pm CDT

Bad families

This episode has been really popular in Finland.  I guess in another three years, they will finally show this follow up episode.  I just hope the parents have put their selfishness aside and started caring for those kids.    

May 15, 2006, 12:00 am CDT

Me again!

I forgot to mention the other family.  You know; the family with five kids.  I am sorry to say that I really do not have many positive things to say about them.  I really feel bad for those kids.  Especially the daughter.  A girl needs a strong role model in her life.  It is safe to say that her mother is not such a good role model for her kids.  She came to Dr. Phil asking for help.  Ok, that is nice.  Dr Phil can not change her life.  She has to change her life using his advice.  On the show she is constantly making excuses and blaming other people for her problems.  I really have to commend her husband for sticking with her.  Not many men would put up with this behaviour.  He seems to be the only one committed to this marriage.  That woman needs to understand that her behaviour effects the whole family.  If she does not straighten up, her kids, expesically her daughter, may follow in her footsteps. 
May 15, 2006, 4:25 am CDT

Looking Foward

I am looking foward to seeing this show as well.  Some teens are better able to handle having a baby at such a young age than others, some people overall are just not cut out to be parents. I think Alex should be given a pat on the back. Yes, she got preg at a young age BUT at least she owned up to being a mom. From the clip I saw Nathan looks happy and healthy. I DO wonder if Nathan's father come foward to help as well. I hope we find out about that as well.
May 15, 2006, 8:14 am CDT


 I am so happy to hear that things are going well for her, her son and her family.  Yes she did have Nath at a young age but things happen for a reason and I beleive that b/c I am a young mother of two my self.  A single mother of two.  I had my daughter at 20 and my son at 24.  I never got a chance to finish school and now I work lots and run here and run there.  I also have a cousin that had her son at 16.  It is hard in the begining yes, but you learn to cope and things do get easier, I promise that.  My son is the same age as Alex's son.  Hang in there and you are awesome for raising your son as a single parent.  I know what your parents are going through b/c well mine went through the same thing, yet we got through it!  





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