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Created on : Friday, May 05, 2006, 07:00:27 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Join Dr. Phil on an incredible journey in search of two missing girls, Allene, 13, and Mollie, 15, who were abducted by their father a year ago. The search is filled with suspense, traveling thousands of miles away from the U.S. through the jungles of a Third World country. Go inside a deeply religious community, known as the Hutterites, where the members live as if they were from a previous time: girls in bonnets and long dresses, transportation by horse and buggy and no electricity or running water. Will this global rescue mission lead to the recovery of two kidnapped children? Who has them and, more disturbingly, for what purpose? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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May 9, 2006, 9:53 am CDT

Finding Allen And Mollie

Quote From: benoliver

 You are obviously not educated on the Amish and Mennonite faith.  These are Christian denominations who choose to "live IN the world but  not OF the world".  Try to be careful not to disrespect an entire group of people because you don't understand them.

hey you are absolutely right on that one. Just because the mother wants to see them so bad and make the Dad look like a dead beat, doesn't mean his a bad father!! 

We never know! maybe it was hell living with mom. 

To me they look very happy with there way of living. To tell you the truth I would rather have my son tell me that he would rather live that way then not living a life he wanted to live.  

Everybody should be able to make their own choices on religion, just because they are not a adult yet doesn't give them for the parents to chose what religion they want there kids to have. 

I have a 11 year old son and he is not baptized because I don't want to make that choice for him, That will be his decision not mine. If he were to chose to live like Mollie or Allen then hey the more power to you, just make sure that we still communicate that's all really. 


Religion is religion and we make our own choices no one else will do them for you. 


take care Josee. 

May 9, 2006, 9:54 am CDT

A Reminder....

The subject matter of this board is to discuss todays show - "Finding Allene and Mollie."  Any posts deviating from this subject matter will not be allowed.  Please stay on the topic of this show.     


Thank you,    


Dr Phil Board 3   

May 9, 2006, 10:00 am CDT

Mollie and Alllen

Quote From: peepinbud

 I totally agree here, imagine if the roles were reversed, and it was a mother trying to protect children from a mentally ill father. I do beleive there is bias against fathers in our family court systems. I am a female by the way

The girls seem very happy in the fathers community and seem to love their way of life.



the girls areverry happy, Let them be!! 


the court system today will give children to the mothers. But little doo they know some fathers out there are alott better then the mothers. 


I say go for it!  

Live the way you want and don't let someone change that. 

Heck I would do anything for my son! If i needed to do the same as the dad I would. 


thanks   Josee. 

May 9, 2006, 10:26 am CDT

I believe they both want it their way or not at all

Quote From: wintrywood

This is just one family of divorce but there are many other families out there going through the same traumas.  Children missing contact with one parent, having contact with a perfectly fit parent lowered to visitation, its like the children are in jail.  Parents don't visit their kids they are supposed to be there to raise them! What right do the family courts have to interfere with a parent child relationship unless the parent has posed some harm or danger to the children? This is what we get from a family law system who's laws are not acting in the best interest of the children.  If they were acting in the best interest of the children they would be helping parents remain fully involved in their children's lives instead of allowing conflict and awarding one parent custody and downgrading the leftover parent to a visitor, a non parent.  No wonder many parents are taking their kids and running!  I am not saying thats right but what would you do as a parent faced with the same situation? Imagine some court telling you when and where you can see your kids, when you have never harmed a hair on their heads and have been a good loving parent that has the misfortune to have a ex spouse that just doesn't feel you are important to the children's lives anymore and a family law system that would back that parent? What about the custodial parents that take their kids and move away?  Who is helping non custodial parents find their kids?  I think in Michele;s heart she has no regard for the love/relationship her girls have with their father.  I don't think Michele would care if her girls ever saw their father again.  Michele must respect her girls feelings first.  If you degrade their father and his beliefs you degrade your daughters also!  I know Dr Phil will make BOTH parents understand its not about them its all about those precious girls.  Make the family law system understand as well Dr Phil!  Unless the law protects the rights of the children to have two fit functioning parents and reforms family law to find a better less confrontational family law system that treats BOTH parents as equally important to their children's development.  Stop these custody battles!  There is no need for them!  All family courts have to do is exactely what Dr Phil is doing!  Sit the family down and work through the issues and come up with a plan everyone can be excited about!!!  REFORM FAMILY LAW NOW! 

The dad should have contacted the agents responsible if there was a major happening at a visit with mom, but he didn't and he chose to run off, which is illegal since the mom had visitation established. Now the mom says "throw him in jail anyway" after the warrant was lifted off of him. 

My question is- seeing that they got married, #1- why did he marry her knowing what lifestyle she supported and he must have had some idea of how she acted? and #2- don't the bible say honor your wife and in sickness and in health? He ran off after she got help that he started only because she didn't want to go live that way. They are both wrong and opinions of what's "better" vary. Whose choice is it anyway how the family lives? That's the bottom line and I do think family law needs a major upheaval- so does cys. 

May 9, 2006, 10:41 am CDT

I strangely agree....

Quote From: qwerty_1

Micheal is not a threat to society, himself or his daughters. If he is arrested it is simply because he has been defiant to an unjust law. How can any Mother or Father be charged with abduction of their own children unless there is abuse involved. These girls have a God given right to live their spiritual beliefs without intrusion as long as it brings no harm to them or those around them. I listened to Dr. Phil speak down on "no electricity" - "No running water"- "No TV"- " Transportation by horse and buggy". There is NOTHING wrong with anyone who "unhooks from the grid" and chooses to live as such. Albeit I would not choose to live in a religious sect such as these people , but they have a right to do so as far as I'm concerned. But who am I, just one person posting his thoughts on the internet. You may say "where are the rights of the Mother?". I say "where are the rights of the daughters when a Mother and Father divorce?" These girls appear healthy and happy--- leave them alone and stop forcing your americanized way of life down their throats.   

I read through the exerpts from today and thougth I'd feel some rage toward the dad but I didn't, in fact I thought more that it is too bad there wasn't a more productive way for him to do what he tought was right for his girls. In no way do I think it is okay to totally remove them from their mother's life completely, but it sounds to me like he believes he was doing the right thing for his kids and didn't want them influenced by modern society.   


Our way is not the only way. I certainly struggle with the idea of having kids and raising them in the Bay Area. We often talk about moving somewhere where life isn't so complicated if we are going to have kids. It is one thing if people are forced to live one way by oppression of their government, but this dad was living according to his religious beliefs. The girls seem articulate, well groomed and very comfortable with themselves. I don't see how their dad going to jail would serve anyone other than some feeling of revenge for the mother.   

May 9, 2006, 10:52 am CDT


   These kids are really messed up.I hope they get back into reality.I hope there dad goes to jail.He messed the up.
May 9, 2006, 10:56 am CDT

I Disagree

Quote From: peepinbud

 I agree with your post.

I think Michael was trying to protect his daughters from harm.

I dont think there is anything wrong with those who lives a simple life and unhooks from the grid. I think these girls will be better off living a life that is centered on God, and away from the decadence of modern life.

The mother seems to show no concern either for forcing the modern way of life on her girls. One commented on how they were abused at school and the mother didnt even take it serious, well Ill just put them in a private school, like that will be any better!

One thing if someone could answer since I missed the early part of the show, did the mother used to be in this life too and left it or was she ever in it?

They were married in a mainstreamed religious ceremony at a park, so no this was not the life they  chose at the beginning of their marriage.  With regards to the comments made about a God centered life .................You do not have to live a simple life to live a God centered life.  They all lived a modern life before the father wanted to change it.  This was his program.... again... extremely self-centered and manipulative.
May 9, 2006, 10:57 am CDT

Nothing wrong with lifestyle

There is nothing wrong with the Mennoite lifestyle. For adults who choose it (and children born into it), it is perfectly fine. In fact, their Christian lifestyle that foregoes all the violence, hedonistic sex with multiple partners, divorce, drug use, adultry, Hollywood influences, ETC should be commended. It is their CHOICE to live as they do and more power to them. Many of us can learn MUCH from their simple, religious lifestyle. Most of us are too selfish and self-absorbed for that, though. 


HOWEVER, Michael must follow the laws of his country because the girls were not born into the Mennonite society and the courts decided that he was a fugitive. Kidnapping to save a child's life is one thing, but he chose to kidnap to make sure HIS DEMANDS were met. I doubt it had anything to do with what was best for his children.  


I am so angry about divorce in this country. It's is what is tearing apart our families. If these two adults would have been mature, responsible and put their children first, they would not be in the situation they are in today. Now the girls cannot possibly simply return to their mother's world. And I'm not even sure their mother is a great parent (the courts obviously found a problem with her a few years back).  


This is ONE BIG MESS and it's going to take years to sort out. Regardless of the outcome, it's the two innocent children that are going to pay the ultimate price! Shame on both parents. Shame on our selfish, selfish society! 

May 9, 2006, 11:00 am CDT

The girls are happy?

Quote From: dolphine



the girls areverry happy, Let them be!! 


the court system today will give children to the mothers. But little doo they know some fathers out there are alott better then the mothers. 


I say go for it!  

Live the way you want and don't let someone change that. 

Heck I would do anything for my son! If i needed to do the same as the dad I would. 


thanks   Josee. 

Fron one show you can tell the girls are happy? Perhaps they are happy because their selfish father has spent the last year telling them what to do, what to think, what to believe, etc? Did their mother have the same opportunity to teach her girls??? NOOOOOO 


These girls are like robots. THAT is sad. This isn't going to end well regardless. Their father ran and broke the law. I like the Mennonites, but Michael falls under the U.S. laws and did something wrong. It's going to take years of counseling to help these poor innocent girls. I blame both parents, but Michael is the one who chose to run and become the sole parent. VERY SELFISH MAN!!! Walk in the mother's shoes and then tell me you know the girls are "happy!" 

May 9, 2006, 11:05 am CDT

05/09 Finding Allene and Mollie

Quote From: lucky24

These poor kids need a de-programmer.  


They are only spouting out the doctrine they have been taught in the cloistered cocoon they have been living in.  The sad thing is, they really think these are their own opinions.   

 How do you know that!! Just because you don't agree with the faith doesn't mean they don't.  Seems to me that they understand fully what they are saying, they have lived life according to they're mother and with their father and they obviously know the differences.  They choose to live the life with their father and his way of life.  Lets try listening to the children and not judging because we wouldn't live that way.
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