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Created on : Friday, May 05, 2006, 06:58:58 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 05/08/06) Karen is a stay-at-home mother of five who says her anger is out of control. She fears that if she doesn't get help right now, she'll fly off the deep end and do permanent damage to her children. Cameras placed in her home capture an alarming day in the life of Karen and her kids as she degrades and rages at them, and physically abuses her 10-year-old son, Brandon. Karen's husband, Jim, who says he has no idea what goes on in their home while he's at work, sees the home footage for the first time. What is his reaction? Then, hear from Brandon and his 9-year-old sister, Shayna, who describe what it's like to be a small child on the other side of a mother's intense rage. And, what did they tearfully tell the producers about how their dad disciplines them? Plus, Dr. Phil shows how Karen's 3-year-old twins are coping with their fear. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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Some viewers have raised questions about whether the Dr. Phil show reported Jim and Karen to the authorities after the taping of this show. Other viewers have expressed surprise that Karen and Jim's children were allowed to go home with them after the show.

Please be assured that immediately following the taping of "A Mother's Rage," the Dr. Phil show did make a report to local child protection authorities. As a mental health professional, Dr. Phil is required by law to make such a report if he has concerns about the safety, welfare or well being of a child. However, Dr. Phil does not himself have the authority to remove children from their parents' home.

Remember that a lot happens after the taping of a show that TV viewers never get to see.  Dr. Phil's staff draws on a vast network of experts and mental health professionals to help Dr. Phil guests. Karen's family is just one of many to have received this assistance.

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August 30, 2008, 1:11 am CDT

Good News

Quote From: arabella8

Yes this was aired today in Australia and I have not stopped wondering about those beautiful children that were continually hurt by their ugly parents.I actually could not watch the entire programme but at least saw the kids interviewed - they were unbelievable,so beautiful.I have 3 darlings and nothing ever warrants name calling let alone violence and that screaming??What was Brandon doing that was so horrific to deserve that?She is quite mental and the husband could be a nasty bastard i bet.Please please please someone tell me that the situation is different now (2006??..)and that the children are getting the love/help they deserve.Dr.Phil's team were amazing to keep filming this,very hard.I am really stressed by that footage today and now cannot sleep..How come the world can't come up with a better screening process for people to become parents that don't abuse or neglect?
This episode originally aired  I believe August of 2006 in the USA, which you may already know.  Dr. Phil did a follow up some 6 months later  if I'm not mistaken.  Karen was aware of her violence and abuse toward her sweet kids and she knew she needed help. She got that help and when she appeared on the show the second time she was a completely different person.  When she watched the footage of the 1st show she couldn't believe she ever treated her children like that. I saw a huge change in her attitude, demeanor, everything. Dr. Phil sent the family to Disneyland as a result of them doing so well.  I have ZERO tolerance for child abusers, but there was something about Karen, the mom, that made me think she has the potential to turn around before it's too late.  Karen took a lot of criticism on these borads but I applaud her for making her problem known and seeking help instead keeping it behind closed doors.  The children are the losers in this always.  However, in this case they have a chance at a normal life now.  I hope and pray things are as good as they were after the 2nd show. 
September 1, 2008, 10:21 pm CDT

I'm sorry for your situation

Quote From: wpnwilo1

I am a living, breathing example of what your children will turn into with age.  I'm afraid of everything.  I'm afraid of the people who say they love me.  I'm afraid to return their love because people who love you ALWAYS hurt you.  I was called "stupid" as a child, too.  I've been to college 4 times, I've got the grades to become a doctor, but I still feel "stupid", so I quit school everytime.  I sit at home, afraid to answer a door or phone, because I never know what the person on the other side will say or do.  I'm terrified all the  time, because the people who should have protected me and be loving towards me never were.  I starved myself and cut my arms to shreds until my mid-thirties. I'm now very overweight because I think being fat gives me an excuse to not be intimate with my husband.  I have no friends, because what if someone gets close to me and sees how right my parents were about me?


I've spent most of my adult life in therapy and I've had one mental breakdown. I want absolutely nothing to do with my family and didn't even go to my mother's funeral.  I couldn't care less where my father is or if he is still alive.


I was molested, too. I learned to be quiet and tip-toe around the house, so I wouldn't get hit or screamed at.  To this day, I walk on my toes in my own house.  I took care of my little brother and myself more than a little girl should have to.  I have wasted my life crouching in corners to keep myself safe.  YOU ARE DOING DAMAGE.  GREAT DAMAGE. You are killing their spirit.  You are squashing their soul.  You are teaching them that they don't matter.  You are teaching them that life hurts. 


You excuse your actions by saying you had a tough childhood.  So what?  It does not give you the right to do those things.  I have a son who I love more than life itself.  He is the ONLY  person I have ever allowed myself to love completely.  He will not grow up like me, be like me, hate himself like me.  I am so proud of the mother I am to him, because I'm completely different than the mother I had.  I'm so proud that his father and I treat him with respect and love.  The family tradition my parents continued with me STOPS WITH ME.  If I can do it, so can anyone.  I'm still working on my self worth (obviously). But the main reason I am trying to change my feelings toward myself, is because my childhood is not my son's problem.  The fact that he was a "surprise" is also not his problem and I have no right to resent him for it,so I don't.  He has a right to grow up in a happy, healthy environment.  And he is so happy and secure.  He knows both his parents love him.  He has the childhood I wanted.


I'm not a violent person (to anyone other than myself), but my first response to this show was, "I want to spend 10 minutes alone with Karen and a locked room.  I'll show them what hurt is."  You have no right to resent, hit, scream, verbally abuse, kick, neglect or terrorizie your children.  STOP IT.

Well, I know this was posted in April and probably won't get read but I want to reply anyway, just in-case.  I am so sorry that you felt the need to further abuse yourself well into adulthood because of the treatment you got from your parents.  I don't know what you look like physically, but from reading your post I can see YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT!  It's not what's on the outside that matters, it's what's on the inside.   The fact that you were determined to break the cycle proves YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION!!!  My brother-in-law was physically abused as a child along with 5 of his siblings.  One of the six made life altering choices that landed him with 55 years in prison.  The rest lead extremely productive lives.  Two are school teachers, two are electricians, and two have been in prison.   I agree with you 100%. No one has the right to resent, hit, scream, verbally abuse, kick, neglect or terrorizie their children.  
December 11, 2008, 10:35 pm CST

About my infant grandson's death 1 month n 1 day


 My son is living here with us because he is, as well as the rest of us, going through a very tough grieving process. Aug. 21, 2008 he had a precious baby boy and on sept. 22. 2008 his son died in his arms. We have just recently found out that the mother was a serious drug addict and there is much to this story but I won't post it all here @ this point due to the fact I am trying to bring a case against her. While my son lays indoors missing and dying inside @ the loss of his son the mother of my grandchild is out having a good time and doesn't even acknowledge his existance on her myspace page. She moved back in with an ex boyfriend of hers, who fathered a child with her when she was 15 and he has been raising the child, she rarely ever saw him. She didn't have time to care for a child.

Even when my grandson was born, she called me the night before she and the newborn were to be discharged from the hospital asking a favor of me. "Would I please baby-sit over night" So that she could go to motel 6 and spend the night and party with some out of state people. Of course I wanted to and did keep him, but I was stunned that a mother would leave the hospital, drop her new born off and leave him overnight the very 1st day home. Now this continued- when she was here, she didn't want much to do with the precious lil' angel. And during his month alive she went to Hattiesburg (where she was from) everyweekend, leaving the baby with us and a couple of other times she went down and she stayed gone @ least 2 nights at a time and sometimes more. She wasn't here when our lil' angel passed away. She was phoned @ 7a.m. that morning to get to Jackson to the hospital to see her child and she finally showed up @ apprx. 5pm. that evening. She was also one hour late for his funeral (her own child's funeral). There were a few people that had to leave  due to it being held up that long.

The day before the baby was born she put him into a drug induced coma. The doctors chewed her out, used some type of 'wand instrument' 4 times before they could get the babies heart rate going again.

She purposely hid a heart doctor appt. from us where the hospital contacted her via her cell phone and her mail. The heart condition he was found to have had in the autopsy was P.F.O. which was easily treatable with a baby asprin type drug. Also the baby died on the day he was due-Sept. 22nd, 2008. She had him 5 weeks early.She had been lying about going to the OBGYN for months. We've found all of this information out after his death. Her actual 1st appt. with an OBGYN was on aug. 18, 2008 (that was the day we found out the sex of the baby and that he was a boy! My son cried tears of joy)and after getting home that day  she pretended to be having labor pains, they sent her home with false labor twice (2 nights in a row( she went the 3rd night and out of concern of it being 5 weeks early and her complaining they decided to put her in the hospital and keep her in bed and resting so avoid causing her to really go into labor. I asked the nurses on the OBGYN floor why they couldn't induce labor since she was in such pain. ( She had me and really everyone else too, very fooled.) She is quite the actress, I can promise you that. But I felt sorry for her and thought she was really hurting, having contrations and was afraid something might happen to the baby. ( She had told me that a Dr. had told her the baby wasn't going to live inside of her much longer so she was using that LIE to have me ask these nurses questions and for help. When I spoke with the nurse she came down to the girls room and explained to a T. why she needed to stay in bed and NOT have labor induced that early. The nurse said that baby boys were especially tricky with their lungs not developing until the very last couple of days. She explained the risks of her having him that early so well that I got scared.

This girl chose to continue taking handfuls of pills while in the hospital, lortab 10, xanax bars,tylenol #4's, percocet 10's and drank something that she had her would force her into labor. She did squats in her room, walked around and around the room in circles, walked way across the parking lot several floors down-using the stairs rather than the elavator. She was trying so hard to start labor and avoiding everything they told her. The warnings never scared her.

After 2 or 3 days of bed rest she whinned and cried so mch begging them to induce labor saying she couldn't take the pain anymore, she later told me how they told her in the state of Ms. a mother has a right to sign papers to make a choice of having labor induced if she is 5 weeks close to her due date. I don't know if that is true or not but I know my son said when they were wheeling her down to labor to began to induce several doctors stopped them and once again tried to talk the mother out of doing this. They said they were very concerned about that baby and it was much too risky to do. (My son had lost his I.D. (drivers licences) @ work and she was the only one with any real say so- they would not even put my son on the birth certificate due to his not having his wallet with his picture I.D. with him. !about 2 wks. after my grandson's death, my son's boss found my son's wallet in his old work truck but now it'll cost close to $2,000.00 for my son's name to be added because he has to sign one side of the page in front of a notary of public and the mother has to sign the other side in front of a not. And of course she's not willing to do that so we have to get an attorney and have them take her to court to have him added now. Which we just don't have the money to do.

Anyway-I am very angry because this isn't being investigated. At the very least I've read where mother's doing drugs while pregnant were charge with neglect, abuse and attempted murder. And then her with-holding information about his heart or that he had a doctors appt. in my eyes is MURDER!!!!! I realize the law won't see it that way, but there shold be some type of charge and she should pay- Justice should be served. She should have to sit and think everyday about what she's done. She's ruined so many lives. My son, my parents, my daughter and myself will never have normal lives again. I don't how we could ever be happy. Yet this girl is still partying hard, living with one guy that she had a baby with @ 15 and never took care of. The father's been raising him and when he works offshore she drives that baby around in the man's care high on drugs to her other boyfriends house and allows the 2 yr old to roam a house while they lock themselves in a bedroom.

It's as if she isn't human! I knew she was sorry as heck. Had a terrible reputation but I had NO IDEA she was a cold blooded killer.

And I can't get any help-noone to help make her be punished for what's she's done and another child is in danger and noone seems to care. I don't want her to get the death penality I just want her to serves years behind bars and think about what she's done. I want her to be forced to look @ pictures of the baby she never cared about and hear his name daily. Is that too much to ask for?

Why do some mothers go to jail for using drugs and others not?

How  can she make a myspace page and talk about how good she feels and NEVER mention, that she had a son or that he died?

Can someone help me? Tell me what to do?

I just learned the other day the reason the final autopsy report is taking so long to come in is because they are doing extensive drug testing on the baby. Now the autopsy was done sept. 23rd after he passed on the 22nd of sept. None of of knew she was on drugs and didn't request this testing.

Can anyone what EXTENSIVE DRUG TESTING MEANS? Is that done for just te babies life span of a month and a day or are they going back into her pregnancy with this. I pray its the later because we found out she did cocaine, esctasey, smoked weed daily & cigs too. Also her main thing was pills and she didn't take 1,2,3,4,or 5 @ a time. She took 22 lortab 10's and 19 KPs in one dose plus several 800 mg. nuerotins . And that was not a one time deal, she self admitted to very times. After the 22 lortab deal we took her too the hospital thinking she had the flu, was vomitting and pale white. She took handfuls of ambien and over the counter sleeping pills,adderoll (ADAH med.s) to make her speed, percocet 10's...........numerous things.

Please tell me sometthing can be done to make her pay????????


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